Kratom And Orange Juice – An Amazing Combination To Brighten Your Day

Have you developed tolerance to your current Kratom intake and are planning to increase the dose to have effects again? Are you worried about the adverse effects associated with the high doses of Kratom and looking for a reliable alternative? Or you might be tired of the high prices of Kratom and looking for a reliable escape from its expensiveness.

Whatever the case, we are here to assist you because if you think that Kratom’s effects are a one-person army thing, then you are absolutely wrong. Yes, you read that right! One glass of orange juice, a potentiator, is not only enough to treat Kratom’s grassy taste but also magical enough to give your dose a long-lasting potent boost.

Can’t believe it? Still, no worries! Let’s dig a little deeper into this matter and see how a single glass of orange juice cannot only save your money but can make your day! So, let’s get started!

What Is Kratom – A Quick Review

Kratom, a world-famous herb having a highly controversial image, is extracted from the Mitragyna Speciosa plants, related to the coffee family, that are grown in the exotic, dense and never-ending jungles of southeastern Asian countries, especially Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and others.

Kratom is quite famous for its strong and long-lasting psychotic effects, similar to opioids. But its adverse effects are also a big reason behind its rapidly-growing popularity.

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Kratom’s chemical profile contains many alkaloids, like mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, as well as glycosides, triglycerides, terpenoids, phenols, and other types of compounds, which are responsible for producing such potent effects. Additionally, these alkaloids are not almost impossible to manufacture artificially but are expensive.

In the older times, Kratom leaves were used to make teas on special occasions by the natives, but thanks to the progress in herbal industries, it is now available in different forms.

Kratom powder is the most generally used form; however, it is also available in supplements, capsules, tablets, gummies, tinctures, and extracts. So, if a person can’t stand the grassy taste of Kratom, supplements and other Kratom forms will make its work easy. Extracts are considered to be the most potent form of Kratom. They are usually not recommended to anyone, due to the higher risk of side effects, except for treating a critical medical condition or being advised by an expert medical practitioner.


Kratom And Orange Juice – A Mood-Elevating Potentiator

Millions of regular Kratom users take orange juice with their daily Kratom dosage, and what they experienced was totally unexpected! The orange juice that has been a part of our breakfast for years turns out to be a potentiator of Kratom, and its regular use can not only make the Kratom effects stronger but long-lasting also.

Orange juice is quite famous for its antioxidant properties and vitamin-rich profile. And these super chemicals of citric acid make a great combination with the alkaloids of Kratom. How? Let me explain!

The alkaloids are soluble in acidic solutions. Plus, the enzymes and chemicals in citric acid can break down the compounds into smaller and easily digestible particles.

So, when you take Kratom with orange juice, the citric acid and its enzymes break the prominent alkaloids and other Kratom compounds into smaller substances, get digested into the acid, and enter the bloodstream.

And due to this citric acid’s enzymatic activity, the alkaloid content is completely mixed into the bloodstream. Moreover, the citric acid also slows down digestion, and as a result, Kratom’s effects become more potent and long-lasting with orange juice.

Although orange juice is acidic in nature, having a PH of about 3.3 to 4.2, it has magical powers to transform acidic substances into alkaline nature. So, if you worry that it will cause acidity, then don’t worry. A single glass of orange juice is not only your ultimate savior from the leafy taste of Kratom products but a rescuer of your few hundred dollars.

So, let’s move forward and see how you can easily prepare a glass of orange juice to take with your Kratom dose.

Method: 01: Manual Recipe

This recipe is the best of all! But it is only possible with freshly-picked oranges.

  1. Wash the oranges and pat dry them with kitchen towels or tissues.
  2. Then cut them into two halves.
  3. Remove as many seeds as you can with the help of knives.
  4. Squeeze each half of the orange into a glass one by one to the fullest extent.
  5. Now, remove the remaining seeds from the juice, and here your orange juice is ready. You can also refrigerate it.

Method: 02: Recipe With The Use Of A Juice Or Blender

  1. Remove the outer skin of the oranges.
  2. Cut them into multiple small pieces and make sure that you remove the seeds from them side-by-side cutting.
  3. Now put the pieces into a blender jug and blend them until thin juice is made.
  4. And if you are using a juicer, then put the pieces of orange one by one in the juicer and press them until the required amount of juice comes out from the juicer.

Now, here you go with a fresh homemade orange juice to give your Regular Kratom dosage a boost of potency and lastingness.

How To Take Kratom With Orange Juice?

Taking Kratom with orange juice doesn’t require any rocket science. The ways are simple and the same as how you used to take Kratom without any juice. But, if you are new to taking Kratom, then you should read this once!

  1. This is the most common method of taking Kratom products. It is called the wash and toss method. If you are taking Kratom powder, measure it with a kitchen scale and take it with a glass of orange juice. And if taking supplements, gummies, or extracts, do the same.
  1. Again, if you are taking Kratom powder, mix your regular dose in the glass of orange juice and drink it. This way, you can get rid of the grassy taste of the Kratom.

Is It Safe To Take Kratom And Orange Juice – A Major Concern?

In simple words, Yes, Kratom and orange juice are an utterly safe combination. Not only this, it is an excellent alternative to Kratom’s high doses. We all know that higher doses of Kratom can cause such psychotic effects that are pretty harmful and addictive, just like marijuana.

So, if you have developed tolerance to the current Kratom dosage and are afraid of the side effects of high doses, orange juice is a relatively safer and more delicious option. As you are not taking the Kratom itself, there is no concept of those catastrophic adverse effects.

Finally, Kratom is certainly not a part of our monthly shopping list. Unless you are not a relative of Elon Musk, its regular use can be heavy on your wallet. But this combination can save you money because we are sure that 1 dozen oranges are relatively cheaper than 1 kg of Kratom powder.

So, continue taking the optimum dose of Kratom without worrying about side effects. Their chemistry doesn’t favor any war in your body, but they together make the primary effects of Kratom strong and lasting. And lastly, it is a great way to fulfill your nutritional requirements as oranges have a good amount of vitamins, minerals, and healthy enzymes.


The Final Thoughts

So, before we wrap up our discussion and put an end to this article, let’s conclude our thoughts that orange juice and Kratom are a heavenly combination that is not only beyond our expectations but light on our wallets too! It is entirely safe to use and won’t have any significant adverse effects as long as you take the right amount of Kratom.


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