How To Make And Take Kratom Oblate Discs?

With the world evolving around us, the kratom world is also changing. Kratom users are more than eager to find new ways of enjoying Mitragyna. If you are on this page, you surely would have heard the two words: ‘Oblate disc,’ and you are now eager to know what this new method of consumption is? Then let’s get onto it. Let’s talk about the talk of the town.

Before talking about oblate disc usage for Kratom, we should briefly talk about what Mitragyna is and what Oblate discs are.

Kratom and Mitragyna are synonyms that you will see throughout the text. These words are the name of a miraculous herb from the coffee family. It is known for its magnificent effects on pain, anxiety, mood, and the fact that it is not addictive like narcotics. 

Above all, owing to its safety, it has been legalized by many states. Kratom comes in many different strains depending upon the leave type and the country or place of origin, but that is a topic for another day because the Mitragyna strains cannot be summarized in one or two paragraphs.

Now the next question:  

What Is An Oblate Disc?

As the name suggests, these are disc-like thin sheets that are flexible and edible. The oblate discs are transparent and do not have any flavor. 

What Are The Oblate Discs Made Up Of?

This is one question that is crucial to know, especially if you have any dietary preferences or restrictions. Oblate discs are made up of Japanese edible film, so there isn’t any harm to the human body. Vegetable starch is used to make the discs. Examples include rice starch, potato starch, etc. 

The kratom brands that are well-reputed and prioritize quality make sure that they use 100% natural starch to produce the discs. This edible Japanese film which makes the oblate disc is not only used for Kratom but also for wrapping other powdered medicines/herbs. 

Just in case you wonder how one can swallow these sheets, we are here to tell you that these discs are very, very thin to wrap the kratom powder. Think is similar to how we swallow capsules.

Why Oblate Disc For Kratom?

This is the most asked question these days. Since oblate discs gained popularity, more users have been attracted to using them because of their roaring fame. But the question stands: Why? Why not toss and wash the kratom powder? Why not the capsules?

Let’s talk about these ‘whys’ one by one.

First, to answer why Oblate disc, the answer is simple. These sheets are easier to carry, not expensive, and help in making the kratom powder palatable, 100% natural, and Vegetarian.

Moreover, the powder gets wrapped in this film, so when you swallow it, the film takes some time to absorb, which provides a longer duration of effect. Some may argue that this may delay or dampen the effect, but the answer is not that simple. 

Companies strive to make the right consistency and thickness of the oblate disc; therefore, these neither dampen nor delay the kratom effects that you look forward to once you swallow.


How To Use Oblate Disc?

Here is the best thing about these Japanese films. It is one of the easiest methods of consuming Kratom. 

Moreover, although newer to the Kratom world, these films have been used for ages to consume different herbs, so their efficacy and convenience are well known. Here are the steps that you got to take to use oblate discs

  • First and foremost, do your research. After that, buy good quality Oblate discs, a topic for another day.
  • Measure your favorite kratom powder or any Kratom strain of your choice. Dosage is the name of the game. Make sure you measure correctly either by using a kitchen scale or if you are too experienced, then spoons would do the trick. 

Once you have measured, bear in mind that the entire dose may not fit on the disc. Depending upon your dose, the discs can accommodate only a small quantity. Having said that, this quantity isn’t as less as it sounds.

  • Layout the powder and put it in the disc’s center. Make sure not to overfill. This doesn’t require a lot of precision; just make sure to spread somewhat evenly so it is easier to fold and then swallow.
  • Fold the film to contain the powder. Now there are various ways of folding. There isn’t any thumb rule. Some fold the disc into half and then half again and again till it takes the shape of a small ball that is easily digestible. Some pull the edges of the disc inwards and twist the corners together to seal the powder.
  • This is the last step before you can enjoy your Kratom. Some argue that this step can be skipped, but we recommend sealing before swallowing. Since sealing isn’t much of a task, it is not an uphill task. 

Moisten the edges a bit; this will melt the film on the edges only as much as needed to cage the powder. Sealing prevents the powder from escaping and makes it easier to swallow. Many users have also tried soaking the folded discs filled with kratom powder in water. 

Although it helps melt the film, this may cause the powder to get absorbed as soon as you swallow it. So, make sure you soak only if you are looking for almost immediate absorption.

  • No, no other steps. Close your eyes and enjoy. Look forward to the magical effects of the Mitragyna strain that you have just swallowed!

Oblate Disc Vs Toss And Wash

Mitragyna users swear by the toss and wash method because it’s convenient, no prep needed, no hassle in carrying, instant effect, and miraculous benefits. Oblate discs are also portable, easily prepared, and do not require any equipment. 

But these discs save you from the bitter taste that you get when you toss and wash as the film masks the non-palatable earthy taste of Kratom. Moreover, there are lesser chances of overdosing with discs because each disc can accommodate only a small amount. 

This last benefit is sometimes seen as a drawback by the kratom users who want to consume a larger amount. Another disadvantage compared to tossing and washing is that you do not need anything to toss and wash, but for using these discs, you have to buy an oblate disc. Although inexpensive, it still requires you to go to the shop to buy.

Oblate Disc Vs Kratom Capsules

Capsules are easier to carry, do not require measuring doses as the doses are fixed, and give you a more potent effect as each capsule contains a concentrated amount of Kratom. 

Like Oblate discs, capsules are also tasteless and save you from the bitter taste of Mitragyna powder. However, capsules are more expensive than discs.

The Final Words

Having made the comparison, you must try the oblate discs yourself before forming a conclusion. Each user has their journey of trial and error according to their likes and dislikes, and it is crucial to be the driver of your own journey so you can make a better choice.

Oblate discs are gaining popularity in the kratom world because of convenience, affordability, masking the non-palatable taste of Kratom, and much more. 

We highly recommend that you get your hands on these Japanese films to have first-hand experience and understand the reasons behind their roaring fame.

Happy disc-ing.



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