How To Store Kratom & Make It Last

Kratom has been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes, and the West is beginning to rediscover how fantastic an herb it really is. But when purchasing kratom powder in bulk, many users fail to properly store their excess kratom, which leads to leftover kratom going to waste.

Here we’ll discuss storing kratom for the short and long term so that you can stop wasting excess kratom and keep it fresh for up to a year!

Things that Impact Kratom Freshness:

  • Exposure to light
  • Exposure to strong odors
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures
  • Exposure to oxygen

Shelf Life of Kratom

Kratom is an organic compound, just like teas and other dried leaves, so kratom’s shelf life is roughly one month. That said, it can certainly be extended through proper storage. But when simply left to be, it will last around one month.

Now it’s important to remember, kratom will not be toxic or deadly if enjoyed after that one month. But, at that point, kratom will have begun to get stale and lose much of its flavor and potent effects. It’s therefore recommended to consume your kratom within one month of purchasing or preparing it for storage.

Things That Affect Kratom’s Shelf Life



The sun’s UV light can be incredibly damaging to our skin, and the same holds true for kratom.

Repeated exposure to UV light can break down kratom’s alkaloids, which are responsible for kratom’s effects. Light, therefore, significantly degrades its potency.


While kratom retains its properties best if stored in a cool place, the most detrimental thing to kratom’s chemical constitution is extreme temperature fluctuations.


Many organic compounds react with oxygen, and kratom is no different. When exposed to oxygen, kratom oxidizes, and the primary alkaloid responsible for kratom’s effects, mitragynine, becomes mitragynine pseudoindoxyl. 

While not toxic, this significantly detracts from kratom’s potency and effects. Saving kratom from oxygen exposure will substantially improve both kratom’s potency and extend your kratom’s shelf life.

Other Odors

Kratom, like other herbs, is susceptible to picking up strong, nearby odors. While the taste of kratom is not what many people would label “appetizing”, you certainly don’t want to add hints of garlic on top of that! 

Small jars of kratom powder - Red Indo, Gold Bali, Green Hulu, Red Maeng Da, and others

Short-Term Kratom Storage (1-3 Months)


Containers To Store Kratom In

When picking containers to store kratom in, you’ll want to balance storage ability with ease of access. In other words, you won’t want to take all of your kratom out of short-term storage at once, but rather you’ll want to “pick at” your supply.Containers that provide airtight seals which are easy to open and reseal, like mason jars, are excellent choices. Also, ziploc bags that allow you to push excess air out to create a semi-vacuum seal are great options for storing kratom in the short term.

Where To Store Kratom

The best place to store kratom in the short term is somewhere dark that maintains near-constant temperatures. A kitchen pantry or refrigerator are both excellent places to store kratom. 

But remember, you’ll want to store it somewhere relatively accessible so you can easily get to it when you want to take a small amount out for that day’s use.

Long-Term Kratom Storage (3-12 Months)

Storing kratom for the long term means taking short-term kratom storage to the next level. So instead of using a ziploc bag, consider getting a vacuum sealer and using that to seal your kratom. This will ensure maximum kratom shelf life. Also, consider freezing kratom to keep it in a very dark, very temperature-stable environment. 

The ultimate in kratom storage would obviously be putting vacuum-sealed kratom bags in the freezer. But keep in mind that when opening the bags of frozen kratom, you’ll want to allow it to warm up to room temperature before opening in order to avoid thawing in the presence of excess humidity.

We generally don’t recommend storing kratom for longer than 12 months, as even well-stored kratom begins to deteriorate at this point.


How To Check If Your Kratom Is Still Good

When pulling your kratom out of storage, be careful to check for signs of deterioration. Things like mold, faded colors, and loss of scent all indicate that your kratom is no longer fresh, and will deliver disappointing effects if taken. 

Instead of settling for this stale kratom, we recommend picking up some fresh kratom for sale.



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