Kratom Toss And Wash Vs Kratom Tea

The Toss and Wash method is possibly one of the most common and popular methods of consuming Kratom. Despite the technique being very simple, most people struggle with it due to the bitter taste of the plant matter. Do know about kratom toss and wash vs kratom tea? If not, then hold tightly you will find all information in this article.

Now, it is known that Kratom does not mix well with water. So, you can’t mix it into a drink that well. So, taking a shot of powder and chasing it down with a glass of water might confuse new users. The powder can get clumpy and can be a messy experience. So, how can you make it a better one? If you read on, you’re sure to find some techniques, suggestions, and even an alternative to the typical way of taking Kratom.

What Is Kratom’ Toss And Wash’? 

As the name suggests, Tossing refers to ‘tossing back’ or taking a spoonful worth of Kratom powder or plant matter, and ‘washing down’ refers to taking down/washing down the material with a beverage, cold or hot. 

Although, the method is not as popular as it once was due to newer forms of consumption made available. It is still in use to this day. 

Toss and Wash apply to just consuming straight Kratom powder via the mouth and using any liquid to swallow it down. 

Why Is The Toss And Wash Method Used? 

A common belief is that a person can get the maximum number of alkaloids possible by using the Toss and Wash method. And why would anyone need that? 

As we all know, Kratom provides users with a sense of euphoria and calm, but it is also used medicinally and thought of as a replacement for pain medication. So, people with chronic pain often prefer this method as it allows them to get a max concentration of the alkaloids in their bloodstream.  

It is a much faster process and the effects produced are more potent and last a while than other methods. 


What Are The Drawbacks Of The Kratom Toss And Wash Method?

Despite being a simple process, the Toss and Wash method has shortcomings. Here are a few common problems people run into while consuming Kratom this way. Some of them can be a little hazardous. 

  •  Choking

If you have been on the internet for a while and continually partake in the meme culture. You’re probably aware of a popular internet challenge popularised on YouTube back in 2012. 

People took a spoonful of cinnamon powder in the challenge and swallowed it. And the result would often be people choking on the pungent powder. 

The cinnamon challenge was hazardous and did result in some casualties. Like with any other powder, the fine particles can easily slide down your throat and clump together, choking you and making it hard to breathe through a mouthful of powder. 

Likewise, the most unpleasant thing about taking Kratom in this method is that there is the possibility of choking on the powder if you’re not careful enough.

It’s a plant-based powder containing alkaloids; it is bitter and unpleasant to taste. It can complicate the consumption process, but people adapt and find ways to overcome it. Most people like to prefill their mouths with water or fruit juice before taking the powder to swallow it quickly. Others alter the method entirely and dissolve the powder into the liquid before taking it. But then, that wouldn’t exactly be a Toss and wash!

  • Stomach And Lung Issues

The continuous consumption of dry plant matter may lead to digestive and bowel issues, especially on an empty stomach. Humans have a hard time breaking down certain plant materials in their bodies due to a lack of certain enzymes. And even if the body can break down certain plants, they can cook or are easy to utilize. 

The body needs to isolate the alkaloids from the plant matter, and this takes time and effort by the stomach that lacks the proper enzymes for this process and thus, in the long run, could be bad for the stomach.

Likewise, choking on powder isn’t necessarily good for your lungs. 

How Can You Make Toss And Wash Better? 

As mentioned previously, Kratom is very bitter tasting. People often remedy this by mixing the dry powder into a preferred drink such as juice or even sweetened water. But this isn’t the only way to improve the Toss and Wash method. Following are some of the ways you can improve this technique! 

Dosage Measurement

You must be at least doing so with the right amount before trying to swallow dry powder. Kratom dosage plays an important role as a higher quantity is more likely to make you feel nauseous or even gag. Always weigh out or measure the required amount before proceeding. 

Depending on your experience with Kratom, here are some of the doses you can follow: 

Beginner’s Dose = 1-2gm 

Users that have been taking Kratom for a few months = 3-5gm

Expert Users = 5-10 gm

Splitting The Amount

Consuming large quantities of powder can be hazardous, especially if you’re swallowing it dry and not chasing it down with a drink. It is very easy to choke, gag, or even vomit on the contents, and it is not a pleasant experience! 

An easy fix to that would be to divide a singular dose into segments so it can make the consumption process easier. 

Flatten The Powder

Once you have the required amount of powder on your spoon, you should flatten the heap down so that as you swallow, no stray powder directly falls into the throat and makes you gag. 

Never Swallow Dry

Many people who become used to the Toss and Wash method often do it without any liquids and are often fine without it. But, if you’re someone new or still haven’t gotten accustomed to the bitterness of Kratom powder, then you must have a glass of water or juice beside you as you try this. 

Some recommended beverage options include: 

  • Citrus juices such as lemon, grapefruit, oranges. 
  • Apple juice. 
  • Alcohol
  •  Milk. 

Kratom Toss And Wash Vs Kratom Pills

Kratom Pills are another way Kratom is available in the market. These pills are designed especially to combat the bitterness of the compound and make swallowing much easier. The pills come in the form of encapsulated powders like any traditional capsule and are an easier way to consume Kratom. 

Can Kratom Pills Be Better Than The Toss And Wash Method?

There are many pros and cons to using Kratom pills instead of the Toss and Wash method using the dry powder. These pros and cons can be a good determining factor in selecting the appropriate method for users per their choice. Some of these factors are listed below. 


  • Swallowing a dose as a capsule or a pill is much easier than a dry powder. 
  • No disagreeable odor or taste is present that could induce a gag reflex or vomiting. 
  • Easily portable and requires less storage space than powder boxes, glasses, or cases. 
  • Has quantified doses to get the optimum Kratom fix. 
  • A capsule or a pill is less of a messy situation. 


  • Only a few strains of Kratom are available in capsule form. 
  • The production of capsules is costly, and therefore, it is more expensive to buy Kratom capsules rather than powder. 
  • Capsules aren’t the most known method of consumption, and thus the market doesn’t have reliable sellers, so people most often steer clear of them. 
  • As many different substances are needed to produce capsules, there is always the uncertainty of what might be present within these pills. 
  • Some people have an inherent difficulty in swallowing capsules or pills, and so they cannot consume Kratom in this manner. 

Kratom Toss And Wash Vs Kratom Tea

A much more common and preferred consumption method is brewing tea from the plant’s leaves and drinking it, either piping hot or chilled for a stronger effect. Kratom tea is prevalent in South Asian countries. Although, most of these places prefer chewing the leaf for the alkaloids. The tea making to avoid the grit and choking factor of the powder directly. 

Kratom tea is very traditional and people enjoy it because it offers a milder and more refreshing experience. A person can sweeten the tea to their liking and avoid the process of bitterness entirely as well. 

How Can You Make Kratom Tea? 

There are two ways, in essence, that you can use to make this tea. One would dissolve Kratom powder into hot water, stir and consume it. The problem with this process is that you’re still going to taste and feel the gritty plant matter, and swallowing it might be difficult for some people. And the experience itself might not be as smooth sailing.  

However, the other method involves steeping bags. Plant matter and not necessarily powder are placed and allowed to soak in hot water for 15-20 minutes to extract the alkaloids directly, making it a more effortless consumption experience. In this tea, you can add sugar or honey according to your need. 

This method is extensively used in Thailand and is very popular among the natives and travelers alike. And there is a good reason as to why as well! 

Is Drinking Tea More Beneficial Than The Toss And Wash Method?

So the real question is, is it better to drink Kratom tea, or is it better to go for the powder? Let’s break down the tea-drinking process into some pros and cons.


  • To elaborate, the tea-making process, in a way, reduces the breakdown time for the body to isolate the alkaloids and process them rather than taking plant matter directly.
  •  This process is much better for your digestive system and prevents uncomfortable digestive disorders. 


  • It is assumed and observed that the analgesic property of Kratom is significantly reduced by making tea as not all alkaloids are extracted into the water. 
  • Kratom tea is weaker in concentration for the pain relief property but still potent enough to cause drowsiness and induce sleep. 
  • The tea might not be stimulating enough for certain users who are looking for more of a stronger effect.  

End Thoughts

As mentioned previously, everything boils down to preference. But not only that, there are many different alternatives besides these two methods of consumption that people use nowadays that might be more stimulating or easier. For instance, people use Kratom powder with citrus juice as citrus allows the acceleration of the extraction process, giving a quick Kratom fix.

It is upon the user what kind of effects they’re looking for and what makes them enjoy the process. The only thing to be cautious of is the amount consumed as Kratom, like any other thing, can be addictive and can have side effects that aren’t worthwhile. Always be safe and knowledgeable about what you consume.



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