How much Kratom should I take?

Let’s Talk Kratom Dosage

There’s no easy answer to the question of how much kratom powder to take. Most first-time users would love it if someone could tell them the ideal kratom dose they should take. However, not all kratom has the same potency and everyone’s body is different. Both your metabolism rate and your tolerance levels will affect how the dosage affects you. Also, your experience may be different depending on whether you eat before you take your kratom dose. The best advice we can give you on kratom dosing and the ideal kratom dose is to take things slowly.

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Let’s look at some general answers to the question: how much kratom should I take? Be aware, this is our best understanding on the subject and is not individualized advice!

How Much Kratom Should I Take the First Time?

Are you new to kratom? This section is meant for you! It’s important to be cautious when trying kratom for the first time, as the effects can vary from person to person. Generally, the method below has worked well for us, however it is not medical advice.

Before you begin taking kratom: Make sure you are using kratom that is from a reputable company. Kratom is not regulated by the US government, which means there are no standards to which these products are sold. Unfortunately, shady companies do exist that sell poor-quality products. That could mean their product is cut with another substance to make it less expensive and/or more effective, or it could mean their product is contaminated in some way.

How to avoid this? Only purchase kratom from trusted companies. That should be a company who is able to provide third-party lab tests. Third-party lab tests are those from a lab that is not affiliated with the kratom company. The lab test should prove the mitragynine content of the kratom and show that there are no contaminants of any kind inside. GRH Kratom is a company that provides their third-party lab tests on their website, underneath each product page. 

Now! How much you should use for your first dose:

Most people start with two to four grams of kratom. If you don’t feel the effects after 20 to 30 minutes, you can take an additional gram or two. This is better than taking too much at one time. If you start with a high dose, you may have to endure unpleasant side effects for a while.

Wondering what side effects might accompany taking a dose that’s too large? Expect nausea and stomach discomfort, as well as possible raised body temperature and sweating. Those are the most common side effects in our experience, although there are others.

Wondering How Much Kratom Powder to Take?

If it’s your first Bali kratom dosage (or any other type) and you’re trying the powder, you need to keep in mind that a teaspoon equates to three or four grams. Therefore, you’ll need just half a teaspoon for a low dose of two grams and one teaspoon for a moderate dose of four grams.

If it isn’t your first time taking kratom powder and you’re struggling to find the right dose, consider starting quite small and working up from there every half hour till desired effects are felt. Or, alternatively, trying a kratom tea recipe or another strain of kratom might be of more help.

How Many Kratom Capsules to Take?

If you’re taking our kratom capsules, you should note that each capsule contains half a gram of kratom. This means you would need to take four capsules for a two gram dose of kratom and eight capsules for a four gram dose. Regardless of whether you choose powder or capsules, you should start small so your body can adjust. You should also drink lots of water since kratom can be dehydrating. Keep in mind other companies might have larger or smaller capsules than us, which could impact kratom dosage. The amount of kratom per capsule is important to get ideal kratom dosing.

Kratom capsules are popular among those who can’t stand the taste of kratom, as it is a fairly strong flavor that is often described as grass-like or tea-like. If you’re new to kratom and not sure how many kratom capsules to take for a good starting dose, we would recommend going with 4 capsules (a 2 gram dose) and working up from there slowly if effects aren’t noticeable / not as strong as desired. 

How Much Kratom is Too Much?

It’s possible to develop a tolerance for kratom. Often, when taking the same type of kratom repeatedly and frequently, your body grows accustomed to the alkaloid blend of that strain. Then, you’ll feel less-intense effects from the same dose. This is when you might take higher and higher doses to feel the same effects. This is most likely to happen if you take kratom very frequently and don’t switch strains. To reduce the risk of developing tolerance and cravings, you should limit your usage to two to three times per week.

To read more about the phenomenon of ‘Stagnant Strain Syndrome’ in kratom users and how to combat it, visit our blog on the subject here!

If you’re wondering if your large kratom dose is safe, here’s our opinion on the matter. We recommend not taking more than 10-15 grams of kratom a day. This would be considered a large dose of kratom, or several smaller doses taken over the course of the day. (Please note we are not medical professionals & this is not medical advice, merely our best understanding on the subject.) 

Kratom Extracts & Dosage- How To Dose Based on Mitragyna (Mit) Content

Kratom extracts are a bit different than raw kratom products. Extract products are distilled to make them stronger, more potent, than raw kratom. That means a little bit goes a long way. Often, kratom extract products can be found in ‘kratom shots’, or liquid shots that contain a specific amount of kratom extract per bottle. But how much should you take?

Typically, kratom shots are quite strong. That means you might not need (or want) to take the whole shot at once. To find out your ideal dose for a kratom shot, it’s important to check how much extract is inside. Kratom companies might label their shots differently- typically, a high-quality company will be quite transparent about how much kratom is in their kratom shots. If there isn’t much information on the bottle about how much kratom is inside, be wary! 

You should find at least one of these measurements on a kratom shot bottle:

  • raw kratom powder amount inside (ex. 15 g Raw Kratom Leaf)
  • kratom extract amount inside (ex. 300 mg Kratom Extract)
  • mitragyna (mit) content inside (ex. 100 mg Mit Content)

Great kratom companies will tell you more than one, or all of the above, for true transparency. Here’s how to determine how much to take depending on what measurement you’re given.

If the raw kratom powder amount is given, it’s fairly easy to calculate how much you should take. Let’s say your normal dose of kratom is 5 grams at a time and the kratom shot you have holds 15 grams, you would want to take 1/3 of the bottle for your normal dose.

If kratom extract amount is the information they give you, be aware that this is very different from raw kratom content. Kratom extract is much, much stronger than raw kratom. We recommend no more than 100 mg kratom extract per dose. That means if your kratom shot has 300mg of kratom extract inside, we’d recommend taking at MOST 1/3 of the shot at once. 

However, if mitragyna content is listed, it’s a bit trickier to decide what the best dose is for you. We recommend 50mg or less of mit per dose, so if the mit content of the kratom shot you’re taking is 100 mg, that would mean taking at MOST half of the shot at once.

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We are not medical professionals and this is not medical advice. If you have further questions, please contact your physician. 

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