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Where to Buy Cheap Kratom (High-Quality) Online? Buying Bulk Kratom

In today’s society, getting access to quality healthcare could lead to a huge burn on one’s finances. That’s why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that natural and alternative medicine is enjoying a meteoric rise in popularity across all age groups. Its affordability, its little to no side effects and overall accessibility are some other reasons leading to this popularity increase. 

And Kratom, a tree native to Southeast Asia has completely exemplified this fact. Over the last few years, Kratom has enjoyed a steady rise in popularity as users have continued to enjoy its numerous wellness benefits. A.k.a Mitragyna Speciosa, it’s known by locals to be a source of increased productivity and a way to fight fatigue.


Today, Kratom is sold in different strains and veins across multiple vendors. A question we get often is ‘where is the best place to get cheap kratom?’ and ‘are there any risks to purchasing cheap kratom?’ We would be answering these and many more within this article! 

So You Want to Buy Cheap Kratom: What you need to know 

Before we go in, it is important we mention that at GRH Kratom, we sell you Kratom at some of the lowest prices you will ever see. We work directly with farmers in Indonesia and buy bulk quantities, so we can keep our prices low. Our products also come in powder form, capsule, tea and blends. Blends are a combination of more than one vein for an improved, heightened and stronger effect!

We have sample sizes for $3 and small sizes starting at $10. Those are certainly some of the lowest prices for Kratom.

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But what makes us the best platform to buy cheap kratom from?

To begin, our diverse range of products. Our store contains four strains of Kratom which are Bentuangie, Horned, Hulu Kapuas and Maeng Da. Each strain offers different benefits and this diversity will be helpful to combat stagnant strain syndrome. Stagnant strain syndrome refers to what sets in when your body develops a tolerance to a particular strain of Kratom after using it repeatedly and frequently. Its effect starts to feel weaker, and soon it might not be felt at all. This is why our cheap kratom prices cut across all Kratom strains making it possible to combat this syndrome. 

We also offer our cheap kratom in four different types, powder, tea, capsules and blends. Blends in particular is another way we are ensuring you never have to deal with stagnant strain syndrome. By providing you with a perfect mix of kratom strains, we are ensuring that you receive an amplified kratom dose. It may also help to prevent your body growing a tolerance to simply one strain of kratom. 

Another reason we are the best store to buy your cheap kratom from is because of the quality of our products. Sourced from high quality farmers, we run our products through third party lab testing to make sure each strain and vein is not only of the highest purity rating but also contains the right number of alkaloids. Having the right number of alkaloids per strain is very important because alkaloids are responsible for the effect you derive from each product and ingesting the wrong number of alkaloids could have an impact on the type of effect your body experiences.

Be Careful with Cheap Kratom:

We don’t cut any corners. Our products are lab tested, our warehouse is humidity & temperature controlled for safe storage, and we use food-grade equipment always. Not all companies are like this. Be careful when shopping super cheap kratom and ensure that the company is doing their due diligence to bring you safe & quality products.

Why buy Bulk Kratom?

To begin, the biggest benefit to buying anything in bulk is the reduced price you can get! And this same goes for bulk Kratom. When you buy Kratom in bulk, you are saving money by taking advantages of the discount offered by your vendor. For most vendors, buying small amounts of Kratom is priced per gram. That makes it more expensive than if you are buying in bulk. Bulk Kratom prices usually sets in from 100grams upwards. 

Another great reason to buy Kratom in bulk is the reduced shipping costs you get to enjoy. These shipping discounts are dependent on where you shop with each vendor offering their individual shipping rates. 

The final and arguably the most important reason why you should always purchase your Kratom in bulk is to ensure you always have your Kratom on hand. We are human and liable to forget to pick up the much our refills. But when you buy your Kratom in bulk, you are reducing the chances and frequency of that happening. Also, because of the wait period associated with shipping, buying kratom in smaller quantities could mean you have might to endure a few wait days before your delivery is fulfilled 

Storing Bulk Kratom

Done right, bulk Kratom can be stored effectively and preserved for even long-term use. But it is important to know what can cause Kratom to lose its potency and value. Being an organic compound, the shelf life of raw Kratom is about a month. Bearing that in mind, with the right storage you can extend that considerably. 

  • Exploring Short-Term storage options

By the term ‘short term’, we are referring to wanting to store Kratom for 1 – 3 months. The best place to store Kratom for this timeframe is somewhere dark that has near-constant temperatures. A great example of such a place is your pantry. 

But before you proceed to place it there, you would need to buy a supply container that is easy to open and reseal. Examples of these include mason jars and Ziploc bags. These options will be sure to keep the air out of your Kratom which is extremely important if you are looking to begin the preservation process. 

how much kratom is too much? how much kratom should i take?

  • Exploring Long-Term storage options

Long-term storage refers to 3 months to a year (12 months). And doing this requires taking the steps taken with short term storage to the next level. A great way to begin is to swap out the conventional Ziploc bag for something more intensive like a vacuum sealer. Doing this will ensure your Kratom enjoys maximum shelf life.  

Another way to keep the shelf life is to freeze it and keep it in a very dark and temperature stable environment. But our ultimate advice to preserving your Kratom is to place your vacuum sealed Kratom sealed bags in the freezer. The only downside to this is that you will need to allow it thaw and reach room temperature before you use it. 

Buying Kratom in bulk is not only financially beneficial, it helps you maintain a healthy and steady regimen which is a great thing for your overall wellness. To read more about storing Kratom, check out our blog here and to begin your bulk Kratom journey, visit our store here

Kratom by the Kilo

The biggest advantage of buying Kratom by the kilo is enjoying a significant savings as a result of the bulk purchase price you get to enjoy. When you buy Kratom by the kilo, you get to save some money as a result of the reduced price the vendor would be selling at. With most vendors, selling smaller amounts of Kratom which is priced per gram is more expensive than selling by the kilo. With most vendors, large orders are pegged at 100 grams making a kilo (1000 grams) more than eligible to a healthy discount. 

The second reason to buy Kratom by the kilo is to save on shipping costs. By buying all the Kratom you might need over a six-month period at a go, you are only getting billed for one shipping cost hence saving on the other times you would have spent money to ship smaller others to you. 

Finally, another reason to buy your Kratom by the Kilo is to ensure you never run out of Kratom. We are all human and we are prone to forgetting key things all the time. From our coffee, to changing the milk or even our favorite supplement! But by buying your Kratom by the kilo, you are ensuring you never have to worry about beginning your day without your favorite supplement.

Final Thoughts

All of these things will hopefully help you find high-quality kratom that’s not expensive online. You should be able to find a good balance of quality and cost, but make sure to look out for important things like third-party lab tests to ensure what you’re buying is good to go! You can buy “cheap” kratom and still get fantastic quality, just as long as the vendor is reputable. And we know a good place to start- us! Buy cheap kratom that’s still high-quality from GRH today.

GRH Kratom
As a Kratom vendor, we take immense pride in being about to clarify some misunderstandings surrounding Kratom while offering the best information about it, how to use it, its effects, and so on. if you want to read more about Kratom, you can check out our other articles here and you can check out our store here to go through our wide range of premium Kratom options available.



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