Is Kratom Legal In New Hampshire State? Year 2023

Have you searched the internet upside down to know is kratom legal in New Hampshire? Well, this post is just for you. Kratom legality can be problematic, especially keeping in view its controversial status. In order to buy, sell and use it freely, you must know the legal position of the herb in your state. When it comes to New Hampshire, kratom is fully legal except in one city.

In addition to having a ban in one county, there are also some age restrictions. Consumers need to abide by these rules in order to use kratom in the state. To know about the details of is kratom legal in New Hampshire, continue reading this article.

When Did Kratom Become Popular In New Hampshire?

It was only a decade ago that New Hampshire came to know about kratom. Its popularity dates back to 2010 when online vendors introduced this herb in the state.

After it became available online, many local vendors also began importing and stocking it. Soon everyone got to know about this South Asian plant, and its sales increased four-fold.

 It was when the state government and house took notice of it. The main concern of law enforcement was to understand the effects of this natural product on adults. Another major problem was that FDA was trying to ban the herb federally by hook or crook.

Around 2015 the concerns were fueled when the New Hampshire Office Of the Medical Examiner published reports stating that mitragyna, one of the main active ingredients in kratom, was involved in eight deaths.

Then in 2018, several salmonella-infected strains of kratom further aggravated the situation. Though no individuals in New Hampshire got the infection, law enforcement became more critical of the open sale and consumption of kratom products

They banned advertising or promoting kratom in any way. State officials also called it off-limit to suggest kratom as a medicinal or therapeutic drug, keeping the FDA terms.


Are there any laws in New Hampshire State concerning kratom?

Currently, there are no laws or bills in the state that ban kratom straight off. However, in 2016 the house moved a bill to ban kratom in all respects. In the perspective of the bill, no individual in the state would be able to buy, sell, possess manufacture kratom.

Fortunately, till that time, there were enough kratom enthusiasts in the state to force the state officials to reconsider the bill.

 In the meantime, the Health and Human Services Committee decided to hold a meeting to discuss the various perspectives on the herb. A large number of kratom users took part in the meeting to share their first-hand experiences with kratom.

Their main intent was to put forward the positive face of the herb in front of the public and state officials. One of the very impactful statements was by State Representative Shem Kellogg. He was on chemotherapy treatments for stage IV colon cancer.

He was taking morphine to deal with the pain. In the testimony, he explained that he knew he would have to rely on the painkillers for life once the treatment was over.

Therefore, he looked for natural remedies and he found kratom. He referred to kratom as a way of increasing the quality of life. The audio of his hearing is recorded and available at this link. 

Through his and many other testimonies, the officials realized that kratom is helping a lot of individuals in many different ways, and banning it would put together their life in jeopardy.

In addition to that, it would also increase unauthorized and illegal sales since those who have had a positive experience with kratom would never want to leave at any cost.

Consequently, they thought of the safest way out. Since the main concern was to keep minors and underage individuals away from kratom, it was wise to put age restrictions rather than banning it altogether.

Therefore, law enforcement decided that in order to acquire and possess kratom, an individual’s minimum age should be 18.

Many thought that this would be the end of the legality issues of kratom in New Hampshire, but this was not true. Once again, in 2019, the legal status of the herb was in trouble when franklin banned kratom.

The major trouble wasn’t about only Franklin, but a ban in one state, but other states can follow it. The fear of many aficionados became a reality when in 2020, the state reconsidered banning the herb by passing bill SM758.

According to the bill, effective immediately, no individual in the state can import, sell or produce kratom.

Once again, kratom looked to its beneficiaries for protecting its free status. The herb enthusiasts were ready to testify against the bill or take necessary measures to keep kratom alive.

But instead, the senator who presented the bill edited it just at the last minute, changing the main intent of the document from banning to regulating the herb. 

Can You Travel With Kratom In New Hampshire?

The straight answer to this is Yes, but it is not as simple as it may seem. It’s legal in Franklin and is only legal for above 18 individuals throughout the state, making it a little complicated to carry the herb on the go.

To make it clear, if you are under eighteen, it is completely legal for you to carry or travel with kratom in any city or county inside New Hampshire. If you are 18 and traveling to a city that en-routes franklin, and you might have to have a stop there, you cannot carry kratom.

Otherwise, if your journey does not involve Franklin, there are higher that you will face no troubles while taking kratom along. However, it is always better to consult your airline or traveling company for any particular instructions on carrying any controversial substance. 

Nevertheless, though legal, it is important to understand that the herb is not widely accepted as a safe substance among the general public. Therefore, you might face stingy glares in many areas if you consume kratom leaves or powder in transportation or public places.

To save yourself from the embarrassment, it is advised to take your dosages personally or in private closures unless it is too necessary. 

What Is The Role Of The Trusted Vendors In Keeping The Herb Alive In The State?

Kratom vendors play a very critical role in portraying a positive image of the herb. Inconsistent vendors selling adulterated products show that kratom isn’t safe and can be manipulated.

The incident of heavy metals in kratom strains due to inefficient vendors that do not a lab test the products indicates the above statement.

On the contrary, vendors that make sure that they do not sell only for the sake of money but to keep up the positive image of the herb contribute a lot to its legality.

Most of kratom vendors are associated with the American Kratom Association and are playing their part in keeping kratom alive in several states, including New Hampshire. AKA has set standards that the vendors need to follow to get registered.

Due to these regulations, consumers tend to rely more on vendors that have been registered with AKA. In addition to that, AKA has also contributed to uplifting kratom by pushing Kratom Consumer Protection Act.

The kratom consumer protection act defines minimum regulations for the sale and packing of kratom products to keep them as harmless as possible.

The basic elements of the act include setting minimum age limits for consumers & labeling  products with expected date of expiry.

It also requires the vendors to register with official agencies and abide by state rules. So, it sets a minimum limit for the active ingredients when it comes to products.

It forbids the sales of products that contain any additives or harmful agents.

What Is The Best Place To Buy Kratom In New Hampshire?

Like in any state in New Hampshire, you have two options of buying kratom. You can buy kratom from local vendors or online vendors. Below are the pros and cons of both:

Local Vendors

Locally kratom is available at smoke shops, gas stations, general stores, and vape stores. This may differ depending upon the state. You may also find kratom in drug stores and herb stores in many states. It is, however, less common to find it in Walmart or other big stores.


  • When buying locally, you can get it immediately


  • Local vendors do not have information regarding the potency and ingredients, and specific qualities of the strain
  • They can not guide you about the dosage ad efficacy 
  • They do not provide lab test reports
  • You often find old, sunburned, and oxidized products from local vendors

Online Vendors

In the case of New Hampshire, as the herb is unregulated, it is better to buy it online. There are a lot of online vendors that are registered with AKA and are selling quality products.


  • Online vendors have specialists that can guide you about the potency, effects, dosage, and efficacy of different strains
  • You can find a larger variety of products when buying online
  • You get an array of products, including capsules, edibles, tinctures, and extracts, when buying online
  • Online vendors provide third-party lab test reports
  • Buying online is rather cheap than buying locally 

Bottom Line

Kratom is legal in New Hampshire in all cities for individuals above 18, except for Franklin, where it is not legal. It is, however, unregulated, and thus the consumers need to be extra careful when buying the herb.

When buying online, check for customer reviews and registration with AKA. When traveling with the herb, it is important to make sure that your traveling company allows it.


Disclaimer: Kratom is not approved or regulated by the FDA; therefore, it is controversial. The article in no way enforces the use of the herb for any ail


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