Does Kratom Cause Acne? & The Related Factors

There is no wonder in Kratom’s miraculous power to our wellness, especially for the skin. This ancient herb helps with many skin problems like inflammation, dry skin, and dead skin cells. But the concern is whether kratom causes acne or not. 

Despite all the advantages of these verdant leaves, they have some characteristics that can make one suffer and make you think that kratom causes acne. So you may count these pimples among the issues that this unique herb may create. 

High dosage and regular use of this herbal extract have minor side effects on the skin. Still, depending upon various factors like age, health condition, and gender, some people might face the issue of acne. 

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Although there is no scientific research about Mitragyna speciosa and acne vulgaris, it does not mean that both are unrelated. So this article will answer questions like; can kratom cause acne, is it good for getting rid of acne, and should you try to heal hormonal acne and pimple marks?

What Is Acne?

Before starting the discussion on whether kratom causes acne, let us know what this term is all about. There are many other names for acne like; as blackheads, whiteheads, zits, pimples, pustules, spots, pop-ups, bumps, blisters, etc.

But Acne is an inflammatory condition of infected sebaceous glands due to the clogging of hair follicles because of dead skin cells and sebum. It makes bumps, pimples, red spots, and black or white heads. Although teenagers are the typical victims of pustules, people of all ages suffer from this acne-inflammatory condition.

Does Kratom Cause Acne Or Not?

Kratom and acne- what to know
Severe cystic acne.

In spite of the fact that Mitragyna is in use for well-being, recently, it has been gaining fame as a natural herb for its use in skin improvement. 

But the point is, does this natural herb cause acne? This is a general question in the minds of kratom consumers who use it for its skin benefits. But the topic of this magical plant and your skin is an unresolvable issue yet. 

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Some claim it brings pimples from acne to their skin; some say it helps them reduce it. It isn’t easy to find out how and why kratom does affect many in various ways. Is there any cause for these breakouts?

However, we may say that all this is because of the interaction of our body hormones and kratom extract, but it is not certain. 

Although kratom may give good anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory features to the skin, nobody knows anything about the mechanism and results of hormones and kratom’s reaction together.  

Is Kratom Good For Acne?

Several kratom users favor its topical usage instead of oral consumption. It may do wonders for your skin without any surprises and have long-lasting effects.

It may help with countless dermatological problems like zits, inflammation, and dry and cracked skin. The skin curse also causes zits, blemishes, and open pores as a result.

Although there is no proven claim, some people may use kratom products for having positive effects on treating acne and its marks. 

If we look at people’s experience, most are lucky enough to claim to have kratom comprising products’ positive impacts on their cuticles. Kratom products may have healing features that might help you with many skin-related problems. 

Although the anecdotal reviews about them also show the immediate formulation of break out after the use of kratom. 

This can be a form of cystic acne, but there may be other causes, which may include factors like taking specific medication or reducing the dose of any drug. 

But as there is no authentic research on the use of kratom causes acne, and most of the studies are on the analgesic and anxiolytic properties of this traditionally used herb, no one is sure about whether kratom causes pimples or not. 

User’s Reviews About Using Kratom And Acne

Although many people use kratom to heal and nourish their skin, this herbal extract significantly improves skin quality and health. 

You will find various opinions from kratom users about whether they are getting acne from kratom or not, including both against and in favor of kratom healing bumps.

One stated that kratom always causes acne when she uses it.

Another said that he used kratom to boost energy, which resulted in making awful zits and pop-outs in the skin, a side effect of using this herb.

Despite all these criticisms about this therapeutic agent that it can cause cystic acne,  you will also find analysis in its favor against acne. One of the users said that; maybe some specific strains react in the body to and cause acne, which differs in different people. Also, there may be other causes of acne, including having chocolate or coffee, etc., in the diet along with kratom.

As all these claims are from the public and one must know whether kratom causes acne or fights against acne, we have to look at the research part below. 

Scientific Research On Kratom Acne-Causing Bacteria

Propionibacterium acnes is a bacteria that causes this body acne and is the reason behind pimple formation. Kratom may target this acne-causative bacteria. The molecules of Mitragyna speciosa extracts can slow down the growth of microorganisms or germs that cause whiteheads on the skin. 

This can be proven by studying research named “Antibacterial activities of kratom leaf extract Mitragyna speciosa against bacteria propionibacterium acnes causes acne.”

This research aimed to determine whether kratom leaves inhibit the growth of Propionibacterium acnes with the disc diffusion method

The results proved that kratom leaves could inhibit the growth of Propionibacterium acnes, an acne-causing bacteria.

That’s why Kratom-rich creams, soap, lotion, toner, facewash, bath bombs, and powders have become popular in helping acne. 

Can The Benefits Of Kratom Overshadow Your Acne Scars?

Before using any medication, one must look for the possible benefits and side effects of skin-related products that aid in issues like acne. You may also consult your dermatologist about whether it goes right for you. 

Reliability and use of quality ingredients are the factors one should consider about taking kratom-based products. Yet high-end kratom brands always ensure the quality of their product, which certainly has sound effects on their consumers. 

You may have sample packs of kratom soaps, creams, bath bombs, or powders to check if it is improving your kratom cause acne skin or causing acne. The limitless dermatological properties and various good-value strains of kratom leaves are a great combination to give one healthy and beautiful skin. 

Should You Use Kratom For Skin Or Not?

kratom for skin acne

As your skin is permeable, your dermis can absorb anything that you apply, eventually affecting your internal and external health.

After everything, we all are concerned about our beauty. While many of us scroll through many articles on the internet and various beauty products, kratom for treating acne bumps can be a great choice. Kratom is not only easily attainable but also promises great benefits related to health and skin. 

Kratom soap and powder are common ways to use them for skin problems. These soaps and powders may not consume any reactive ingredient, which may cause side effects, and may have nourishing traits to heal the skin. 

Some users say that kratom does not cause acne and it is a perfect substitute for their skin instead of using store-purchased and chemical-based skin products. It’s soaking, exfoliating and antibacterial characteristics may treat various dermal infections.

So you may use kratom products without any worries as these can handle many skin problems of yours. 

Take An Acne Test For Yourself

To know whether kratom causes acne to you, you must observe and evaluate your skin condition. Make sure that your skin is without any pimples before using it. 

If bumps pop out on your skin when applying kratom cream or any other form, terminate its usage until the spots disappear. Then it would help if you waited for a while to see whether acne returns. If it comes back, you should be clear that it is causing you acne. 

Do you have to know if using kratom for other health benefits outweighs this curse? Or is this inflammatory condition of infected sebaceous glands a tolerable side effect or not? If you stick to its use, you may use different treatments to help with this blackhead problem to relieve its symptoms.

You may follow an anti-acne diet or go to a dermatologist to get rid of acne scars.


Final Thoughts

We hope this guide on the topic, of what can kratom cause acne has helped you. As Kratom has a lasting history of use as a herbal medicine for many health issues in South Asia, its effects vary from person to person. You must analyze your skin condition before using kratom to treat acne. 

Stop searching for any other anti-pimple medicine. Use kratom as it may help you with various skin problems and make you look fresh and beautiful.

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