Is Kratom Legal In Albany City?

Being the capital city of New York State, Albany is the hub of kratom consumers. It is no surprise that thousands of people here wonder about the true legal status of the herb in the city. if you are one of those, fortunately, the answer for you is positive. Kratom is legal in Albany.

But as there is no law in the book that effectively regulates kratom in the city, you need to stay updated with changing trends and stories in the city. The herb has highly grown in popularity and that is why official agencies like the FDA and the DEA are very vigilant about its legality. The important thing is that kratom in Albany, new york is legal.

What To Know About the Legal Status Of Kratom In Albany?

Despite being banned in several other counties of the state, kratom in Albany, new york is legal. This means you can freely consume the herb on city premises, also for the information if you have been searching for is kratom illegal in new york the answer here again is yes.

The first kratom bill in the city came in the action in 2017 when the city and county ordinances banned the herb.

According to New Albany Gazette, it was following the efforts of the sheriff that the Board of Supervisors banned the substance in the state via bill A00231, and New Albany followed shortly afterward. The Union County ordinance pointed out that possession of kratom was a misdemeanor punishable by up to a $1,000 fine, six months in jail, or both.

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Nevertheless, AKA took notice of the ban and announced on their Facebook page that AKA will be in Albany, NY Monday and Tuesday lobbying against the kratom bills with two dedicated New Yorkers, both of whom were nurses for many years.

In the statement, they also encouraged consumers to send e-mails this weekend using the link they attached opposing legislation that would ban the sale and distribution of kratom. 

Lastly, they added; “We’d like them to hear from you all just before we arrive. Please share this post. Thank you!”

And due to their efforts, a massive public outcry was carried across social media from advocates of the supplement, such as users, vendors, and even lawmakers.  They together forced the DEA to withdraw its intent to reclassify the supplement as a schedule I controlled substance.

The Death Of Upstate NY Matt Dana

Matt Dana was known around the Adirondack Mountain town, Albany where he grew up as a promising young police sergeant and worked hard to root out narcotics dealers. His death came as a shock to his friends when he died suddenly. Later when the autopsy was formed, it was revealed that Dana has overdosed. But it wasn’t from the drugs, it was from Kratom


Dana’s death story spread like fire and it resonated far beyond Tupper Lake. It disturbed many kratom advocates that it could be cited in an ongoing federal review and that could lead to a nationwide ban. So, several kratom proponents decided to look closely into this matter.

They pointed out that the coroner’s finding associating kratom to Dana’s death was faulty and his death was actually from hemorrhagic pulmonary edema when there is blood and other fluid in the lungs. 

The DEA proposed that it will decide whether to proceed with a ban after the Food and Drug Administration completes an analysis of the supplement. So, now that you generally have insight into the legal status of kratom in Albany, new york read further details.

What Do We Know About Kratom Consumer Protection Act In The City?

After this, all went on Kratom proponents really wanted that the herb is regulated in the city and thus they started making efforts under the umbrella of the American Kratom Association.

Therefore, efforts began to pass Kratom Consumer Protection Act in the city. In 2019, state senator Pamela Helming introduced a bill that was New York’s version of the KCPA

This is intended to make it legal to sell, use, and possess kratom for those over 18. Apart from that, it would also make selling kratom to a minor a $500 fine.

The bill was passed in the state and also took effect in most of its cities including its capital Albany. Till June 2020, the bill was still alive but was progressing slowly because the global pandemic threw this bill among many others into limbo. After the pandemic, the AKA once again came into action to regulate the kratom industry to make it safer for its consumers.

Do You Need To Worry About Kratom’s Legality Here?

Kratom at the moment is legal and regulated in the city and so consumers can safely consume the herb. Apart from that, the herb is widely available in the city which translates into the fact that it is fairly popular. But incidents like the death of the sergeant can always heat up things and thus one needs to be very careful about the herb’s legal status and nothing can be said with certainty.

And the fact that anti-kratom authorities and agencies are always looking for the slightest chances to put dirt on kratom you as a kratom proponent should always know what is going on in your area regarding the herb. Nevertheless, since the AKA is calm about the herb’s status in Albany you can have a breath too.

Who Sells Kratom In Albany?

Since kratom is fairly popular in the city there are many vendors that sell the herb. if you are looking for inexpensive yet good-quality supplies check the herb online. There are many online vendors that provide quality supplies at reasonable rates along with third-party lab test reports. Nevertheless here is a list of the price range of kratom in Albany City. 

28 grams – $8.63

100 grams – $25.88

250 grams – $39.68

400 grams – $63.24

  1 kg – $114.99

Keep these in mind before making any purchase whether offline or online. If you have been searching where to get kratom in Albany online; Here is a list of reliable online vendors:

 Here is a list of reliable online vendors:

  1. Kona Kratom
  2. Star Kratom
  3. VIP Kratom
  4. Gaia Kratom
  5. Green Leaf Kratom

Where To Get Kratom In Albany Locally?

If you are looking for on-the-road kratom vendors check the following in your area:

Number 1: OG Smoke Shop

Address: 911 Central Ave

If you are looking for reliably affordable kratom supplies OG Smoke Shop can surely be a store to knock on. They offer a comprehensive selection of strains though not as many as you see online but all the commonly used strains are readily available.

Number 2: That Store

Address: 247 Lark St.

That Store caters to all customers looking for vapes and above all good variety of kratom strains.

Number 3: Barry Smokes & Things

Address: 1234 Central Ave

Though kratom selection is relatively limited to more mainstream strains, the store is still the highest-rated kratom stop in the city. 

Bottom Line 

Currently, Kratom is legal and regulated in Albany. But make sure to select the right vendor before making any purchase because the right vendor plays a crucial role in the quality of your strains.



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