Does Kratom Show up on a Drug Test?

Many people who use kratom or want to use it wonder if it will show up on drug tests. If you found this page by searching for “does kratom show up on drug test”, you’re not alone in your query. Hardly anyone tests for kratom; it’s legal and the tests are expensive to run. However, if the substance’s legality were to change, it’s possible that someone could test your blood for kratom alkaloids or carry out a kratom urinalysis.

Does Kratom Show up in a Urinalysis Test?

Standard drug tests don’t currently look for kratom, so your use won’t result in a positive test. While kratom alkaloids bind to the same receptors in the brain as opiates, the alkaloids are different. Therefore, a test for opiates won’t return a positive result if you use kratom.

Does Kratom Show up in a Hair Follicle Test?

A test has been developed that can detect kratom in hair follicles and fingernails. These offer much longer windows of detection than urine. If someone is testing you for kratom they could detect it. However, it’s still unlikely that you will be subjected to such a test.

Could I Get a False-Positive Result?

A false-positive result means you test positive for a substance that you didn’t take. This can happen for a number of reasons, but it’s highly unlikely that kratom would be one of them. That’s because the alkaloids in kratom can’t be found in any of the drugs that are commonly tested for.

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