Using Kratom Pre Workout | Kratom Before Working Out?

Everyone’s wellness journey is different. Due to our different bodies, our metabolism and so on, it is almost impossible to copy the workout regimen or eating habit of other people. This is why the first thing a nutritionist or a physical trainer would do is to understand your composition. Then, create a regimen personalized to your body type. The same is true for some supplements.  And Kratom, is an excellent example of such a supplement. Let’s discuss kratom as a pre-workout option to improve your athletic performance!

First, we’ll cover what exactly kratom is.

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Introducing Kratom

Mitragyna Speciosa, aka Kratom is the name of a tree species native to Southeast Asia. This natural supplement now popular around the world has been around for centuries. It’s traditional in Thailand, Indonesia and other native regions for its benefits. 

But today, Kratom is popular for something else entirely. Because of its naturally occurring alkaloids, it has a reputation for providing an energy boost for users. Or, it can potentially act as a sedative depending on the dose and type taken. And because of interactions it has with pain receptors in the brain, it may also help as a discomfort reliever.

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Kratom & Fitness

Because of Kratom’s naturally occurring alkaloids which allow it to function as an energy booster and concurrently as a reliever, it is arguably one of the best workout supplements to be utilized by wellness enthusiasts. For cardio lovers, Kratom provides a stimulating boost of energy enough to break through even the most grueling High Interval Training Sessions. 

A huge reason why Kratom may be popular over other supplements especially caffeine is because unlike the alternative, it has little to no negative side effects. This may be especially true of the nasty energy crash that caffeine often causes. And for weight lifters, Kratom is a source of energy and a way to alleviate pain. For users looking to push through heavy weight lifting sets without hindered by pain, kratom offers a way to have a more focused workout. 

how to take kratom powder

Tips For a Safer Kratom Workout:

To get the most value from your Kratom workout experience, timing and dosage is very important. If you take a dose that is too high, you stand a high chance of experiencing drowsiness as opposed to a boost in energy. To enjoy an optimal experience, we recommend taking your Kratom 30 minutes before you begin your workout. Stick to a low dosage (1 – 4) grams to achieve a boost in energy not a sedating effect. 

Can You Lift On Kratom?

Yes! In fact, we’ve seen kratom become more and more popular among the bodybuilding / weightlifting communities online. That’s because some strains of kratom in particular are great for improving stamina and vigor, while others are actually good for post-workout R&R!

Just make sure not to push yourself too hard- kratom is great at reducing sensations of discomfort, so it might dull the true strain of your lifting. Make sure to take this into account to avoid injury.

Best Kratom Strains for Working Out – Kratom Pre Workout

There are multiple Kratom vein with each vein providing a different effect upon ingestion. The White Kratom vein in particular has been known to offer benefits particularly suited to enhance your wellness journey. 

This popular Kratom strain is a popular coffee alternative because of its ability to keep users awake. Today, it is known for its ability to provide users with long lasting energy and focus which will come very handy during your workout session.

As the name implies, White Thai is from Thailand and it is extremely potent and complete with energy boosting properties. Due to its very high alkaloid content, it is always advisable to begin with a low dose and work your way up from there. 

White Sumatra is an invigorating Kratom strain that provides users with a massive boost of energy and focus. When taken in high doses, it starts to act like red vein Kratom which is mildly sedating.

Best Kratom Strains for Post-Workout Recovery

This is also something we’ve used kratom for! Turns out, red vein kratom is pretty popular for its ability to reduce discomfort and aid in recuperation. Here are the strains we’d pick for post-workout recovery!

  • Red Maeng Da: Like the other maeng da strains, this one is pretty potent & quite pleasant. Somewhat sedating, though, so don’t expect to feel super awake after a dose of this strain. 


  • Bentuangie: A heavier red vein, this one is going to be on the more sedating end of the spectrum. However, the effects are quite pleasant as well because of this.


  • Red Bali: Perhaps less sedating than the others, still a nice gentle way to relax the body after a workout.

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  • Joe says:

    Strains don’t matter. Why would I take advice from you, when you lie to us about different strains? All strains are the same. The effects of kratom all come from the two alkaloids in them, there aren’t hundreds of different terpenes, like in weed. Fix your industry!!!

    • Jasmin Weber says:

      Hi Joe, thanks for sharing your opinion with us. In our experience, strains do matter! There are quite a lot of unscrupulous kratom vendors on the market who make false claims about their products. Blends like ‘Trainwreck’ are marketed as a single strain, etc., but we are quite honest about our products- we do sell blends of strains, JOY BOOST and RELAX. However, our single strains are in fact different versions of the kratom plant. We work with a single farm located in Pontianak, Indonesia, and have worked with them since we opened. They grow a variety of kratom plants (kratom strains that originate from Bali, Borneo, and more places), and harvest them at different times, creating the different strains you’re able to shop from us. We understand this may not be true of many kratom vendors out there.
      Best, The GRH Team

    • Rickie says:

      Actually, a 2022 study from McCurdy has already proven differences in kratom strains. Kratom has over 40 different alkaloids—different lighting/drying processes bring out different alkaloids in different quantities. For example, it was shown that growing kratom trees in the shade conditions had a 40% increase in paynantheine and a 110% increase in corynoxine compared to outdoor full sun.

      Strains differ by their alkaloid profiles and ratios, which is explained by their different lighting conditions during the drying process. Some kratom strains hardly contain particular alkaloids, while others (which were dried differently) contain them in higher percentages. Furthermore, all of these alkaloids interact, adding even more to individual differences.

  • Nic says:

    From my experience (5 years or so of Kratom usage) strains matter, as well as dosage (as GRH mentions). I tend to stick with green or white (or white with some red mixed in) for pre-workout, and never exceed 1 gram. Taken 15 minutes or so before with vitamin B and I feel a nice boost as well as an activation in the mind-body-muscle area. Later in the evening I may take a higher dose of red to help with any soreness.

    • Jasmin Weber says:

      Hi there, thank you for leaving this comment, it’s always good to hear a variety of experiences as so little is truly known about kratom! We think strains matter, too.
      The GRH Team

  • K P says:

    I drink 0 calorie mixed fruit 1 ounce of kratom nugenix 600 mg of ala and have seen great results in stamina and recovery time I’m 56 yrs old and never felt better

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