All About American Kratom Association- History, Facts & Support

American Kratom Association” If you are already in the Kratom world, you must have heard these three words at some point. On the other hand, if you are new, you might have heard too, but if not, then this is the right time to know more about this Kratom association. In all cases, if you typed “American Kratom Association” in the google search box, then you must be in search of more information about this organization, so you are at the right place.

But Wait! Are You Wondering What Kratom Is?

Although a sentence or two isn’t enough to introduce Kratom, keep the focus on the American Kratom Association; a brief introduction of Kratom is sufficient. Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa is a tropical evergreen tree that belongs to the coffee family.

It has a wide array of benefits, including elating mood, fighting depression and pain, improving sleep, etc. However, it isn’t as protected as other beneficial medicines are. Here is where the kratom users decided to be their own armor and created “AKA,” an abbreviation for American Kratom Association.

What Is AKA And What Does It Do?

AKA is a haven for Kratom, which is under the constant scrutiny of the higher authorities. Despite Mitragyna’s countless benefits, it is often mislabelled as unsafe and harmful. AKA has the aim to correct the misinformation spread by the opposing authorities.

This organization strives to eradicate the false picture painted by the Kratom opposers who make the users look like criminals. American Kratom Association was founded in 2014 with an aim to make organizational changes at state and federal levels, and in 2015, it was finally launched.

It is a not-for-profit association that supports kratom users and vendors and increases public awareness regarding Kratom. AKA also sets standards for kratom quality and its eco-friendly processing and harvesting.

Last but not least, it has a goal to amplify the use of Mitragyna among law-abiding citizens by providing proper channels and strict checks and balances at all steps.

Without AKA, Kratom would have been lost in the alleys of the black market, where users would be penalized, and trading would have been illegal without any legitimate reason.

Kratom is neither addictive nor a narcotic, but still, authorities treat it even worse. Had It not been for the efforts of AKA, the legalization of Mitragyna would have been just another dream.

Beyond The basic

Besides providing the basic legal and standard framework, American Kratom Association is the most authentic news source and information regarding Kratom. AKA advocates for kratom users in states where the freedom of Kratom seems to be in jeopardy; therefore, it is called the consumer advocacy organization.

American Kratom Association – Kratom Advocates

To advocate for Mitragyna users, AKA has organized AKP, an abbreviation for American Kratom Protectors. It advocates against the local or state bans while simultaneously ensuring that authentic information regarding legal status is available for kratom users.

Although all the states and the Mitragyna’s legal status in those states is mentioned on their website, we agree with AKA when they emphasize that each user should confirm the legal status of Kratom in their state of residence before using it.

Examples Of AKA’s Efforts Against The Kratom Ban

In 2016, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) decided to put Mitragyna Speciosa on the list of controlled substances. When we say controlled substances, we mean they were planning to label it schedule 1 controlled substance, which is the most restrictive category.

AKA brought forward research and the voice of all kratom users to make sure the DEA doesn’t make the harmless plant a schedule 1 controlled substance.

The then head of the American Kratom Association, Susan Ash, raised her voice against the unjustified potential ban and gave a real-life, personal example of becoming addicted to opioid pain killers. Kratom helped her fight the addiction. She said:

“Literally within a two-week period of time, I was up and around and productive.”

Once the DEA withdrew its notion against Mitragyna, Susan Ash said:

“I can’t express my relief that I’m not going to be turned into a felon over this,” Ash said. “But it is a relief that comes with a lot of caution. And knowing that we have an even tougher job ahead of us to prove to the DEA and the FDA that this is not the harmful, dangerous substance that they’re claiming it to be.

AKA played a significant role in preventing the restriction on Mitragyna, which saved millions of users from getting penalized.

Recently, the Nevada Board of Pharmacy (BOP) had a plan to list Kratom among the scheduled 1 controlled substance. Along with the kratom community, AKA stood against as a rock, ultimately forcing Nevada BOP to withdraw from the agenda.


KCPA is an abbreviation for Kratom Consumer Protection Act, but the real question is, what is it?

Similar to the concept of FDA controlling medications, Kratom also needs an authority to regulate the quality and the price of Kratom and set some standards.

Since the government, local authorities, and FDA do not play their parts in support of Kratom consumers; AKA made an effort to create regulations to maintain the decorum. Under KCPA, vendors are forced to maintain the prices and quality of Mitragyna in the states where the KCPA has been passed.

There are still many US states operating without the KCPA, but in those states, the rights of consumers are not as protected as in the states with KCPA, with a more business-orientated approach, fluctuating prices, and less reliable product quality.

KCPA makes sure there aren’t any adulterated and contaminated kratom products in the market; this makes the market more reliable for the consumers to trust. This doesn’t mean that the states that do not have KCPA have untrustworthy, but with the regulations, the trading is more standard.

States With KCPA

With AKA’s effort, four states have passed their version of KCPA, including Georgia, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. These states are protected under the Kratom Consumer Protection Act.

Without the efforts of AKA and the collaboration of the American Kratom Association with the government officials of these states, KCPA wouldn’t have been a reality in these 4 states.

The efforts aren’t over yet. Each day AKA survives to add more states to the list of KCPA-regulated states for a better Kratom world.


Can All Vendors Get AKA Approval?

As much as AKA has its dedication to Kratom and its image globally, AKA cannot compromise on standards.

For a vendor to get approval by the American Kratom Association, it has to fulfill the good manufacturing processes (GMP) standard, which are strict quality control measures to assure that Kratom reaching the consumer is authentic, FDA approved, pure, and not harmful.

Therefore, anytime you buy Kratom, make sure to check for AKA approval. You may find cheaper alternatives that have not received the AKA approval as they have bypassed quality standards and are scared to be failed by the strict audit of Kratom’s only regulatory organization.

Who Runs American Kratom Association?

An association can always be best run by its own people. AKA is an association founded by loyal kratom users who have come together to be the board of directors. Many famous personalities joined hands when they realized the unjustified treatment.

Congressman Matt Salmon, representative of the 5th District of Arizona for five terms in Washington, has joined to be the chairman of the board of directions of the American Kratom Association.

AKA Finances?

We now know what AKA is and who runs it. But where is the funding coming from? An association that is paving its way through the government needs funding to establish. Here is the best part: Kratom users and believers are the donors, either individuals or in groups/organizations.

AKA is a not-for-profit organization with the sole aim to destigmatize Mitragyna speciosa. Moreover, it is transparent with its donors and makes sure that each penny is utilized wisely.

The Truth

It may sound like the American Kratom Association blindly supports Kratom, but that isn’t always the case. AKA makes sure that FDA regulations are respected, and the safety of the users is the top priority.

For example, AKA supports the FDA’s rules on the safety and authenticity of the products. Also, it doesn’t take any risks when it comes to children. Therefore, it doesn’t

All in all, if you are a kratom user, AKA is your best friend. AKA thrives on protecting your rights and the status of Mitragyna in your state. If you are a vendor looking to get approval from the kratom association, you must abide by the GMP standards.

AKA also endorses the minimum age of procurement laws and child-resistant packaging. In other words, the association has the best interests of kratom users.



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