Is Kratom Legal in South Carolina? Kratom Legality in My State 2023

Is Kratom Legal In South Carolina?

More and more individuals are discovering the potential benefits of Kratom, and they’re eager to explore its health advantages. However, legal concerns can often cast a shadow on their enthusiasm. Fortunately, if you’re a resident of South Carolina, you don’t have anything to worry about. The state currently has no restrictions on Kratom, and there are no impending changes to the legislation in sight.   

So, if you call South Carolina home, you can confidently step into the world of kratom without worrying about breaking any laws.


Kratom has no regulation on a federal level, so states can regulate the supplement however they deem fit. States fall into any of the following categories. The first category refers to states that have outrightly banned the supplement, these include Rhode Island and Vermont. The next category is states that chose to make Kratom legal in certain areas but banned in the rest. Examples of this include Florida and its Sarasota County. The final and our favorite category is the states like South Carolina. These are states that have chosen to keep Kratom free and legal to use within their borders.

Kratom History In South Carolina

Kratom, an amazing botanical, first made its debut in the state as a natural remedy for soothing and uplifting users’ spirits. Consumers gradually began referring their friends to it, and it quickly established itself as a safer alternative to more dangerous supplements.

Kratom quickly became the preferred option for addicts trying to break their dependencies. The supplement is now available in tablets, powder, extracts, and tinctures in all local shops, thanks to its increased demand.

Kratom Legislation In South Carolina

Yes, Kratom is in the clear when it comes to legality in South Carolina, and this includes all the major cities within the state. While Kratom use has been controlled to varied degrees in other states—from outright bans to age limits—it is still entirely legal and unregulated in South Carolina.

Kratom is gaining popularity as more people learn about using it to treat various conditions, prompting some states to contemplate regulation owing to its similarity to more harmful substances. It appears that Kratom will remain legal in South Carolina, at least for the time being, as there are no measures that will regulate the substance in the near future.

Kratom Laws In the State: What You Need To Know

Within South Carolina, there are no laws whatsoever pertaining to the use of Kratom. This is unlike its northern counterpart, which placed an age restriction on the substance. In North Carolina, the acceptable age is 18 and anyone beneath that age could face criminal charges. So, if you travel to North Carolina, be mindful of the minimum age restriction. 

As for the classification of Kratom in South Carolina, the substance is not classified within the state, and it cannot be found on any of the scheduled lists. 

Although the DEA attempted to categorize kratom as a Schedule 1 substance alongside heroin and cocaine, South Carolina recognized that kratom is not dangerous and has helped millions of people around the world. As a result, they have not made any effort to categorize kratom as a dangerous substance of any kind; as a result, it is still fully unclassified as of today, September 1st, 2023. 

Buying Kratom In South Carolina

In the end, the question isn’t whether kratom is legal in South Carolina. The real question is where to buy Kratom in the state. In South Carolina, you have the flexibility to buy Kratom from physical retail stores or conveniently online. So you can find your favorite product at vape shops, smoke stores, gas stations, or convenience stores near you. But you should avoid buying Kratom products from such places since it is difficult to vouch for. Here’s a list of a few Kratom vendors in South Carolina:

  • Smoke n Brew: 1553 N Pleasantburg Dr, Greenville, SC 29609
  • Tobacco World: 3227 Old Buncombe Rd, Greenville, SC 29609
  • Charleston Kratom and CBD: 440 Old Trolley Rd, Summerville, SC 29485
  • Kratopia: 5140 Sunset Blvd Unit G, Lexington, SC 29072
  • Great Kratom Shop: 1354 Boiling Springs Rd Suite D, Spartanburg, SC 29303
  • Next Level Kratom: 201 McKenzie St, Fort Mill, SC 29715
  • High Life Smoke Shop: 631 Harden St A, Columbia, SC 29205
  • Get Weird Smoke Shop: 2660, 111 E Blackstock Rd #100, Spartanburg, SC 29301

Word Of Caution

You must conduct your research before buying kratom in South Carolina because there are no quality control regulations in place. Only purchase from reputable Kratom vendors who specialize in pure, organic, all-natural Kratom and who can support their claims with independent lab test results. Check out the feedback from the vendors. How long has the company been in operation? From where do they get their kratom? Check to see if any customer reviews are available on the website.

Future Legal Status Of Kratom 

kratom legality in sout carolina-read here on grh

Today, the American Kratom Association, alongside numerous Kratom vendors and partners, is working tirelessly to get all 50 states to adopt the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. As a fast-growing industry, an issue Kratom faces is the possibility of fake and synthetic products. 

The hope is that, as a result of the protection act, they will address numerous issues like age restrictions, labeling, testing, and compliance. We are also hoping that Federal and statewide Kratom bans will become a thing of the past. That way, all Kratom fans could use and enjoy their favorite supplement without fear of government persecution. 

This act would not only protect users’ rights to Kratom, but it will also operate as a regulating factor for the industry, ensuring there are stricter quality control standards to be met across all vendors. These would, in turn, make Kratom safer for users and will inadvertently ease the issues lawmakers might have about the supplement. 

Subsequently, it is important for the state of South Carolina to adopt a central policy pertaining to Kratom. By centralizing its policy and regulating metrics, cities, and counties would be unable to take action that would put the Kratom habits of thousands of users within the state in jeopardy. 

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We hope you’ve learned about Kratom legality in 2023 and if Kratom is legal in the great state of South Carolina!

Final Word  

Kratom is completely legal in South Carolina. This amazing botanical is openly available for purchase, sale, possession, and use by citizens of the Palmetto State, and it appears to remain that way as well for the foreseeable future. For the best quality, make sure you buy Kratom from reliable online vendors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Any Cities In South Carolina Ban Kratom?

In certain U.S. states, Kratom may be legal in specific cities while banned in others. However, in South Carolina, the legality of Kratom is consistent across the entire state. You are allowed to purchase, sell, and use Kratom without restrictions in any part of South Carolina.

Can I use Kratom in South Carolina?

Yes, you can use Kratom in South Carolina. Since the substance is legal in the state, you can purchase it at any vape and smoke shop and confidently use it in public.

Can you grow Kratom in South Carolina?

Although it is legally allowed to grow Kratom in South Carolina, growing kratom outside its native environment is tough because it needs special conditions like acidic soil and a tropical climate. So, if you try, don’t expect high success rates.



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