Kratom Strain Chart – Learn About Kratom Strain Effects

When you hear someone mention Kratom, they are not referring to a single product but rather to a wide range of different strains. How do you make sense of all the numerous varieties of Kratom and know which one to choose when trying out the new herb?

This guide is a fantastic place to start. Here, we’ll go over all the essential information about each type of strain, including how the color affects its effects and what makes them unique (with a strain chart to help you figure out the difference between kratoms strains) look no further!

Well, the answer to the first question we definitely know- and for the second question, it really matters what kind of effect you’re hoping to get out of your kratom! We’re going to go over the most common effects of many kratom strains, and even look at a kratom strains chart that’ll help show similarities & differences. Kratom charts like this are meant to help you understand quickly & easily what the best strain for you might be based on the effects it’s known for. 

Let’s dive in.


The Differences Between Kratom Veins & Strains

Let’s dive right into what the difference is between kratom veins! There are three major kratom veins and a fourth that’s making its way onto the scene. They are:

  • White Vein
  • Green Vein
  • Red Vein and,
  • Yellow Vein (this is sometimes called Gold Vein)

Each of these veins has many subtypes, or strains, inside of it. However, each kratom vein tends to have a specific type of effect.

However, because there are so many variations of each color, it can still be a little overwhelming. 

Red strains are the strongest of all strains and are well known for their ability to relieve discomfort; however, some strains can leave you feeling drowsy, while others work better to keep you awake. After a long day, you can unwind with one of these as a nightcap.

White strains are energizing both physically and psychologically and have nootropic effects with the potential to improve focus, motivation, and creativity. 

Green and yellow strains are excellent for people who need a slight boost but don’t want anything too intense because they don’t lean too much in either direction. These strains are everything but weak, so it’s not like they’re ineffective. 

White Vein kratom is typically energizing and focusing while Green Vein kratom is usually good for elevating positivity and sociability. Meanwhile, Red Vein kratom tends to be relaxing and calming. Yellow Vein kratom usually sits between white vein and green vein in terms of effects, with lower levels of energy and positivity.

To break It Down:

White veins- energy

Green veins- mood

Red veins- relaxation

Yellow veins- midway between Green & White.

Where Do Kratom Veins Come From?

Kratom vein colors are literally a reference to the veins of the kratom leaves. As a kratom plant matures, the veins inside the leaves change color- from white, to green, to red. White vein leaves are the youngest and most energizing, while red vein leaves are the oldest and most relaxing. 

This natural change in color over the plant’s life cycle can also slightly changes the color of the kratom powder. Since kratom is a natural product, it’s totally normal for the color to change slightly from batch to batch! As long as it doesn’t look considerably different, it is probably a result of natural variation. 

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Kratom Strains

Kratom strains are more specific types of kratom and are typically named based on the color of the vein and the region that they’re from. For example, a White Bali would signify a white vein strain from Bali and a Red Indo would signify a red vein from Indonesia. Green Malay would point to a green vein from Malaysia, and so on!

The effects of these strains are definitely impacted by their place of origin, as the plant accumulates a different alkaloid content based on the soil & region it is grown in.

While each strain has the same set of effects, the alkaloid content causes enough difference to warrant identifying them. There are currently more than fifty strains, and as growers get more inventive, more are on the way. 

What About Maeng Da?

Maeng Da is a type of kratom, but the name doesn’t refer to a place. Rather, Maeng Da is a sign of strength. Typically, Maeng Da is kratom that is considered to be quite potent. To learn more about the meaning of Maeng Da, read our blog about it here.

What’s the Best Kratom Strain For Me?

Take a look at our kratom strain guide, or look for the effects symbols on our product pages, and see what strain might have the perfect effect for you!

Now that you understand why strains matter and how they’re classified, you’ll be able to narrow down your options according to your specific needs.

  1. Check out credible Kratom websites

Professional websites devoted to kratom will be your finest source of information. You may get answers to any questions you might have from these excellent resources, including thorough descriptions of each strain.

  1. Contact a trustworthy vendor

If you’re still having trouble choosing a strain, contact customer support at a trusted vendor. If the business is good, the employees will be more than happy to address your concerns and provide suggestions.

  1. Know what you want

Finding the ideal strain will be tough if you don’t know what issue you’re attempting to address. Be as specific as you can to exclude strains that won’t work for you.

You have greater leeway and can experiment with several strains if you’re simply searching for a supplement. Simply record your reactions so you can recall the details for the next time.

These symbols are meant to describe the effect most commonly felt with each strain.

  • Lighting bolt is energy
  • Moon is sleep/relaxation
  • Smiley is mood
  • And the cross is relief

When you select a product on our website these symbols pop up like so:

kratom strain chart effects homemade kratom blends

But, we’ve also created a kratom chart that compiles many of our favorite strains so you can compare and contrast them in order to pick the strain that would suit you the best!

Lets’ Check Out Our Kratom Strain Chart:

kratom strains effects new

Don’t See the Strain You Want?

We couldn’t fit every option we carry into our kratom strain chart, it would have been HUGE! Don’t fret! Just visit the product page on our website to find the icons there! There will also be a brief product description that should help you understand what common effects of that strain are.

Get High-Quality Kratom from GRH Kratom!

Once you’ve found the strain you want, check out all the products we have to offer. We have lots of kratom for sale so you’re sure to find the best kratom strains for your needs.



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