Is Kratom Legal In Massachusetts State? Year 2023

New kratom consumers in Massachusetts often ask around, is Kratom legal in Massachusetts? Fortunately, the herb remains legal in one of the first original states of America. Not only that, state officials have never banned it in the state. However, this does not mean there are no legality issues or contentions regarding this south Asian herb. Since it is not illegal, you cannot assume to buy kratom in Massachusetts easily.  

From all these facts, we deduce that though Massachusetts is friendly to kratom enthusiasts, there are certain things to know if you are using kratom in Massachusetts.

Being the third healthiest state and legalizing Kratom can just be a coincidence but has surely boosted the positive image of the herb. The state has set the precedent that if Kratom can be legal in Massachusetts and people are still healthier than in many other states, it can be safe to allow it in all other parts of the world. With that being said, let us dig deeper into the legality of Kratom in Massachusetts.

Has Massachusetts Ever Banned Kratom?

Lawmakers in Massachusetts have once tried to ban Kratom in the state. It was around 2009 in the form of Massachusetts House Bill 1789. It was the first time that kratom regulations were taken too seriously to be discussed in the Senate. Nevertheless, these discussions did not start in favor of the herb.

The bill intended to classify the South Asian Herb as a Class B substance along with cocaine, morphine, and LSD. The graveness of the situation was that if the state passed the bill, it would result in serious punishment for the consumers, including jail.

Not only that, but it could also lead to a fine of 1000$. Fortunately, the bill failed to enter the law, and Kratom escaped this ban. However, though the senate put down the statement, it has been back and forth to decide whether Kratom is harmful or not. This debate has kept the issue of “is Kratom legal in Massachusetts” always a hotter one. 

In their plea to ban Kratom, the senate officials came up with another bill in 2011, just 2 years after the 1st bill died. The state refers to the bill as Massachusetts House Bill 526. Mr. Webster of Pembroke presented the bill to the senate to publish.

It was presented with the same aim to categorize kratom Class B substance and place heavy treason on its possession, trafficking, and consumption. In the end, the bill met the same fate and died before it became part of the legislation.

The continuity of bills continued, and another bill surfaced after two years of the last bill in 2013. This time the officials thought of banning the herb altogether owing to the increasing popularity and the increasing cases of side effects.

Nonetheless, the officials did not even present the bill for the vote, and the efforts to ban Kratom rested in the dust. There haven’t been any cases of kratom bans to worry about from then to now. Thus, Kratom will stay legal in the state in 2023.


Can You Ship Kratom To Massachusetts?

Now that you know that Kratom is legal in Massachusetts, you might see the shipping procedure. When receiving a kratom shipping, it is important to study the state laws of both the sending and destination state.

In case you are sending a kratom shipment to Massachusetts, you need to worry only about the home state. You can easily receive any kratom orders in Massachusetts, provided that the home state legalizes Kratom3

If you want to send the herb to a loved one from Massachusetts, you can easily do so if the destination state has no laws banning or restricting the use of Kratom.

In some areas, they ask for age verifications so that before you receive a shipment, they ask for documents to confirm your age. This, however, is not the case with Massachusetts.

When it comes to traveling with the herb, it is up to you since the state allows it. Another thing to know is the private protocol of your hotel, airline, or business company. Though it is legal to carry Kratom on the go in Massachusetts, you may still want to confirm it with your transportation company.

This saves you a lot of trouble. Consumers have often found themselves in the dilemma where they carry herb based on state law only to find out that the airline does not allow it. This leaves you two options, either to leave the flight or disown the herb, with both situations costing you a lot.

Is It Really Hard To Find Kratom Capsules In Massachusetts?

There are numerous forms of consuming Kratom, including raw leaves, powder, capsules, pills, and edibles. Though the majority of consumers prefer to have powder, it is not an ideal way for those who cannot tolerate the taste. One of the very popular ways of consumption is capsules.

Though expensive, many consumers love to have their dose in the form of capsules. The most obvious reasons for this choice are taste and ease. Capsules are pre-weighed and are packed in the multiples of your dose, making the consumption hassle-free.

When we say pre-weighed, it means you don’t need to have an electronic balance or weigh your dose every time you have it. Just take the number of capsules that add to your dosage, toss, and wash.

When it comes to the taste, capsules are coated in starch or cellulose that only coats in your gut. This means you will experience absolutely no taste when the capsules are making their way through your mouth and throat. But as it is said, every ease has a price, and it can be too much in the case of capsules.

The problem with capsules is that since they are not commonly found, sellers may ask for unreasonable prices. In addition to that, you can also not find capsules of every strain. In Massachusetts, you hardly find local vendors that sell capsules. However, if you are really searching for some good quality capsules, you can look for online vendors.

How Do We Know That Kratom Is Popular In Massachusetts?

So, now that we know the answer to “is Kratom legal in Massachusetts, ” more pressing is to know about its popularity and “where can you buy kratom in Massachusetts? 

You can assess Kratom’s popularity in the area by its sales and consumption. There are a large number of local and online vendors that operate in Massachusetts, hinting at high sales. You can buy kratom in Massachusetts from them. The most popular local vendors in the area include Green Zone Smoke (Worcester), Turnpike Smoke Shop (Shrewsbury), Franklin Smoke Shop (Franklin), and Kang’s Corner (Boston).

In addition to these and many other local vendors, many online vendors also ship Kratom in the state. In fact, many consumers prefer to buy online due to cheaper prices, good quality, lab test reports, on-time doorstep delivery, and great variety.


Is kratom illegal in Massachusetts, No! Kratom is completely legal in Massachusetts, and there are no talks of banning it in the near future. Still, you can never be sure of the legal status because the unofficial efforts of the foes often hit hard when we least expect them. The best thing to do is stay updated about the state laws and changing policies concerning Kratom and spread the word as much as possible.

Disclaimer: no information above is evaluated by FDA and collected solely from anecdotal research.




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