How to Grow Your Kratom Brand Using Social Media – Smart Tips & Tricks

Kratom is a natural drug with various medical properties and effects on health. The process of creating Kratom involves transforming mitragyna speciosa leaves into this substance. However, it is not an easy task for anyone who wishes to start a kratom business. Brands trying to sell Kratom can face various restrictions and problems in the process. 

Such restrictions are commonly imposed on medical drugs such as Kratom. In this case, people tend to be skeptical about such products. Therefore, this skepticism causes a problem for the brands trying to sell Kratom on different platforms.

Although Kratom has several beneficial properties, it is also linked with some adverse effects on health. So, vendors need to be careful while establishing a trustworthy business.

However, every problem has a solution. So, there are ways by which you can overcome these problems and grow your kratom business with ease. Social media allows a significant key to these problems. So, it is vital to know the importance of social media marketing and how to use it to grow your business. 

Importance Of Social Media Marketing

Every growing business must stay up-to-date with the current trends. Utilizing social media is one of my most commonly used modern techniques to grow an online business. People are becoming involved in digital markets and industries in the contemporary world. Such platforms have become a cradle of industrial growth.

So, social media marketing is one of the greatest assets to introduce the world to your brand. Such online platforms provide countless features to promote your brands, such as posts, videos, and ads. Social media platforms allow you to connect with your followers and subscribers. Their responses and feedback on your products let you know how to improve your quality.

Moreover, you can analyze the customers’ responses regarding the products through these platforms. This interactive relationship is the backbone of any brand that leads it to success. So, social media bridges the gap between your brand and your consumers.

It is essential to utilize social media appropriately if you wish to establish a positive presence as a brand. As mentioned above, there are various restrictions that kratom brand owners face during marketing. So, taking the wrong steps on social media can drastically affect your brand. It would be best to consider specific measures to avoid such restrictions and have a positive reputation.


  • Create An Account On Social Media Platforms

Creating social media accounts is just the first step. Once you have established your accounts, you need to follow a series of things for a powerful digital presence. Some of these things are listed below. 

  • Insert Visual Content

The best feature of social media is the ability to share visual content. Once you have created your pages, you will have to share posts regarding your brand. With the help of these posts, you can shape your brand’s public image.

This specific feature is perhaps the most effective method that you can use to connect with the public. In a digital world, people get highly influenced by visual tools. Therefore, these tools allow you to establish a positive reputation and affect your viewers. 

  • Keep The Pages Running

After creating well-curated online pages, your brand must keep these pages running. This means that you need to keep your pages responsive and active. In short, actively updating your pages allows you to influence your consumers more.

Moreover, a dead online account would eventually affect the improvements in your brand’s sales. So, it is safe to say that the growth of your brand is directly linked with the development of your digital presence. That’s why social media is considered one of the powerful assets to grow one’s business. 

  • Gain More Followers

This step is simple to understand but can be hard to achieve. The number of your followers is directly related to how often you update your accounts. Moreover, making your accounts interactive and responsive will boost your followers constantly. 

Your social media accounts are useless if you do not gain many followers. This step allows you to reach more audiences and attract potential buyers. So, if you wish to make sales, you need to reach out to the audience and boost your followers. 

  • Connect With Your Followers

People trust brands that care about the problems of their customers. This trust can be gained only by building a positive relationship with the customers. Ultimately it is necessary for growing your kratom business.

This can be achieved through gaining customer feedback and interacting with them through comment sections. Respond to their queries, receive feedback from them, and update your products to match their needs. This is the only way to let them know that you respect their needs.

  • Avoid Usage Of Restricted Words

There are many restrictions on selling Kratom online, and you need to avoid some terms while promoting your product. Words such as “sale,” “deals,” “promo,” and “coupons” come under the category of restricted words. Using these words can result in restrictions on your posts or accounts. 

  • Informative Posts And Videos

All your posts must be relevant to the products you will be selling. In addition to that, you must only post informative data. This rule applies to YouTube videos as well. Your YouTube videos should not demonstrate your kratom products or offer promotional coupons and sales. Instead, they should be entirely informative. 

Moreover, it would help if you only used approved hashtags while promoting your brand on Facebook and Instagram. It is also advisable to avoid using the same hashtags repeatedly. 

  • Do Not Offer A Cure

While promoting your brand, your posts should not offer medical treatments. This means that there must be no claim to curing diseases using Kratom. Therefore, you cannot upload posts or videos regarding any treatment or medical condition as a kratom brand. 

  • Sponsored Ads

Another method to promote your business is through sponsored ads. Sponsoring is a highly used tool to reach more audiences in less time. This is a paid technique to promote your products efficiently. 

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  • Create A Positive Brand Image/Persona 

Your brand image is how people will view you. A positive image is essential to growing your kratom business. A brand image is not just about establishing an industrial presence but also about positively influencing consumers. The importance of creating a positive public image determines the following: 

  • Your brand image tells customers why they should listen to you. 
  • Your brand’s voice tells how your brand can affect people’s lives. 
  • It helps you spread positive awareness about your products. In your case, it will be able to erase the mistrust people have regarding Kratom powder and other medical drugs. 
  • Establish Your Presence Through Influencers 

In simple words, influencers are people with countless followers/subscribers and can highly influence other people. These influencers can share their ideas and content all around the world. Moreover, as the name suggests, the followers tend to “follow” these influencers in different domains of their lives.

So, contacting influencers to promote your brand is one of the wisest ideas. You can either pay them for shout-outs or increase your P.R. with them. This technique can allow you to reach more customers indirectly and increase the traffic on your accounts.

  • Let Them Know You Are A Real Brand

Due to different factors, Kratom is quickly achieving a lousy reputation. This reputation is a direct cause of getting scammed by fake vendors. Using various marketing gimmicks, such scammers lead the customers to believe that they are buying authentic products.

As a result, consumers receive low-quality and unauthentic products. This causes health risks and damages the reputation of other kratom vendors. 

So, through your social media accounts, let the customers know that you are an authentic brand. This is the only way to create a trustworthy relationship with the customers and improve your brand’s reputation. Your posts and interaction with the followers build a healthy relationship with them. 

  • Other Methods To Grow Business

The steps listed above are a few ways to promote your kratom brand. There are countless other options to try to grow your business. Here are some of the alternatives: 

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Website Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Improve the quality of your products.


Social media is undoubtedly one of the biggest marketplaces to start a business. These online platforms have made marketing much easier in the contemporary world. However, growing a kratom brand business through social media is not effortless for all brands. Some specific products are restricted on social media, including Kratom.

Although producing a kratom business online is difficult, it is not impossible. The process can take time, but you can turn your business into a success with consistent effort. With the simple and effective tips mentioned above, you can quickly grow your kratom business through social media platforms.



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