Enjoy Kratom Delightfully & Safely [ All About Kratom Gummies & Edibles]


The times when the name “Kratom” was misunderstood has passed. Relief from discomfort, mood enhancement, and other benefits are just some of the numerous benefits of Kratom. It is now widely acknowledged as a valuable plant. New ways to consume kratom are making their way onto the market. Now, kratom edibles, including kratom gummies, are […]

FOCUS Kratom – The New Blend From GRH Kratom

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Grassroots Harvest has been providing premium, environmentally sourced, and pure kratom. With faith in Mother Nature, Grassroots Harvest’s goal is to offer you the finest of nature’s harvest. All GRH Kratom products are from a single family farm in Indonesia. We harvest sustainably & test our products to make sure they’re pure & safe. Now, […]

Where to Shop GRH Kratom in Austin, Texas

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Are you a kratom lover? Looking for farm-to-market kratom vendors in Austin? GRH Kratom is one of the best vendors in Austin. Want to shop GRH Kratom in-person in Austin, TX? That’s what this blog is all about.   To maintain customers’ loyalty, GRH Kratom successfully delivers all over the U.S. But, you can buy […]

Kratom News- Why Mandatory Product Listings Matter, Potential Problems

Kratom News

In America, Kratom has always been controversial as it is still not modulated on a national level. Still, it is legitimate to use and obtain in several areas of the United States without any prescription. But, recently, the U.S Senate Committee- Health Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) has been taking into consideration Mandatory Product Listings. […]

Drug Scheduling Explained In US: Is Kratom Banned Here, What Schedule 1 Means

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For anyone familiar with the drug industry, the phrase “schedule” is essential to understand the category of the substance in a legal sense. Any discourse on anesthetics, drugs, prescriptions, and other substances is generally co schedules or classifications.    Law administration officers and medical professionals use drug schedules to characterize a drug substance’s legitimacy. To […]

Can You Buy Kratom With PayPal? Ways to Buy Kratom Online

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From buying the right Mitragyna strain as per your health-related needs to selecting the best Kratom vendor to buy Mitragyna online, Kratom enthusiasts have been on a roller coaster ride to solve these tricky pieces of puzzles. Right after you have placed your order, the “payment section” pops up with additional surprises. What payment method […]

Should You ‘Parachute’ Kratom & How Do You Parachute Kratom?


Should You ‘Parachute’ Kratom?  Kratom is a naturally occurring supplement originally from the Southeast Asian region. It is famed for its unique properties and wide range of benefits it offers. For some, it is a great energy booster while for others, it serves as a pain and anxiety alleviator. Today, millions of people around the […]

How To Make Kratom Capsules At Home

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Making Kratom Capsules at Home Very few things are better than the ease derived from using Kratom capsules. These Capsules allow you to enjoy the unique freedom of taking your Kratom on the go. That is, without the need to set aside a couple of minutes to make or drink tea. But readymade capsules can […]

What is THC-O? Full Facts on THC-O

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What is THC-O? The popularity of THC continues to rise in the country. It should come as no shock that other compounds derived from THC have begun to emerge and grow in popularity. A great example of this is the synthetic compound known as THC-O acetate also known as THC-O.  This has been used especially […]

Redesigning Our Kratom Labels and Line- Our New Look!

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Breaking news – GRH Kratom is getting a makeover! We’re excited to announce that, although we love the current design of our line, we’ve decided it’s time for change. Our brand will be getting its own version of a glow-up! Experience tells us that the best products deserve the best packaging, and what better way […]