Can You Overdose On Kratom?

Can you overdose on Kratom?” This question is a huge concern for all those who have been taking kratom for recreational purposes and for those who are planning to add it to their health regime any time soon.

Mitragyna Speciosa – the magical herb native to Southeast Asian lands is helping millions out there live a better and healthy life but just like overdosing over coffee gives jitters, if you overdose on kratom, you may have to face a similarly mild-to-serious situation. 

Therefore it is high time for you to take out 5-10 minutes and get your hands on this piece where we will be going through all the minutest of the details about kratom overdosing that you must know (I really mean it).

From getting to know what exactly overdosing on kratom means to spotlighting the preventive measures you can take beforehand, I have got you completely covered.

So without further ado, let us burst the bubble and get straight into it.


Kratom Dosage Guidelines

Let’s start by discussing suggested dosage guidelines for this substance. One person’s Kratom dosage may differ from another’s. There are three important factors to consider when determining a person’s ideal dosage:

  • A person’s weight and size
  • Individual’s Kratom tolerance
  • The goal of taking Kratom: 0.025 grams per pound of body weight for stimulation and 0.04 grams per pound of body weight for sedation. 

These are the primary three variables; however, other factors, such as your metabolic rate, whether or not you ate before the dose, and the strain of kratom you’re using, can also alter how a particular dose of Kratom will affect you personally.

Overdosing On Kratom – What Does It mean?

Kratom overdose refers to taking an extremely high dose of kratom that can cause some serious symptoms. Now, you must be wondering what amount you should consider as “high dosage”. Since the right dosage of kratom varies from person to person, similarly the high dosage won’t be the same for everyone.

Our body type, tolerance levels, body weight, kratom’s quality, strain color, and even how you are consuming your dose would directly affect your sweet spot (the right kratom dosage).  

If you buy kratom online, you will come across its powdered form, tablets, loose dry leaves, extracts, and tinctures. To be familiar with kratom overdose up to date, it is essential to have a quick idea of low, moderate, and high doses of Mitragyna Speciosa.

Have a look at the table below for a quick review.

Dose High/moderate/low
1-2 Grams Low
3-6 Grams Moderate
7-10 Grams High


If you are consuming more than 7 grams of Kratom in 24hours, you could end up consequently overdosing on it. So it is essential to keep your dosage below 5 grams to be at the safer end.

No matter if you are taking the powdered form or the extracted one, if you overdose on kratom quite often, you are dragging yourself into a dangerous scenario where you can develop a dependence that can be hard to beat in prospective years. 

10 Signs And Symptoms Of Overdosing On Kratom

Now, the next question you must be thinking about is “how would I know that I have overdosed on kratom?” It is exceedingly important for you to stay completely informed about it, as overdose symptoms can trigger further complications if you do not manage them in time.

If you look for kratom overdose symptoms over Reddit, you would come across the user experiences that would vary from person to person. After reviewing the Reddit forum, and researching, here’s a list of prominent symptoms an individual would experience during a kratom overdose.

  1.     Agitation or irritability.
  2.     Confusion
  3.     Constipation
  4.     Drowsiness
  5.     Dry mouth
  6.     Heavy or Difficulty in Breathing
  7.     Increased urination
  8.     Loss of appetite
  9.     Nausea
  10.   Sweating

Rare Symptoms

1)    Seizures

2)    Hallucinations

3)    Delusions

4)    Confusion

5)    Psychosis

Remember, these symptoms would only be prominent when you would take more than 7-10grams of Mitragyna Speciosa. When you take 1-3grams of kratom, you experience increased energy, focus, alertness, and positive mood. When you take a 3-5 grams dose, the effects are more like euphoria, and your social behavior is improved.

Doses from 5-7 grams cause sedative and discomfort-killing effects, with a calmness that improves your sleep. Exceeding the 7-10gram dosage would end up in an overdose and you might fall prey to the symptoms listed above. For an even better understanding, you can check kratom overdose videos on YouTube.

What Is The Best Way To Prevent Overdosing On Kratom?

You must have heard that “prevention is better than cure”. So why not get the most out of this magical herb and keep the dark side at bay? You can add Mitragyna Speciosa to your health regime while being completely safe from the adverse effects of the higher doses.

Since this all-rounder herb can be enormously helpful to fight the bad days, struggles at work, and your own personal health, it is essential to play safe and reap the health-boosting effects it offers. Here are the best five tips to avoid kratom overdose and enjoy this herb to the fullest.

  • Drink Water

Certain people may have diuretic effects from kratom, which means that it may cause an increase in urine output. This may cause a loss of fluids and maybe dehydration. Numerous issues, such as constipation, headaches, dizziness, and dry mouth, can be brought on by dehydration. To prevent these effects and maintain good hydration, it is imperative that you drink enough water when using kratom. Moreover, When taking larger dosages of kratom, some users may feel queasy or throw up. Staying hydrated can reduce the risk of dehydration. 

  • Avoid Mixing Kratom With Other Substances

The effects of kratom on the body might differ significantly based on the user’s tolerance level and dosage. Combining kratom with other drugs—like alcohol, prescription pharmaceuticals, or recreational substances—increases the likelihood that you will take too much of one or both of them. This greatly increases the possibility of overdosing, which can have detrimental and even fatal effects.

  • Do Not Take Higher Doses

Why not keep your dose in its place and never go for the higher doses? That’s when your self-discipline and consistency would come into play. Just make this clear to yourself that more than 7 grams of Mitragyna is not even an option for you.

Take 2-3 grams as your routine dose, and if you feel a need to exceed it, you can take up to 4-5grams but you must know that it is a big no-no to take more than 5 grams. When you have control over your doses, you won’t ever overdose.

We do recognize this isn’t an option for everyone, and in those cases, we would recommend using the smallest dose that works for you & trying to work down from there.

  • Do Not Take Extremely Potent Strains

Some kratom strains have jaw-dropping potencies and even 1 gram of the powder would do the magic. You need to be careful with these potent strains as they can trigger the tolerance and you would want to have more kratom to feel the similarly benefitting effects.

Strains like Elephant, Maeng Da, and Jongkong in White and Green vein colors are extremely potent. Make sure you do not take more than 2-3 grams of these potent strains, it would help take your prevention game to a whole new level.  

  • Take Breaks

Do you know how important taking breaks is when you are a regular Mitragyna user? When you take a break, for instance skipping a day or two and then taking your favorite strain, it would help prevent dependence and you’re less likely to have to deal with overdosing too. So make sure you introduce taking breaks for your own safety.

  • Rotate Strains

Yes, you hear that right! Folks rotate different strains to avoid developing dependence which consequently helps keep themselves safe from overdosing. But, what do they actually do? Here’s how you can follow the strain rotation technique. 

First of all, choose three of your favorite strains (our favorite are Red Maeng Da, Green Borneo, and White Thai). Make sure you mix in different vein colors (Red Maeng Da and Red Borneo won’t be a good mix for this technique).

Once you have cherry-picked your favorite strains, plan out which strain you would take on each day of the week. Let’s say you would take one.

  • Choose 3-4 of your favorite strains (for instance Green Borneo, Red Maeng Da, White elephant, and yellow Vietnam)
  • Make sure some of them have different vein colors.
  • Now plan out which strain you would take on Monday, take Tuesday off, decide the other strain for Wednesday and likewise take Thursday off. For Friday, you would take your third favorite strain and Saturday would be a break day.
  • Finally, on Sunday, you would take your 4th favorite. It is all up to you how you want to plan your rotation but it should include a day off followed by a different strain for the next day.
  • Be vigilant about your dose (2-3grams is ideal).
  • Note down everything over your notepad so that you can follow up the right way.
  • Consult your health care practitioner

Do you think you have failed at managing all the points mentioned above? If that’s the case and you are experiencing the symptoms we mentioned earlier, you must make an appointment with your healthcare professional so that you can treat kratom overdosing without further wasting any time.

Make sure that your super careful with your doses. As mentioned earlier, being mindful of your dosage is necessary in order to avoid overdose. Lastly, note down your rotation plan in your notepad so you don’t forget the order and can stick to it.

The health care practitioner will take your history and may ask you to fill out a Kratom overdose questionnaire to be more confident about your situation. 

When To Contact A Doctor

If somebody gets any of the above symptoms or any other unsettling effects after consuming Kratom in any form, they should consult a doctor or go to the emergency room right at once.

Although Kratom is generally safe, it can be dangerous if not used properly. It could lead to an overdose or in some cases even death.

Treating Kratom Overdosing – Is It Possible?

Do you think you are overdosing on Kratom and there is no possibility to treat it? Let me tell you that you are not alone.

You can get back that dependence-free self of yours before you started overdosing, and enjoy Mitragyna following the preventive measures we discussed earlier. Yes, treating kratom overdosing is possible, and numerous users have successfully managed the treatment program.

So How Do Healthcare Practitioners Treat Kratom Overdosing?

Well, the best approach would be to follow the preventive measures. Still, if you somehow start overdosing, and want it to be treated as soon as possible, the rehabilitation centers may have you covered.  You may be offered two types of treatment plans.

  • In-Patient Treatment

The In-patient treatment program requires your presence at the rehabilitation center and you have to live there for 1-3months. Their stay period may vary depending upon your response to the treatment.

This treatment program involves therapies including family therapy and group therapy. Afterward, the patient is educated about aftercare planning and relapse prevention through classes conducted at the rehabilitation center.

The In-patient treatment program is highly recommended since you are directly under the supervision of your therapist and your groups have similar struggles like yours, which are better addressed when you motivate each other.

  • Out-Patient Treatment

In the Out-patient Treatment program, you do not stay at the rehabilitation center and visit over on specific days. The Out-patient Treatment program involves two different types of programs – The Partial Hospitalization Program and the Intensive Out-patient Program.

Here’s what makes these programs different

The Partial Hospitalization Program involves treatment at home. You are given 4-5 hours of treatment five days a week and your progress is noted down for follow-ups.

In the Intensive Out-Patient Program, you get the treatment for 1-2hours and just for two days a week. This program involves lesser treatment time as compared to the Partial Hospitalization Program.

So depending upon your preferences, you can go for any treatment plan discussed above and get the overdosing issue treated. Make sure you discuss all the important issues that trigger you for overdosing so that the therapist gets an idea of what exactly are your pain points. These options would be for people with severe kratom addictions, and this is not common.

Final Thoughts

Kratom overdosing issues are on the rise ever since users have started taking high doses (mostly these users have no idea about what would happen and have little-to-no knowledge about the right dose).

It is essential to raise awareness about the right kratom dose and how one can prevent overdosing on kratom by simply taking lower doses, rotating strains, and taking only milder strains by taking breaks in between.

However, the issues of overdosing on kratom are entirely treatable and numerous folks have broken down the high tolerance levels. Make sure you consult with your healthcare practitioner if you are having any relatable symptoms so that timely treatment can be given.

Stay safe, be disciplined with your dose, and never take higher doses, that is how you can enjoy the health-boosting effects of Mitragyna Speciosa safely.

We are not medical professionals nor is this medical advice. We are merely providing our best understanding of the subject. Should you have further questions or need medical advice, please consult with your doctor.

Want more information on if kratom is dangerous? Check out our FAQ on the subject here!


Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Prevent Overdosing On Kratom?

To avoid overdosing on Kratom, begin with a modest dose, adhere to suggested dosage guidelines, avoid frequent usage, stay hydrated, and do not combine kratom with other substances, particularly alcohol or prescription medicines.

How Much Kratom Is Considered An Overdose?

It’s difficult to give an exact dosage as the threshold for overdosing on Kratom can change based on a number of variables, including the user’s consumption method, strain, and tolerance level.

Is It Safe To Use Kratom In Combination With Other Substances?

No, combining kratom with other substances is not safe. When kratom is taken with other substances, such as alcohol or prescription pharmaceuticals, there is a higher chance of overdosing, hazardous interactions, and negative effects.

Can Tolerance To Kratom Increase The Risk Of Overdose?

Yes, growing tolerant to Kratom can make people more likely to overdose because they’ll need to take larger amounts to have the same effects. This may push them to consume higher than ordinary levels of the herb.



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