Yellow Vein vs White Vein Kratom Effects

The best thing about kratom is that its effects vary depending on the vein and the strain. But, with so many veins of kratom available on our website, some users might feel a bit confused about the similarities and differences between each one of them, as well as the individual effects that they offer. Luckily, our blog is the best place to go if you have any questions regarding the effects of kratom. So let’s take a look at yellow vein and white vein kratom, two veins with powerful properties and components. 


Yellow Vein Kratom – The Golden Mean


We’ve referred to yellow vein kratom using the term ‘golden mean’ between all kratom veins. Yellow vein kratom is mellow, balanced, and moderately strong. Mildly invigorating and energizing, yellow vein kratom is the most recent kratom strain to make it onto the market. While the origins are still anecdotal, this doesn’t change the fact that plenty kratom users are intrigued by yellow vein. Many try to get their hands on yellow vein kratom because of the balanced effects that it produces. If we were to compare yellow vein kratom to another vein, we’d say it’s most similar to green veins. Although they aren’t completely identical, yellow vein and green vein kratom tend to be mood-boosting and mildly euphoric. The steadiness of effects makes yellow vein kratom desirable, especially for newer users who aren’t ready for more potent veins. 


Even though yellow kratom is an amazing vein, it might not be ideal for those looking for intense energy/focus. This is where white vein kratom comes in. 


White Vein Kratom – The Charger for Your Batteries

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When we talk about white vein kratom, it’s arguably the best vein for a stable energy boost, focus, and motivation. White veins are the youngest leaves and their effects are strong, bright, invigorating, and even cerebral to some extent. This makes them very different from yellow vein kratom, though these two veins are frequently mixed up! White vein kratom may make a great solution for people lacking focus and concentration or feeling drained and unmotivated. In our opinion, it’s the perfect pick-me-up out of all 4 veins! Like all the other veins, the effects of white vein kratom vary from strain to strain. 

Yellow and White Vein Kratom – Comparison & Contrast


Even though they are different, yellow vein kratom and white vein kratom do have some similarities that they share – for example, they’re both very good for a clear and positive mood with euphoria or energy, depending on the vein you choose. They are also far from red veins, which are typically mildly sedating and relaxing. 


The contrast lies in the different effects they produce – so, what we can conclude from the two paragraphs above is the following:


  • Yellow vein kratom is good for euphoria, positivity, optimism, and a boosted mood;
  • White vein kratom is good for energy, focus, spiritedness, and liveliness


Many users are keen on trying out different veins and strains and seeing which one works best for them, but some kratom lovers are massive fans of combining two or three veins together and thus intensifying the positive effects of all the different veins/strains they use. If you’re looking for a mood boost combined with an energy boost – then perhaps take a look at our article on how to make homemade kratom blends and learn how to combine yellow and white vein kratom, or better yet – check out our BOOST and JOY blends that don’t contain yellow vein kratom, but are optimal for achieving different, more personalized effects from those that single kratom veins offer. 


Final Thoughts on Yellow vs. White Vein Kratom


Clarifying some common misunderstandings and offering the best information regarding kratom and its effects is one of our main goals as a kratom vendor. Knowing the differences between all four kratom veins is crucial before you purchase any kratom product, as it might not work for you if not. Keep these differences in mind when buying kratom from us, and don’t forget to use code ‘DISCOUNT150’ to get 20% off on all orders above $150!



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