How to Make Homemade Kratom Blends

This blog is going to go over how to make homemade kratom blends that work, and work well! Kratom blends are a popular option in the kratom community for several reasons:

  • Kratom blends can be more potent thanks to a blend of alkaloids
  • You can fine-tune blends for your favorite effects
  • They may help with stagnant strain syndrome (learn more about that here)

GRH Blends

At GRH Kratom we’ve got three powerhouse blends that we sell (Joy, Boost, Relax) that have been crafted to amplify the best aspects of green veins, white veins, and red veins, respectively. These blends are known for being pretty strong, so be aware you might need a smaller dose compared to single strains!

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Making Your Own Homemade Kratom Blends

We love our three blends, but they might not always offer the specific effects that you’re looking for. Maybe the single strains you’ve been using aren’t quite doing it for you either. In that case, it may be time to try to create your own blend!

Any time you combine two or more kratom strains together, you’re technically making your own kratom blend. In this article, we’re going to go over how to perfect this process a bit more so you can get the desired results every time.

Step One- What Kratom Effects Do You Want?

When crafting homemade kratom blends, it’s important to start by deciding what kind of effects you’re looking for. This will greatly decide the types of kratom that you’re going to use. 

  • If you’re looking mostly for energy, your blend will be mostly white strains of kratom 
  • If you are aiming primarily for a mood-boost, you’ll want to go with green strains of kratom
  • If you’re wanting to relax & get relief from aches & discomfort, red veins will be the base of your blend

Step Two- Any Secondary Effects?

When combining multiple strains it’s possible for your blend to have multiple effects, as well! If you’re looking for a relaxing blend of red veins but also want a euphoric aspect, adding a green strain in is a good idea.

  • Adding a bit of green should provide euphoria & positivity
  • Adding some white could make the blend slightly energizing
  • Adding a bit of red might make an uplifting strain a bit more mellow, or have an aspect of relief

Step Three- Create Your Homemade Kratom Blends

Choose your strains based off of our effect guides listed on their product pages. Remember, Smile is Mood, Lightning Bolt is Energy, Moon is Sleep/Relaxation, and the Cross is Relief.


kratom strain chart effects homemade kratom blends

Or work with strains you already have, because that can create a unique blend!

Once you’ve selected your kratom strains, mix them together with the choice from Step One outweighing the amount from Step Two. You can make a single dose at a time, or work with larger amounts to have some left over!

Try It Out!

So, that’s all it takes to make homemade kratom blends! Give it a try and see if the effects are what you were hoping for. Don’t forget to eat something before trying out your kratom blend, kratom is always best enjoyed with food in your stomach. 

We hope your kratom blend turned out just the way you wanted! But if not, don’t fret. It’s easy to try again. Try adjusting the ratios of strains that you put in, or switching one strain out for another if you can.

Interested in mixing CBD & Kratom? Check out our sister CBD company Grassroots Harvest for some wonderful & powerful products!

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  • Richard says:

    Green Borneo Red Bali Blend is Potent and effective. Provides Energy Euphoria and Pain relief but I can stay active.

  • Chris Pace says:

    Red maeng da And green malay. Energy euphoria and relaxation. Now this combo is on point!
    4g green
    2g red 👌 👌

  • Angel says:

    The blends are spectacular ,like right now I feel like awesome

  • Shaun Thornton says:

    I mixed a 50/50 ratio on my Kratom today to just try something different! I mixed my fave Red Bali with my least fave Green Malay, I mixed the 2 different powders 50% Red Bali 50% Green Malay and I cut my usual dose down to 7grams and the result came out to be very effective, I was surprised at the wonderful effects I got from just 7grams of the mixture! I felt great relief from my pain but also got a great spike in energy and alertness with a good little bit of a euphoric/mood lifting feeling as well! This was a great combo and I would definitely suggest it for any weathered Kratom user who is looking for a great potent mixture for pain relief and a nice not so overpowering boost in energy! Red Bali/Green Malay GREAT MIXTURE!!!

  • D.F. says:

    I keep reading that red has the best euphoria but is sedating? I want high euphoria but energy too as I work nights and have depression. I’m looking for an adderall with vicodin effect. (I’ve never taken those together btw. I just mean the effects of both. Happy energy and calm euphoria/pain relief)

    • Jasmin Weber says:

      Hey there, while red veins can definitely provide euphoria, we’d actually recommend a green vein first. Green veins are great for boosting mood without being sedating, in fact they tend to be mildly energizing which sounds like it would be perfect for you! We can’t comment on effects from prescription medication, but I feel that green veins would be your best bet- Green Maeng Da, Green Malaysian, or our green blend JOY would be my top picks for you!
      the GRH Team

  • Brian Barszcz says:

    Hi. Just one thing. You guys are wrong about taking kratom with food. No one else says this. Common sense and experience tell me an empty stonach is best to feel all effects of kratom. Have a weak stomach? Ok, i get that. But food will always slow the digestion of anything else in the stomach. Thanks. Brian

    • Jasmin Weber says:

      Hey there, you’re absolutely right and we agree with you- one way to achieve the strongest effects of kratom is to take it on an empty stomach. That being said, we try not to recommend anything that might potentially make a customer feel ill, and as we’ve experienced & heard people experience nausea and/or vomiting from taking kratom on an empty stomach, we recommend taking it with food. There are other ways to amplify the effects of kratom that won’t risk an upset stomach, but again, your information is absolutely true & we appreciate you sharing it!
      the GRH Team

  • Gena says:

    Red and white maeng da mixed. Good or bad idea?

    • Jasmin Weber says:

      Hi there, this would be an interesting blend as red & white veins tend to lie on opposite sides of the kratom spectrum, but it might be worth giving it a shot! Try mixing a small amount first to see if you enjoy the blend!

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