What Is the Difference Between Kratom Strains?

Kratom is divided into three major groups: White Vein kratom, Green Vein kratom, and Red Vein kratom, with many different strains within those categories. Let us walk you through the difference between kratom strains.

Recently, Gold Vein and Yellow Vein kratom have appeared on the market, but they tend to be less abundant than the three major kinds of kratom. 

You may be wondering, what do the different colors of kratom mean? We’ll go over that here. 

The difference between kratom strains’ colors and effects has to do with the age of the plant. 

White Vein kratom is the young plant, Green Vein kratom is the plant as it’s maturing, and Red Vein kratom is the fully matured plant. 

There are different effects of different kratom strains. As a kratom plant matures, different levels of alkaloids build within the leaves. The different alkaloids present impact what effect the kratom will have, giving the veins their unique properties. 

The way that kratom leaves are harvested and dried can also impact how the final product turns out. More or less exposure to light is just one of the things that can impact the final color & alkaloid content of kratom leaves, thereby changing their effect. 

As with all farmed plants, genetics play a very important role in the outcome of crops. Kratom plants can be bred to display the traits of one vein throughout their entire life cycle, for example, you can breed kratom to act like a Red Vein even as a young plant. 

When it comes to the different effects of different kratom strains, you can expect the following:

Within each kratom vein, there are many different strains available.
Here are some examples of white kratom strains: White Sumatra; White Thai; White Borneo; White Maeng Da; etc. 

As you can see, the difference between kratom strains relates to where the plant is from- White Sumatra would be a white vein grown in Sumatra, whereas White Thai would be a white vein grown in Thailand. This is true for many strains of White, Green, and Red vein kratom. 

Each singular strain tends to have its own distinct attributes, but these can vary slightly between harvests and growers. 

When buying kratom, check to see if the company you’re purchasing from has descriptions of each of their strains. This is the best way to get an accurate idea of what a strain’s effects may be like before purchasing, although you won’t know for sure how a strain of kratom will make you feel until you try it out for yourself. 

At Grassroots Harvest Kratom, we provide written descriptions for each of the kratom strains we sell. We also guide our consumers about the difference between kratom strains. We have been as accurate as possible when describing the effects we’ve experienced each strain such as white, green, and red kratom strains. We hope our experiences hold true for you. 

What is Maeng Da?

Maeng Da is a kind of kratom, and you can find Red Maeng DaGreen Maeng Da, or White Maeng Da. Maeng Da kratom was originally grown in Thailand, but nowadays you can find Maeng Da kratom sourced from a variety of places.

Essentially, ‘Maeng Da’ is a term that refers to quality. In Thai, the term translates literally to ‘pimp grade’, denoting high quality. As kratom has spread outside of Southeast Asia, the term is still used to refer to kratom with a high alkaloid content. We hope this guide helped you to have a better understanding about the difference between kratom strains.