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How To Take Kratom Powder- A Guide

Kratom powder, famed for its use as a wellness substance, has roots dating back centuries. The plants are from Southeast Asia. Kratom has recently enjoyed a surge in popularity in the U.S.A as indicated by the surge in search for topics like ‘how to take kratom powder’ and ‘how to use kratom powder’. You, too, may be wondering ‘how do I take kratom powder the best way for me?’ 

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In this article, we are going to be covering both topics and exploring the effects of Kratom on your body.

But first, what is Kratom?

Before we explain all the amazing ways you can use Kratom powder, we have to touch on what kratom is. We’ll also discuss the benefits it adds to your body.

Kratom contains alkaloids that cause it to affect the opioid receptors in the brain, without being an opiate. These compounds and their impact is what is responsible for kratom’s effects. Those tend to be feelings of sedation, pleasure, and a reduction in discomfort in the body. One of the compounds, mitragynine has also been known to trigger stimulant effects in the body. 

In addition to all of these, Kratom has been known to provide users with an increase in energy and alertness levels when smaller doses are used and trigger sedation when larger doses are used. However, it is important to note that some of these effects are dependent on the strain of the kratom. Each person’s physical makeup can also impact effects. 

For more about Kratom, the various strains, and how they can affect your body, you can check out our article where we discuss this and more. 

How to take Kratom Powder

how to take kratom powder

In case you did not know, Kratom cookies are now a thing! And we have managed to compile 3 of our favorite recipes into an article for you to check out. One of the benefits of making Kratom cookies is that you get to mask its taste which is a turn-off for some people. By making Kratom cookies, you are also making these chewy, delicious, and healthy cookies and getting all the benefits the cookies provide you. 

A question we often get about kratom cookies is how much kratom is too much kratom? We advise that the amount of kratom you add to your cookie should depend on two things. 

  • How much kratom do you want each cookie to have?
  • How many cookies are you looking to make?

For example, to produce 20 cookies and you want each cookie to have 10 grams of Kratom, you would need to add 200 grams of kratom to achieve that goal (10×20 = 200).

We also have a blog on making kratom chocolates, so check that out for an even-more decadent option!

Kratom tea traditionally is made from kratom leaves, but we’ve found that Kratom powder works just as well. All you need to do is pour some hot water into a cup. Add between 1-5 grams of Kratom if you are comfortable with a small dose or 5 – 16 grams of Kratom if you are looking for a higher dose. If you’re comfortable with taking kratom, go with your regular dose. Stir for a few minutes then drink it. 

  • Toss and Wash

Our third and final way you can use Kratom Powder is called toss ‘n wash. It’s when you simply grab a spoon w/ your dose of Kratom, toss it into your mouth, and wash it down with water or juice. Users have found this way as one of the quickest ways to enjoy those benefits in the easiest way possible.  

As a Kratom vendor, one of our main goals is to continually clarify some of the more common misunderstandings surrounding Kratom while offering the best information about it, how to use it, its effects, and so on. if you want to read more about Kratom, you can check out our other articles here and you can check out our store here to go through our wide range of premium Kratom options available.

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