Where to Buy Bali Kratom Capsules and Powder

Bali Kratom, known for its reddish color and distinct aroma, can only be found in Indonesia. It may have numerous benefits to the body. Known for being a mood enhancer, Bali Kratom is made after the leaves of the kratom plant are harvested and ground to powder. Find out where to buy Bali kratom in this blog. 

Once the leaves are plucked, they are sun-dried or sometimes dried under UV light to further intensify the Kratom’s quality. A unique property of the Red Bali Kratom is the number of alkaloids it contains. These include (among others) 7-hydroxy mitragynine, Mitragynine, Mitraphylline, Speciogynine, and 9-Hydroxycorynantheidine. These alkaloids work together to help you reduce stress, elevates your mood, and relax your senses. 

Navigating Stagnant Strain Syndrome

Stagnant strain syndrome happens when your body builds a tolerance to the strain of Kratom you are using. The length of time for this to happen varies from person to person. The time to reach stagnant strain syndrome depends on different factors including body type, strain type, strain strength, etc. 

Because each strain of Bali Kratom contains varying levels of alkaloids, they have different effects on the body. When your body takes only a single strain, it builds a familiarity with said alkaloids. That causes a resistance to set in. The effect of this resistance is for your brain to reduce the effect of the strain on your body.

With Bali Kratom and other kratom variants, the way to beat stagnant strain syndrome is to begin to switch things by mixing different strains. For example, if you are noticing the effect of the red Bali kratom seems to be waning, stop that for a while and consider combining red and green kratom strains for a few weeks. Going back to the red Bali kratom after this will cause your body to reset and begin to allow the effects of the red Bali kratom to show up in your body.

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To read more about Stagnant strain syndrome and how you can beat it, read more here

Our Bali Kratom products

If you’re looking to buy premium Bali kratom, this is the spot. All our kratom goes through third-party lab testing for purity and strength. That ensures it’s safe to take and is full of alkaloids.

  1. Red Bali (Powder):

Our Red Bali kratom powder is popular for its discomfort-relieving and stress-relieving properties. It is very relaxing and provides a sedating effect as well.

  1. Red Bali (Capsules):

Our Red Bali Kratom in capsule form provides you with all the pain and stress relieving properties you need to unwind after a long day or to treat incessant pain without any nasty side effects. 

  1. Red Indo (Capsules):

This strain of red Bali kratom that originates from Indonesia is popular for intensive effects due to its high alkaloid composition. Known for its pain, stress, and anxiety relief properties, it also has mild sedative qualities.

  1. Gold Bali:

Gold Bali is a somewhat rare strain of kratom that’s popular for sitting in between the effects of a White Vein and a Green Vein. Energizing and full of euphoria.

We have other amazing Kratom in our stores and you can check them out here. For first-time users, we recommend starting with a small dose and working your way up to your optimal dose. You can always work your way up to a larger dose if you think you need more. Keep in mind that the dosage you consume may affect your experience with these products.


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