Is Kratom legal in Colorado State? Year 2023

Colorado is a beautiful state littered with rocky Mountains with snowy white tips and desert landscapes. It has a population of 5.685 million people, and the state is famous for its picturesque landscapes and tourist attractions. The people living in Colorado are a friendly and happy bunch and love keeping up with the new developments in the market.

The nootropic and botanical fans in the United States hailed Kratom as a wonder for botanical and nootropic fans. Fans of the herb began to increase by the day, and the demand for more Kratom-infused products increased.

However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) did not regulate the product, and legality became a critical concern.

Even today, the legal status of Kratom is an essential factor to take into consideration before you make a purchase. You can face legal repercussions if you possess the substance in a state that has declared Kratom an illegal substance.

The state of Colorado has an interesting history when it comes to Kratom. If you are a citizen of Colorado, here’s everything you need to know regarding the legal status of Kratom in Colorado for the year 2023.

The Debut Of Kratom In The U.S

Kratom entered the United States market from the Southeast Asian countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. The locals of these countries already used Mitragyna for various purposes before vendors commercialized the substance in the United States market.

It has always been a commercial product for the western world, where people are calling it a hoax and a wonder product in equal measure.

However, it is crucial to understand how Mitragyna works before concluding. Alkaloids are chemicals that act in synergy in your body to create a beneficial effect.


Kratom alkaloids work similarly and impart associated helpful effects. Many people in the United States are addicted to opioids and other substances that can harm their health and create an unhealthy dependency.

Addiction or dependency also creates problems in the individual’s personal life and work ethic. All over the U.S., a significant number of people have used Mitragyna to combat the withdrawals that come from addiction.

Moreover, there are customer testimonials of Kratom being effective for chronic pain. These factors and associated benefits have made the controversial herb a substance of interest for scientists and researchers.

Mitragyna and its work are a future gold mine for researchers. A study has even called Kratom a potential “Future Treatment for the Opioid Addiction and Chronic Pain.”

However, the problems with legality and the involvement of the FDA and DAE have created a cloud of skepticism surrounding Kratom.

The Federal Stance On Kratom

Kratom is currently not included in the list of regulated substances on a federal level. This statement means that there are no federal laws presently that ban or restrict the use of Kratom.

There are no laws in place that federally limit the use of Mitragyna. However, every state is autonomous when it comes to authorizing restrictions related to the use of Kratom.

The state laws of Kratom are constantly changing. Therefore it is vital to keep a close eye on the laws of Mitragyna in the state you live in.

If you are a regular Kratom user and often make purchases, keep your eye on recent news to avoid unforeseen legal circumstances or problems.

Current Legality Of Colorado

When it comes to the current legal status of Kratom in Colorado, it is available, except for in the towns of Parker and Monument. However, its legality is heavily regulated and restricted.

This restriction is because while Colorado itself has not enforced these regulations, individual municipalities, towns, and cities are skeptical of Kratom’s use leading to regulatory measures.

The Denver Public Health and Environment Department banned Kratom for public consumption in 2017. These regulations restrict the distribution and possession of Kratom for human consumption in Denver.

Furthermore not, only Kratom packaging is required to have warning labels listing the potential harms of Kratom. These labels also need to state that Kratom should not be intended for human consumption.

Naturally, this restriction extends to Kratom retailers as well. It prohibited these vendors from giving any advice or suggestions regarding Kratom’s use.

While the actions of the Denver city administration show a negative trend for Kratom in Colorado, the Castle Rock municipality is acting oppositely.

Castle Rock imposed a temporary ban on legalizing any new Kratom establishments until they could decide on Kratom’s legality. By 2019 they decided that Kratom should be legal for anyone 18 or over.

The Efforts Of The AKA

When it comes to advocacy for the legalization of Kratom, the organization leading the charge is the American Kratom Association.

With the mission of allowing Americans all over the country to legally consume safe Kratom, the AKA has made countless efforts to change the negative perception and skepticism of Kratom and drive favorable legislation for the substance.

Due to the efforts by AKA, Governor Jared Polis and other congress members have asked the Food and Drug Administration to lift its public health working on Kratom.

Furthermore, due to the awareness created by the AKA, political parties such as the Libertarian Party have also issued statements criticizing the government for its restrictions on Kratom.

Bodies such as the AKA are at the forefront of changing the public perception and legislative stance on Kratom. By fueling discourse on Kratom use and consequently the scientific research carried out on Kratom.

The AKA has made Kratom relevant and made people aware of the host of potential benefits they can accrue from it.

The Public Testimonials:

As far as the public opinion regarding Kratom in the U.S. is concerned, the perception of Kratom shows a positive trend.

Even after health warnings issued by the FDA and warning labels attached to Kratom packaging, the mitragyna industry is proliferating, with more and more Kratom brands springing up all over the U.S.

Simultaneously, when it comes to user experiences of Kratom and consumer reviews, the positive responses outweigh the negative ones.

In fact, according to consumer responses, Kratom has even helped individuals out of their opiate addiction which is a fact directly in contrast with the FDA’s warnings of Kratom being as dangerous as certain opioids.

While public perception of Kratom is changing day by day, so it same for stane to FDA Authority. When individuals conduct research and analyze user experiences, their worries and concerns are alleviated enough to try Kratom.

Moving Around In Colorado With Kratom – What To Expect?

One of the most significant concerns individuals have when checking the legality of Kratom in the U.S. is regarding traveling. While there are no federal laws banning traveling with Kratom, you would also need to look out for state laws and city or municipality regulations.

When it comes to Colorado, the possession and even the consumption of Kratom are legal in all cities except Parker, Monument, and Denver.

This type of legality means that you will face no issue traveling with Kratom if it is to any city other than these three. However, it is inadvisable to travel to these three cities with Kratom.

While there may not be as big an issue in Denver as the regulations, you may have to deal with hurdles in Parker and Monument.

Apart from Colorado, here are some states which have banned the use of Kratom, and hence you need to be cautious traveling to these states;

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Rhode Island
  •  Vermont
  • Wisconsin
  •  Washington DC
  •  Tennessee

What The Future Holds For Kratom 

Considering the human psyche and the growing drug epidemic in the U.S. regarding fentanyl, the skepticism regarding Kratom is natural.

However, the reputation of Kratom as a substance has not taken too severe of a hit as it has not shown itself to be a dangerous substance as individuals consuming it are sharing their experiences to be healthy and safe. Such testimonials are why there has not been a federal ban placed on the use of Kratom.

Considering the example of marijuana and CBD, its legalization worldwide shows that as more and more research is going on a substance, its benefits come to the surface.

Since the Kratom industry is still in the developing stages, there is not significant enough research to alleviate the concerns federal bodies such as the FDA and DEA have.

As Kratom gains popularity with the help of advocacy groups such as the AKA, the awareness regarding the benefits of Kratom will indeed create positive changes in its legislation.


Kratom has changed the lives of several people for the better. It has garnered attention and praise from botanical and nootropic fans all over America.

However, there is still a battle for legality to go through before Kratom fans can use the substance without worry. Currently, keeping an eye on the legal status is an important consideration to currently consider. 



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