What Are the Strongest Kratom Strains? Best Kratom Strains Available?

Kratom strains can be an excellent natural alternative to take charge of your physical as well as mental health. But, most people start to take this without knowing what would be the best strain for them. So, it is essential to understand the strains types and their consequences.

Mitragyna Speciosa has been making up its place among the Kratom users with various positive effects and health benefits. Basically, after drying up the kratom leaves, they undergo crushing to make a powder. This powder you can take via capsule or make tea. Various Kratom strains are available as capsules or powder with different effects for particular uses.

Several strains have high alkaloid content and have potent effects. Here we’re going to point them out and know each of them in detail.

Kratom Extract

First of all, the most potent kratom products are made with kratom extract. Kratom extract is when the active alkaloids in kratom are extracted in high quantities, while some of the plant matter is removed. That means kratom extract products are stronger than any pure kratom powder. These products aren’t for casual kratom users! Effects are very strong and these products should be used with caution.

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What Makes Kratom Strains Potential?

Kratom plants have chemical compounds or natural phytochemicals such as alkaloids, which affect strains. Mitragynine is one of the eminent alkaloids in Kratom, selectively acting in the brain’s opioid receptors.

There are nearly 26 more important alkaloids like 7-hydroxy mitragynine, speciogynine, speciociliatine, and paynantheine. Based on the presence of variant alkaloid compounds’ proportions, the induced pharmacological effects and their strength can vary.

Mostly in M. speciosa, maximum opiate and analgesic-like psychoactive Kratom results are detected due to mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. But, contrary to other kratom compounds, MG creates the most considerable portion of the existing alkaloids. These active compounds exist in large amounts in green and white veined strains. Moreover, the research also shows that MG can be found in the body after a week of consumption due to its excessive half-life.

 High Concentrated Strains

Each kratom strain provides distinct effects. Though kratom trees are all the same, several factors such as the location, seasonal rain, and preparing the powder may take hold of the strain’s strength and effects. The potent strains present different geographic origins and vein colors. 

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With 0.928% of Mitragynine, this red vein classic strain is well-known for having anxiety and pain-relieving properties. Originating from Borneo island, R.Borneo tends to provide significant effects with a smaller dosage. 

As the name indicates, Red Indo is found in Indonesia. This strain is notorious for its long-lasting and rich effects. Contemplated as a wonder plant by the local people with 1.08% Mitragynine content, R. Indo expands in Southeast Asia’s rich soil and ecosystems. Thus, it turns into one of the parts of the miracle herb’s chemistry with all-natural and rich goodness.

Being different from the other strains, Green Horn Kratom is one of the hard-to-find kratom in the market. The powerful relieving properties of this green vein strain makes it popular. The 1.01% portion of mitragynine makes it deliver great effects faster. Though G. Horn is potent enough but not that much of other kratom strains like Green Maeng Da. 

Approved by locals’ long tracked success record, this strain is believed to be the purest kratom strain ever. Primarily found in Thailand, the acidic soil and humid air make Maeng Da grow perfectly. While Red Maeng Da contains 0.703% of mitragynine content, White Maeng Da is more potent with 1.24%. In both recreational and medicinal ways, the Thai people use this high concentrated strain.

Combined with 30% red vein and 70% green vein, Super Yellow is processed in a unique oxidation method from its probable originality of white strain. Containing 0.933% Mitragynine, this kratom strain is renowned for being gently stimulating and firmly stimulating. 

The green Malaysian kratom strain is enriched in alkaloids like mitragynine (1.80%). This green vein kratom strain creates mild effects. But that doesn’t mean it is weaker in any way. Among the green veins, Malaysian is one of the most preferred ones.

White Thai Kratom is one of the popular strains for its potent effects. This white vein strain contains 1.42% of mitragynine; this white vein strain comes packed with more alkaloids than other average kratom powders. As the quantity of alkaloids in this strain is more prominent than in different white vein strains, kratom users believe that the patented alkaloids support the white Thai strain’s powerful stimulating properties.

Derived from the Sumatra island, this unique white vein kratom is well-known as a specialized one amongst kratom fanatics. With 1.53% mitragynine, the W. Sumatra kratom can enhance the power of your kratom regimen’s daily dosage.

Another rare Kratom is Hulu Kapuas, which generally comes as a green vein. With 1.37% mitragynine, this kratom strain offers balanced effects that are neither too weak nor too potent for average users. 

Surrounded by rugged terrains and a diversified climate, Borneo is one of the notorious kratom producers worldwide. As a result of excellent cultivation conditions, it provides us with Borneo Kratom of different vein strains.

If you need to relieve discomfort and regain energy level, white Borneo with 1.68% mitragynine would be a good choice. On the contrary, the green vein strain of Borneo kratom with 1.54% mitragynine allows you to improve your mood and relieve physical discomfort without sedative effects.

Basically, it is a single green vein strain of high-concentrated Kratom that contains 1.66% mitragynine. Kratom enthusiasts prefer this strain for boosting positivity in mood, increasing energy and alleviating pain. Super Green kratom is mainly known as the pleasant strain.

As a mood booster and sociability enhancer, Joy kratom offers delightful effects. Containing a portion of 1.31% mitragynine, both the white and green vein Joy kratom helps to boost your mood.

Popular among the Kratom users having problems sleeping or looking for a pain reliever, relax Kratom is, in fact, a blend of multiple potent red vein kratoms. It carries 0.846% of mitragynine and offers gentle euphoric and sedative effects.

Several manufacturers with different options of strains are available in the market. But, if you are looking for Kratom that comes directly from farm to market without any fillers, chemicals, or additives, Grassroots Harvest is the right choice for you. You’ll get to know the high concentrated strains through our recently lab-tested chart of kratom strains containing the mitragynine content that we have put on display. GRH Kratom is committed to bringing on the well-sourced and fully fresh Kratom to our customers.

We hope this blog helps shed light on some of our strains, and which ones have the highest alkaloid content!

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