White Maeng Da vs White Thai vs White Sumatra – White Vein Kratom

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White Thai, White Sumatra, White Maeng Da… after hearing about all these strains, you might ask yourself: isn’t all white vein kratom the same? It’s not! Did you know that the effects might slightly vary from one strain to another? Knowing the differences between White Maeng Da, White Thai, and White Sumatra is an excellent […]

Yellow Vein vs White Vein Kratom Effects

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The best thing about kratom is that its effects vary depending on the vein and the strain. But, with so many veins of kratom available on our website, some users might feel a bit confused about the similarities and differences between each one of them, as well as the individual effects that they offer. Luckily, […]

How to Answer Frequently Asked Questions About Kratom

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If you’re reading this blog, chances are you already know how amazing kratom is and how beneficial it may be. But do you know how to present all this knowledge to someone else? While members of the kratom community know practically everything about kratom, it seems that people who don’t use kratom haven’t heard of […]

What Are The Effects Of Red Maeng Da Vs Red Bali?

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Red vein kratom is famous worldwide for its strong soothing, relaxing, and sedating properties that work wonders when it comes to targeting discomfort and tension. Although all strains of red vein kratom share quite a few similarities (they all have a relaxing & stress-reducing effect on the body), they also have some differences between them […]

The Effects of Green Maeng Da vs Green Malaysian

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Do you know your kratom strains? With so many strains of kratom available on GRH Kratom, it can be hard to distinguish them, especially if they come from the same vein! Such strains are Green Maeng Da and Green Malaysian. Both are powerful, potent strains and are quite popular in various kratom communities for the […]

What is Yellow Vein Kratom? What are the Effects of Yellow Vein Kratom?

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If you’re a kratom lover, you’ve probably read many articles on kratom strains and how each vein affects the body. We know there are three types of kratom: red, green, and white veins. But what if we told you that there’s a new fourth vein – yellow vein kratom? Just when we thought we knew […]

Kratom and Seasonal Allergies

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Hay fever, puffy eyes, and runny noses. You know the annoying symptoms many get during spring, especially in Central Texas where allergies are a Regular Guest ®. The most common way of treating seasonal allergies is using antihistamines or other types of over-the-counter drugs that reduce symptoms. Having said that, consider trying kratom before you […]

Is There A Kratom High? Will Using Kratom Make You High?

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In this blog, we’re going to dive deep into the possible effects of kratom, and whether or not kratom powder will make you high. Is there a kratom high? In short, kratom causes what some would consider a sort of ‘high’. That being said, it’s different from a typically understood ‘high’ feeling that might be […]