What is the Best Way to Take Kratom?


What is the Best Way to Take Kratom?

April 1, 2022

Most users want to know what is the most effective way to take kratom. It is a natural botanical ingredient that can be ingested in a number of ways. However, it is almost never smoked since many believe that smoking is not an effective way of taking kratom. Not only is it not effective, but smoking kratom is not really possible because of how fine most kratom powder is.

The best way to use kratom varies from individual to individual. The powder is the most common form of kratom available and it’s attractive because of its low cost. However, the strong flavor is off-putting for some. Capsules are also popular because they’re easy to take and don’t have much taste but they may take longer to work and are a bit more pricey. 

Looking For The Easiest Way To Take Kratom? Here Are Some Of The Most Popular Methods:

Toss ‘n’ wash. This is one of the most common ways of taking kratom powder as it’s fast, simple, and requires no prep time. The basic idea of a toss ‘n’ wash is to measure out how much powder you’d like to take, toss it into your mouth, and wash it down with a lot of water.

You’ll feel the effects really quickly when taking kratom this way, but the downside is it tastes horrible. Remember not to try to swallow it all at once, as this is likely to result in kratom powder in the back of your throat, which is also highly unpleasant.

Those who like this method say it gets easier over time, but fair warning: it’s not the most palatable flavor in the world.


Capsules. For many people, capsules are the best way to take kratom since there’s no need to taste the powder. Kratom capsules come in pre-measured amounts, which makes it incredibly convenient to discreetly enjoy kratom at the office, with friends, or wherever you may be.

Many kratom companies sell pre-filled capsules with a set amount in each cap, making dosing easy. Simply select how many capsules you’d like to take, count ‘em out, and swallow them with water.

The downside to kratom capsules is often that many capsules are required to achieve the desired dose. So how taking kratom capsules often means experienced users must take 10-12 capsules in order to achieve any measurable effect.

This is enough to stop many people from taking kratom capsules and leads many kratom users to the quicker route of Toss’n’Wash.


Make tea. This is another popular way of taking kratom powder as it lessens the undesirable flavor a bit. Make kratom tea by boiling the powder in water for 30 minutes, letting it sit, and then straining the liquid to create the final product.


Yogurt. Kratom on an empty stomach provides the most benefits, thus taking kratom with food like yogurt can detract from its overall effects. But with that said, if you struggle with taking kratom on an empty stomach and experience nausea or discomfort, yogurt is a great way to enjoy your kratom.

To do this, simply stir your kratom powder into the yogurt of your choice. We highly recommend fruity yogurts with added sugar that will help mask the strong taste of kratom.

But if you’re averse to added sugars, you can always try plain yogurt. You could add your own honey to make it sweeter.

New Ways To Take Kratom- Kratom Extracts

There have been some recent additions to the world of kratom products, which is exciting! New ways of taking kratom are being developed all the time. 

These extracts are a relatively new category of kratom products. These extracts are an extra-strong form of kratom. Raw form goes through an extraction process that produces an incredibly potent final product. With an extract, a little bit goes a long way. Small amounts of an extract can match or exceed much larger quantities of raw kratom powder. 

These extracts are often available in two forms- kratom shots or kratom capsules. Liquid kratom shots are often similar in size and shape to traditional energy shots that are on the market. These powerful shots are often meant to be taken in several doses, so make sure you read the label & start slow!

Try premium GRH King K Liquid Kratom Shots, our newest product, available in Silver (150mg Mit content) and Gold (300mg Mit Content). 

These extract capsules are also quite strong and usually come in small packs. Some kratom extract capsules only come with 3 or 4 capsules per package. Others will hold as many as 10. Always be sure to double-check the strength per capsule before trying for the first time.

For those who use kratom frequently, or find that their usual dose no longer has desirable effects, kratom extract products can be a great fit. 

Final Thoughts

Add to a smoothie or protein shake. This is another great method when it comes to masking the flavor of kratom. Pour the dose of powder you want to take into an already-made smoothie or shake, and stir to mix. Super easy! If you want to avoid the taste but you’d rather not take a capsule, this is the best way to take kratom.

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Jasmin Weber

Jasmin Weber has been working in the kratom & CBD industry for 3 years with Grassroots Harvest and GRH Kratom. She regularly writes content for both the cannabis and kratom websites of these stores & can also be found featured on related sites around the web.

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FOCUS Kratom Blend from GRH Kratom:

A new blend of kratom strains in the GRH lineup! FOCUS is a bright and methodical blend of kratom meant to enhance your concentration, amp up your energy, and clear the mind. Attention to detail? You’ll have it with FOCUS on your side.

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