What is the Best Way to Take Kratom?

Most users want to know what is the most effective way to take kratom. Kratom is a natural botanical ingredient that can be ingested in a number of ways. However, it is almost never smoked since many believe that smoking is not an effective way of taking kratom. 

The best way to use kratom varies from individual to individual. Powder is the most common form of kratom available and it’s attractive because of its low cost. However, the strong flavor is off-putting for some. Capsules are also popular because they’re easy to take and don’t have much taste but they may take longer to work and are a bit more pricey. 

Looking for the easiest way to take kratom? Here are some of the most popular methods:

  1. Toss ‘n’ wash. This is one of the most common ways of taking kratom powder as it’s fast, simple, and requires no prep time. The basic idea of a toss ‘n’ wash is to measure out how much powder you’d like to take, toss it into your mouth, and wash it down with a lot of water. You’ll feel the effects really quickly when taking kratom this way, but the downside is it tastes horrible. Remember not to try to swallow it all at once, as this is likely to result in kratom powder in the back of your throat, which is also highly unpleasant. Those who like this method say it gets easier over time, but fair warning: it’s not the most palatable flavor in the world.

  2. Capsules. For many people, capsules are the best way to take kratom since there’s no need to taste the powder.Kratom capsules come in pre-measured amounts, which makes it incredibly convenient to discreetly enjoy kratom at the office, with friends, or wherever you may be.Many kratom companies sell pre-filled capsules with a set amount in each cap, making dosing easy. Simply select how many capsules you’d like to take, count ‘em out, and swallow them with water. The downside to kratom capsules is often that many capsules are required to achieve the desired dose.So how taking kratom capsules often means experienced users must take 10-12 capsules in order to achieve any measurable effect. This is enough to stop many people from taking kratom capsules and leads many kratom users to the quicker route of Toss’n’Wash.

  3. Make tea. This is another popular way of taking kratom powder as it lessens the undesirable flavor a bit. Make kratom tea by boiling the powder in water for 30 minutes, letting it sit, and then straining the liquid to create the final product.

  4. Yogurt. Kratom on an empty stomach provides the most benefits, thus taking kratom with food like yogurt can detract from its overall effects. But with that said, if you struggle with taking kratom on an empty stomach and experience nausea or discomfort, yogurt is a great way to enjoy your kratom. To do this, simply stir your kratom powder into the yogurt of your choice. We highly recommend fruity yogurts with added sugar that will help mask the strong taste of kratom. But if you’re averse to added sugars, you can always try plain yogurt and add your own honey to make it sweeter.

Add to a smoothie or protein shake. This is another great method when it comes to masking the flavor of kratom. Pour the dose of powder you want to take into an already-made smoothie or shake, and stir to mix. Super easy! If you want to avoid the taste but you’d rather not take a capsule, this is the best way to take kratom.

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  • Joey Sarvis says:

    It works for s——e withdraw too,,, and s——e withdraw is worse than most o—–s,, #2 behind m——-e,,, but that’s just my opinion. I’m still going through the process though,, but between the kratom and my powerful mind, I’m sure I’ll succeed. I’m not weening either, Im doing cold turkey

    • Jasmin Weber says:

      Hi there, we’re not allowed to make medical claims on our website due to FDA regulations, but I wanted to say we wish you luck in your endeavors!
      GRH Team

  • Zack Martin says:

    Kratom is really good for my -, I have psoriatic arthritis, spondylosis and scoliosis, I take kratom 3 times a day and it actually works. Not much helps with my – but kratom really does. It also helps with my – and – and my -.

    • Jasmin Weber says:

      Hi there! Thank you for leaving a comment on our blog, unfortunately I’ve had to remove a few words that could potentially get us in trouble for ‘making medical claims’. Should you like to leave your full unedited comment, you could do so in our Google reviews!

  • David Wilbourn says:

    Ive been consuming kratom with the toss and wash method daily for 10 years now. I dont use it to help with any medical issues. The taste is the only thing i dont like about it but after taking it as long as i have i barely notice it.

  • Lynne says:

    What is the best way to take 10g of Kratom all at once for severe, chronic p***?

    • Jasmin Weber says:

      Hi there, thanks for leaving a comment- unfortunately due to FDA regulations, I’ve had to edit a word in your comment to avoid making medical claims on our site. Apologies for the inconvenience! – The GRH Team

  • Brodie yo says:

    Great method is really cold water with a crystal lite pack flavor additivr and it goes down easy and the joints soothing effects take hold.

  • Brodie yo says:

    Anyone talk on red vs white vs green?

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