How To Make A Kratom Smoothie

How To Make A Kratom Smoothie

Easy, Delicious & Effective!

Lots of people are adding kratom to their routines, whether it be for pre-workout energy, as a midday pick-me at work, or as a way to chill out before bed.

That Taste, Though!

There’s such a variety of benefits that people experience when using kratom that for many, the only downside is often the taste. Kratom is notoriously a bit yucky- its taste is similar to strong tea leaves or grass- and even those who’ve been taking kratom for a long time sometimes struggle with the taste. 

Smoothies Solve That Problem. 

Reasons We Love Kratom Smoothies:                                                                                                                                                 Kratom taste smoothie

  • Easy way to get lots of daily nutrients in one go
  • Mask the flavor of kratom
  • Customizable- make it with your favorite ingredients, and change up the recipe so it doesn’t get old
  • Easy to make. Throw ingredients in a blender til they’re ready, and you’re good to go!
  • Works with any kratom powder strain


There are plenty of ways to mask the flavor of kratom, but one of our favorites is adding kratom to a tasty smoothie! You can add your favorite kind of kratom to just about any smoothie recipe, but we’re big fans of adding Green Vein kratom to green smoothies- not only does it look fantastic, the flavor of kratom blends nicely with the flavor of the greens in your smoothie, for a finished product that’s super sippable! 

Here’s our recipe for the best green kratom smoothie around! Again, you can add kratom to any smoothie you’d like, this is just our preference for an energizing & uplifting smoothie. 

For this smoothie, we’re using Green Maeng Da, a strain that’s known for providing energy + positivity, as well as being very versatile! We’d drink this smoothie for breakfast or as a pre-workout smoothie.

Goin’ Green Smoothie  


Pineapple chunks, frozen or fresh Glass jar filled with green smoothie flanked by bananas and kale.

Kale (or another leafy green)

Mango chunks, frozen or fresh

1 Banana


Almond Milk


Optional: Stevia or honey for added sweetness


We’re leaving the ratios of ingredients a bit open. If you’d like a healthier smoothie, add less fruit and more kale. If you’d like a sweeter smoothie, amp up the amount of fruit and tone down the kale. 

You should use the amount of kratom that you would take in a single dose. 



Add all ingredients except almond milk to blender. Pulse slowly at first, adding almond milk slowly as you go, until ice is broken down into smaller chunks. Then blend together until smooth, add almond milk as necessary until consistency is at the desired thickness. Pour into a tall glass and drink immediately. 


That’s it! It’s so easy to customize this recipe depending on the time of year and the type of fruit available, so you can enjoy kratom smoothies year-round with no problem! 

This is one of our favorite ways to take kratom, plus it treats your body to a nutritious snack at the same time, so it’s a win-win. 

Green smoothies are great health-wise, and with the added kick of kratom in there, this smoothie recipe will leave you ready to take on the world. 

Kratom Milkshake

It would be pretty easy to turn this recipe into a kratom milkshake, if you’d prefer that to a kratom smoothie! To make a kratom milkshake instead, use ice cream in the recipe for an extra creamy treat. You could substitute the almond milk for ice cream, and that would probably work well!

Glass jar containing green smoothie with package of kratom in background.

Got another kratom recipe you’d like to see us try out next? Let us know in the comments below!

Want to learn more about the type of kratom we used in this recipe? Check out our blog post on Maeng Da kratom here!



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