A Simple Guide to Types of Kratom- What Do Different Kratom Colors Mean?

There are three main types of kratom: white vein kratom, green vein kratom, and red vein kratom, with many different strains within those categories. Recently, gold vein and yellow vein kratom have appeared on the market, but they tend to be less abundant than the three major types of kratom. 

You may be wondering, what do the different colors of kratom mean? We’ll go over that in this article.  

Kratom Colors Explained

The difference between kratom strains’ colors and effects has to do with the age of the plant. Sometimes, the way kratom leaves are dried and/or processed impacts the color or strain, but the major distinction lies in the age of the leaves when harvested. White vein kratom is the young plant, green vein kratom is the plant as it’s maturing, and red vein kratom is the fully mature plant. As a kratom plant matures, different levels of alkaloids build within the leaves. The different alkaloids determine what effect the kratom will have and also give the veins their unique properties. 

As we said, how kratom leaves are harvested and dried can also impact how the final product turns out. More or less exposure to light is just one of the things that can impact the final color and alkaloid content of kratom leaves, thereby changing their effect. 

As with all farmed plants, genetics play a very important role in the outcome of crops. Kratom plants can be bred to display the traits of one vein throughout their entire life cycle. For example, you can breed kratom to act like a red vein even as a young plant. 

Effects of the Different Strains of Kratom

Now that you know how kratom strains get their color, let’s look at what different colors of kratom mean.

Red vs. Green vs. White Kratom

White vein kratom tends to be energizing, uplifting, and focusing while green vein kratom is euphoric, bringing positivity and chattiness. On the other hand, red vein kratom tends to be mildly sedating, relaxing, and pleasant.

Within each kratom vein, there are many different strains available.

Here are some examples of white kratom strains:

  • White Sumatra
  • White Thai
  • White Borneo
  • and White Maeng Da

As you can see, the difference between kratom types relates to where the plant is from. White Sumatra would be a white vein grown in Sumatra, whereas White Thai would be a white vein grown in Thailand. This is true for many strains of white, green, and red vein kratom. 

What is Maeng Da?

Maeng Da is one of the most popular types of kratom, and you can find Red Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da, or White Maeng Da. This type of kratom was originally from Thailand, but nowadays you can find it from a variety of places.

Essentially, ‘Maeng Da’ is a term that refers to quality. In Thai, the term translates literally to ‘pimp grade’, denoting high quality. As kratom has spread outside of Southeast Asia, the term is still used to refer to kratom types with a high alkaloid content.

So, to recap, the major differences between kratom veins are-

White Veins- Energy, focus, determination

Green Veins- Happiness, joy, euphoria

Red Veins- Relaxation, contentment, relief

And Yellow Veins tend to sit in between the effects of White Veins and Green Veins, bringing mild energy and euphoria boosts with neither effect being overwhelming. 

What to Look for When Buying Kratom

Each singular strain tends to have its own distinct attributes, but these can vary slightly between harvests and growers. Regardless of which kratom types you’re looking at, check to see if the company you’re purchasing from has descriptions of each of their strains. This is the best way to get an accurate idea of what a strain’s effects may be like before purchasing. That being said, you won’t know for sure how a strain of kratom will make you feel until you try it out for yourself. 

At GRH Kratom, we provide written descriptions for each of the different strains of kratom we sell. We also guide our consumers as to the difference between kratom strains. Also, we have been as accurate as possible when describing the effects we’ve experienced from each strain such as white, green, and red kratom strains. We hope our experiences hold true for you. 

We hope this kratom comparison helped you to have a better understanding of the various kratom types.

When you’re looking for premium kratom for sale, choose GRH!


  • Kim says:

    Im looking for a kratom for pain relief and sleep. What do you recommend?

  • Jessica says:

    White vein mang da

  • Stephanie says:

    I’m looking for the most potent strand for opiate withdrawal symptoms, as well as pain relief and relaxation.

    • Sam Preucel says:

      I’d go with green or red vein Bali. From a good vendor is has positive pain relief and helps you sleep. Maybe switch between that and Red Bornee, so you don’t build up at tolerance. Eventually you can switch to another kinds like White Maeng or stat with those depending on what effects you want. Good luck in kicking it. This will help you.

    • Alan says:

      Please don’t listen to those who say “take Red ” because red is objectively weaker than whites and greens.
      — take White Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da, or really ANY of the whites and greens are better than Red….

      Don’t waste your time with Red….

      Take it from me, a Kratom user since 2018….

      Good luck ☺️

    • Speciosa says:

      I would also say some kind of Bali should get you through.

  • Stephanie says:

    I’m looking for the most potent strand for opiate withdrawal symptoms, as well as pain relief and relaxation.

  • Kalani says:

    Ok so I have a lower back injury but I load trucks. It’s good pay for my area but the people suck so I’m always miserable there so I was told to try this. I also have ptsd and take medication daily. What do u recommend me trying and pointing me in the right direction because I just bought 6 different strains to try out.

    • Speciosa says:

      You probably want to try white during the day and red or green at night. Just remember to start small, you can always take more but if you take too much you might feel like throwing up. Definitely try different strains and see what you like! There are so many it can be a lot to figure out but most places offer sample packs.
      Everyone is different though like I used to get really good energizing effects from a certain Red Vein Thai strain years ago that I haven’t really been able to find again.
      Good Luck!

  • Jenni says:

    Female, 50yo, stage 1 uterine cancer. I underwent surgery 9 months ago and had pain pills, but was certain that I’d be addicted (it’s a personality trait) so I stuck with Advil. However I was in so much pain and with that came depression, and isolation, and also anger for having the surgery in the first place. So 3 weeks post op, I did a search for all natural – relief and Kraton powder was one of the results. When I researched the pros and cons, I thought how can one knock-it without trying it. I thought I’d try the Maeng Da red, green, and white. I found that a flat 1/2 tsp of each with orange juice avocado banana and spinach worked wonders! I’ve been having it about every other day fir the last 5 months and I’m glad it’s a “natural” plant based relief. I really like this combination as it brought my old self back. Now am I addicted to it – probably but it’s as addicting as needing to drink water when you’re thirsty or eat food when you need energy. Alkalines are good for your body and I find that of my own opinion and my own research into nutrition and it’s affects- all natural products have some kind of affect. Those who have banned this product are probably taking a form of supplements and just because this all natural plant based products feels good doesn’t mean it should be banned. What about alcohol or cigarettes- no one is banning those! And just because I don’t drink or smoke doesn’t mean it should be banned either. So for anyone needing relief from -, -, -, or not suffering at all and just want some energy to get thru a long work day, this is better than taking acetaminophen or ibuprofen or any other man made medication. I understand some people need prescriptions for other such diseases, illnesses, and replacement, however, why are we NOT studying more about this which I personally feel could help millions of our soldiers, millions with – and – and – and improve their overall quality of life. (But it definitely does not need to be regulated or turned into a pharmacological nightmare). I’m going to go make my smoothie now! Thanks for reading!

    • Jasmin Weber says:

      Hi Jenni,
      Thank you so much for leaving this comment! Despite wishing to keep it whole, I have had to remove a few words that could potentially land us in trouble for making ‘medical claims’. If you are willing, please leave the unedited version of this comment as a google review! As long as it does not appear directly on our site, we cannot be penalized for it. Again, thank you so much for sharing your experience, we’re truly thrilled to hear kratom is working well for you!
      All the best,
      The GRH Team

  • Karen says:

    Hi I am looking for – relief from my back and is now going down to my leg and can barely walk it hurts so bad, I can’t take – as I am on – for addiction since 2013, 1 st off can I take it for the -? If so, what is recommended. I would like to get some energy as well. Also, can I use to get off the – since I am now stuck on that for ever…….any comments are appreciated.

    • Jasmin Weber says:

      Hi Karen,
      Thank you very much for asking this question on our blog- unfortunately, I’ve had to remove some words that could potentially land us in trouble for making ‘medical claims’. Again, thank you so much for sharing your experience, and I do wish we were able to share your full question without fear of repercussion.
      The GRH Team

    • Carmen says:

      Hi Karen, My husband has undergone 2 back surgeries, so we know all about the severe – and hardly able to walk! He takes green vein Maeng da in the morning, and then again in the early afternoon, after lunch. Completely replaced his need for – – meds, which In turn (I think) has helped his kidney function improve, and his liver is functioning better! I hope you find the combination that works for you-all the best!

      • Jasmin Weber says:

        Hi, thank you so much for leaving this thoughtful response! Unfortunately, I’ve had to remove a few words that could potentially get us in trouble for making ‘medical claims’. Again, thank you for commenting!
        The GRH Team

  • The Experimentor says:

    In my experience, you have the White and Green strains’ descriptions mixed up. Green has been more of a high energy, focus oriented effect while white is less structured general peppiness and euphoria. I would recommend green with coffee before work and white on the weekends. Either could be a pre-workout. Just my experience, ymmv.

    • Jasmin Weber says:

      Hey there, thanks for commenting with your experience! Because kratom is a raw, natural plant, it is definitely possible for certain strains/veins to cause different effects in different people- our experience has led us to believe white veins tend to be more energizing, but it could be that green veins are the best for energy for you! Best, The GRH Team

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