How To Use a Kratom Potentiator: Black Pepper Makes Kratom Stronger?

While Kratom has been one of the most popular supplements worldwide, people also look for ways to enhance their daily Kratom doses. This article is for you if you’re also in the exact search. We’re going to go over ways to potentiate your kratom as well as our favorite kratom potentiator.


This popular and recreational substance is excellent fun for your afternoon time pass. Do you know any ways to prolong its effects so that you can enjoy it a bit longer? As per research, there are several ways to draw out the consequences of Kratom. Here are some more facts about kratom potentiators.

What Is A Kratom Enhancer?

There are more significant ways to experience your favorite Kratom strain by taking less than your usual Kratom dose and enjoying a more substantial hit with more prolonged effects. The key to it all is the use of Kratom potentiators.

Basically, a Kratom enhancer is a product or methodology that helps to make it more substantial. While combined with Kratom, the potentiators change the effects overall. If you know the right ingredients to apply, you can make your Kratom potent with a small quantity of kratom strain. 

A kratom potentiator is an ideal answer if a user has tried Kratom a few times and has developed a tolerance to it. You’ll be able to consume Kratom in a moderate dosage while still enjoying all of the benefits. 

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The common Kratom potentiators are coffee, cayenne pepper, turmeric, chamomile, valerian root, etc. Black pepper is another enhancer that has recently been famous among Kratom lovers. Let’s see what this potentiator has to contribute to your kratom shot.

Black Pepper & Kratom

Ground peppercorns and black pepper are very often used spices worldwide. Also, its moderately spicy and sharp flavor mixes well with Kratom. Surprisingly, this spice has been used in different old Ayurvedic medicines for years.

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However, black pepper comes with several scientifically proven health benefits like:

  • High in antioxidant properties
  • Improvisation of brain function
  • Control on blood sugar level
  • Lowering high blood cholesterol
  • Increases absorption of nutrients
  • Increases gut health

So this versatile spice not only comes with the power of increasing the essence of any savory dish but also outputs some excellent health-related advantages. It pairs well with herbal items like Kratom.

The strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant possessions of the active piperine of black pepper make your kratom shots more powerful. Not much; only ⅛-teaspoon of it can enrich the strength of your kratom shot. That makes black pepper a pretty good kratom potentiator.

Besides, it would be great if you used black pepper and turmeric together in your kratom shot. Adding this mixture to your Kratom will increase the absorption ability leading to a long-lasting and robust effect. And concomitantly, it will help you sustain your tolerance level down.

Final Thoughts on Black Pepper as a Kratom Potentiator

You may try different ways of enjoying Kratom to experience its potential fully. Remember, based on the enhancer you’re using, the strain’s effects can be more long-lasting, pronounced, or experienced the full consequence within a short time. Another trick to get Kratom absorbed quicker leading to a great experience is to take it on an empty stomach.


Anyway, if you’re concerned about intaking high Kratom or want to reduce the dose while maintaining the same effects, potentiating Kratom is the best option. And, yes, adding black pepper in a limited quantity will help you boost the benefits of consuming Kratom.

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