What Is Gold Kratom And Why It Is So Popular?

Do you call yourself a Mitragyna Speciosa lover but have not come across Gold Kratom? Really?  There are many people who are head over heels in love with this unusual strain but what makes it so famous? Good news! We can help you know it all. All you need to do is stick with us.

What Is Kratom?

Found in Southeast Asia, Kratom is a tree that belongs to the coffee family. The leaves of this tree carry therapeutic properties. It interacts with the brain’s opioid receptors. Besides other South Asian countries, this substance is native to countries like Myanmar, Thailand, and Malaysia. Majorly, these states were among the first ones to use Mitragyna Speciosa and one of the primary purposes was to get energy.

Laborers used to chew on Ketum leaves in the morning, so they didn’t get tired from working for long hours. Furthermore, there are also some side effects of Ketum besides the benefits. 

Some of the main reasons this substance is used are to relieve discomfort, to get an energy boost, and to uplift mood. Although these benefits are not scientifically proven people claim them. The tree has these properties because of alkaloids. There are many alkaloids in Kratom leaves but two alkaloids are the main ones, named 7-hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine.

Now, this substance is widely available in multiple forms, including tinctures, powder, extract, capsules and leaves. 

What Is Gold Kratom?

As the name says, this peculiar Kratom strain is grown on the Bali island of Indonesia. Bali island is humid because of rainforests. This environment makes the soil super rich in terms of essential nutrients, favoring the growth of potent Mitragyna Speciosa trees.  

Gold Kratom is also known as Gold Bali Kratom and it is a type of red vein Kratom. The term gold is added to the name because of the hints of gold in the leaves.

This strain is usually identified by the veins because they are golden. However, the overall leaf color is red. This strain is said to be far more potent than the other strains. 

There is some confusion about this strain. Some people say that it is artificially made, while some say that it is just a red strain with a central golden vein. On the flip side, people say that after undergoing the fermentation process, it is only a Red Bali.


What Are Two Concepts About Gold Kratom Creation?

There are two main concepts when it comes to answering how this particular strain is prepared. On the one hand, people say that it is solely man-made while others say that it is created after mixing two different strains. Let’s talk about these concepts in detail.


It is said that Gold Kratom is formed after sun-drying a strain, commonly red strain. Something fascinating about this method is that the process increases the alkaloid content, specifically the alkaloid named 7-hydroxymitragynine.


Sometimes, two strains are mixed to prepare a single strain. As for Gold Kratom, it is also believed that vendors use two strains to prepare this one. This is done to obtain specific effects. However, the results can be inconsistent as the strains don’t have a fixed consistency.

On the flip side, some money-minded vendors don’t hesitate to dye the powder, so it appears to be Gold Kratom. This is not what you call genuine Gold Mitragyna Speciosa.

How Is Gold Kratom Grown?

Well, as it is said that this strain is unique in terms of its effects because it is strong, it is assumed that it is because of its unique production methods. Notably, there are several ways in which this Kratom is harvested. These techniques bless them with varying properties. The steps it undergoes are as follows.


As the name of the step suggests, it is sun-dried. Cultivated and harvested in the moist rainforests, the red strain is dried in the sun. Consequently, it possesses a high amount of alkaloids.


A metabolic process called fermentation is done with the help of water and sunlight. This produces Gold Kratom. It comes in handy to increase the alkaloid content, most importantly 7-hydroxymitragynine. This is one of the main reasons why Gold Ketum is way stronger than the red strain.

Mixing Process

There are sellers who say that Gold Ketum comes after mixing two strains, Green and Red strains. Both, when mixed, give golden and yellow texture to the strain, and therefore, it is most potent.

What Are Its Characteristics?

The strain is mainly known for its stronger effects and the reasons why plenty of people use it are mentioned below. However, it has to be noted that these characteristics are not yet scientifically proven, so we can’t say anything with certainty.

Overcomes Discomfort

It has helped people suffering from physical pain and also chronic pain. Moreover, the effects are felt immediately rather than late. 

Improves Appetite

There are people with poor appetite and this strain helps them feel hungry. Besides, it doesn’t usually make people overeat but helps make them feel hungry. Importantly, it would be best if you stay hydrated because Kratom often makes people thirsty.

Uplifts Mood

It is pretty famous for Mitragyna Speciosa to overcome stress and to uplift people’s moods. Therefore, users say that they take a safe dose of Gold Kratom to combat stress.

Boosts Energy

Like other strains, this strain also boosts energy levels, making users spend hours at work without that regular fatigue. This also helps users stay focused at work. 

What Does Gold Kratom Taste Like?

Just as other Mitragyna Speciosa strains, this Gold Kratom also has a bitter taste. Besides old-school toss and wash methods, there are other methods as well. For this strain, people also like to brew it in tea or mix it with desserts or in drinks.

Even if you are least bothered by the taste, you must consume it in the safest dose, particularly a small quantity at the start, so you don’t come across the side effects. Also, similar to other strains, if you overdose on this one, you may develop tolerance against it. Consequently, you will have to take higher doses and consume them more often. This will not only be harmful to your health but also to your pocket.


Regardless of the method behind its creation, Gold Kratom is one of the most exceptional strains that come from sun-drying. It is known to deliver relaxing and stress-relieving properties. However, the dose must be kept in mind, so you experience more of its benefits and no side effects.



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