Is Kratom Legal In Kentucky State? Year 2023

Kratom has been the talk of the town in the past decade. Its rising popularity has taken lawmakers by tension and surprise. Many lawmakers have tried to ban the herb, stating the efforts to be in the public’s best interest. The FDA has also been a little stubborn in approving the herb for medicinal purposes at the federal level. These circumstances have led to differential legal states of the South Asian herb in different areas.

In Kentucky, the herb is fully legal as of now, but no one can say anything about the future. It is because there have been a number of efforts trying to ban and classify the herb even in the past. Though no bill has yet succeeded in clinching the herb under the shackles of unnecessary bans, one should stay updated in case.

Is Kratom A Controlled Substance In Kentucky?

To date, Kentucky state has not classified or scheduled kratom. But has it ever been classified? Yes. In 2016 Drug Enforcement Administration in Kentucky proposed a Notice of Intent for temporary placement of Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine into the Kentucky controlled substance act.

 The notice labeled the herb as a synthetic, addictive substance that was not suitable for it according to kratom advocates. The kratom supporters met the statement with fury and carried out joint efforts to resist this ban. The notion failed to pass with the help of the American Kratom Association (AKA).

If the bill had passed and kratom would be placed on the schedule I list, it would have been very difficult for the consumers to get it. They would need a prescription along with other complications. It would also mean that kratom was an addictive substance and the authorities need to strictly monitor it.

What Are Substance A Drugs, And How Are They Related To Kratom In Kentucky?

Substance A drug list was a new category of drugs introduced in Kentucky to classify kratom. In 2017 and 2018, the house introduced a bill that recommended amending the Controlled Substances Act to establish a new, sixth schedule of controlled substances—schedule A. The bill also contained the details of the drugs placed on the list:

“A drug or substance in schedule A has a chemical structure that is similar to, and an effect on the body that is similar to or greater than, a controlled substance in schedule I, II, III, IV, or V.”

According to the bill, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) would be the authorized agency to temporarily and permanently place a drug or substance on the list.

The drugs to be added to the list were related to synthetic fentanyl. These were highly addictive substances, and placing kratom in the least meant dealing with kratom sales, possession, and manufacturing in the same respect as these highly addictive substances.

In fact, the bill also established “criminal penalties for an individual who imports, exports, manufactures, distributes, or possesses with intent to distribute a schedule A substance.”

As expected, the bill faced a lot of criticism and opposition. It still made its way through initial hearings, but the house eventually rejected it. The failure of the bill preserved the legal status of kratom in Kentucky.

In 2021 once again, another statement came forward that took the shape of a bill. This time the bill sponsor did not intend to classify or ban kratom but to regulate it in Kentucky. The bill statements 

  • Forbids kratom vendors from selling, preparing, manufacturing, and distributing adulterated or contaminated kratom products, such as those containing harmful non-kratom substances or any synthetic alkaloids.
  • Prohibits kratom vendors from selling kratom products containing more than 2% of 7-hydroxy mitragynine of the total alkaloid content.
  • Require kratom vendors to label products with ingredients and expiry date
  • Forbids financial institutions from denying services to kratom vendors abiding by the rules and regulations.
  • Penalizes the vendors with a fine of 1000$ in case of not complying with the rules

Though it was a conscious effort that was a win-win situation for both the vendors and the lawmakers, the law failed to pass. As the bill died, kratom again remained legal in kentucky but unregulated.

Is It Possible To Find Fresh Kratom Leaves In Kentucky?

Though kratom is legal in Kentucky, America, the country imports it from South Asian countries like Malaysia and Indonesia. It is not widely grown in the country. Therefore, finding fresh kratom leaves in Kentucky is a little hard. The most common forms of kratom available in the state are powder, capsules, or dried crushed leaves. In some areas of the state, you also find pills and extracts, though the latter is rare.

In case you want to grow your own plant, you are allowed, but the conditions are very unlikely. Kratom often needs hot and humid weather to grow well.  It also needs long days, plenty of rainfall, and good fertile soil. These conditions are hard to find in America, and that is why growing your own kratom might not be the best idea.

However, if you are too passionate about it, you can look for online vendors that deliver seedlings or small plants with pots, and then you can keep them indoors inside a glasshouse.

Can You Find Kratom Edibles Anywhere In Kentucky?

Kratom edibles are innovative food combinations that contain kratom one or the other way. They have been the hype lately, especially when the popularity of kratom reached America. Some of the most common kratom edibles include kratom coffee, tea, milkshakes, smoothies, cereals, cookies, puddings, sauces, and much more.

Though most of the edibles are homemade, you may find some like kratom tea or coffee in some cafes. You can also find kratom gummies in Kentucky local retailers.

However, box stores like Walmart do not sell any kratom-related products. Therefore, you might have to search for these products a bit. Otherwise, there are hundreds of different recipes available online. In fact, you can make amazing kratom fruit bowls, chutneys, smoothies, and desserts at home in some simple steps.

What Are The Cheapest Kratom Strains In Kentucky?

Now that you can prepare amazing kratom edibles on your own, the next thing to look for is some inexpensive kratom strains in your area. The cost of kratom in an area depends upon a number of factors, including the quality, the vendor’s reputation, shipping cost, import fee, and production methods.

Though there can never be a cut-and-dry answer to finding the least expensive strains, you can always assess certain variables to select your suitable strain. Here are some top strains that you main find on the more affordable side in Kentucky:

Bali kratom: Not only inexpensive, but Bali kratom is also one of the most popular strains in the area. A large number of consumers have reported its efficacy. Among this strain, the most effective veins include white and red.

Indo kratom: Its price is almost similar to Bali, and it is even cheaper in some areas. In terms of effect, Indo too has a lot to offer. The most sold veins are the Red, White, and Green Indo.

Thai kratom: the next fairly cheaper strain is the Thai which originates in Thailand. The reason why Thai kratom is cheaper is because of its abundance in the country of origin. As it is grown in a surplus amount, the farmers tend to sell it at much lower prices.

Why Do Many Consumers Prefer To Buy Online?

Now that you have your answers to “is kratom legal in Kentucky” you want to know more about how to buy it. You can buy the herb in the state, through local vendors, or by shopping online. Since kratom is legal but unregulated, anyone can buy and sell it.

This is both good and bad. The good part is as a consumer, you can have easy access to the product; however, the downside is that there are higher chances of landing on an unreliable buyer.

For this reason, it is on you to be extra careful when buying it to prevent yourself from buying tainted and contaminated products.


Though there are numerous stores selling kratom, people still prefer to buy online, and here is why. The first thing on the list of factors leading to this choice of online buyers is quality.

You have to make less effort to buy an online store that provides tested and verified products. Whereas there is hardly any local store that offers this assurance and, in most cases, you have to hope for the best. But are you willing to take this with something like kratom?

In addition to that, kratom reaches a local store after passing through several hands, which increases the chances of often older products reaching the shelf.

This, thus, adds to the fact that you are most likely to get contaminated products. Additionally, the extra hands mean a higher cost in the case of commissions.

On the contrary, due to their large sales, many online vendors, directly import the products from the manufacturers, which is why online products are fairly cheaper. Also, online staff often has more knowledge about the herb, it,s dosing, and herb and often hire one or more experts for better customer support.

While locally as kratom is legal in kentucky and can be frequently found in gas stations and smoke shops that know nothing about the herb, you can expect a lot of your queries to be unanswered. That is why many consumers prefer to buy online.

What Are The Best Local Kratom Vendors In Kentucky?

In case you are looking for the most reliable local vendor in Kentucky, we got that covered too. Time is often the most probable reason why people have to buy locally. Suppose you spilled your dose accidentally and need it urgently.

In that case, it is better to know where to go to expect reasonable quality products. Some popular vendors in Kentucky include:

  • Miracle Kratom (Bellevue)
  • The Botany Bay (Lexington)
  • Avery’s Kratom Barrel (Franklin)
  • The Dandi Lion (Paducah)
  • Discount Smokes (Louisville)

However, it is always recommended to buy at fair prices online when you have the option. For that, it is better to have a reserve of the herb for unexpected circumstances. Keep it in airtight packaging until the company suggests.


Kratom is completely legal in kentucky as of now, and there are efforts underway to regulate the herb rather than banning it. However, the experienced kratom representatives still say that one should always stay updated about the new policies and regulations. The best way to stay updated is to regularly read kratom blogs and keep in touch with the federal and state kratom publications. 



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