The Taste of Kratom & How to Mask it!

If you’re a fan of kratom or have been interested in trying it out, chances are you’ve heard (or know) all about kratom’s unique flavor!

If you’ve never tried kratom before you’re probably wondering what does kratom taste like? We’re going to be totally honest here- kratom has a strong flavor, to put it mildly. Some people aren’t bothered by what kratom tastes like, while others find the flavor very off-putting, and stick to taking kratom capsules because of it.

So What Does Kratom Taste Like?

The best way we can describe the flavor of kratom:

  • grassy
  • leafy
  • herbal

Kratom tastes a lot like tea leaves that have steeped WAY longer than usual. If herbal, grassy flavors don’t bother you, chances are you might not mind kratom too much- but often people find the flavor hard to deal with at first. But don’t worry! There are a few easy things you can do to help mask the flavor of kratom.


How To Make Kratom Taste Good


One of the most popular ways of taking kratom is by mixing it with acidic juice- not only does this help bre

ak down the alkaloids in kratom, it also helps mask that strong flavor!

What does breaking down kratom alkaloids do?

  • Kratom is absorbed more quickly, therefore effects are felt faster
  • Because it makes it easier for your body to process the alkaloids, the effects feel stronger as well

Some of the most popular juices to mix kratom with are  –

Orange juice: This is perhaps the standard mixer for kratom lovers. Orange juice is acidic enough to make the kratom powder kick in a bit quicker & with more potency, while the flavor is strong enough to make it taste better.

Lemonade: A bit less popular, but tasty all the same! Lemonade (not lemon juice) is sometimes less acidic than orange juice so it may break down the alkaloids less effectively, but it does a good job of masking the flavor.

Lemon juice: Straight up lemon juice, not lemonade, is highly acidic and will break down alkaloids & hide kratom’s flavor- but be warned, it is a pretty crazy taste! Try mixing with some sugar and a splash of water to mellow it out.

Honorable mentions: Cranberry juice, apple juice

Mix it into a Smoothie!

We’ve written another blog you can find here: kratom (smoothie) with our favorite recipe for a super green kratom smoothie! This is a great way to take your kratom and get some vitamins at the same time, it really masks the flavor and makes for a great way to start the day!

Make Kratom Tea

Perhaps one of the most popular ways of taking kratom outside of raw powder or capsules is brewing it into a tea- and it’s pretty simple!

This easy method of taking kratom provides pleasant effects and you can add whatever kind of sweetener you’d like to improve the flavor! A squeeze of lemon juice in kratom tea also tastes great.

Here’s our blog on how to make kratom tea: Kratom Tea

Kratom Chocolate

A lot less traditional but a lot tastier than plain kratom, kratom chocolate is a fantastic way to take kratom that makes dosing easy! Dark chocolate (the kind we recommend using) also interacts in the brain in a similar way to kratom, so these two ingredients go together perfectly.

Want to try to make kratom chocolate? It’s actually pretty simple and only requires a few steps! Here’s our blog on how to make kratom chocolate: Kratom Chocolate



These are our favorite ways to enjoy kratom without having to deal with the overpowering flavor! Which method is your favorite?

If these options don’t sound good to you, try kratom capsules easy to take & flavorless!

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