What Are The Differences Between Mitragyna Javanica And Kratom?

Do you know that kratom has a special relative who is currently in the spotlight? Continue reading to learn more about Javanica and Kratom!

Mitragyna is a plant in the rubiaceae family that is native to Asia and Africa. Many people have used the plants in this family for medicinal applications. You may be familiar with Mitragyna speciosa, also known as kratom. But there’s more to this family: Mitragyna javanica. Is it a kratom substitute or just a topper? Keep reading to find out!

What Is Mitragyna Javanica?

Mitragyna Javanica is a botanical from Southeast Asia in the same genus. Javanica’s obvious link to kratom makes it an intriguing discovery.

It has the appearance of Kratom, emerging solid and large with dispersed leaves. Javanica is well-known for its refreshing properties. While many people believe it is gentler than Mitragyna Speciosa, when tested in comparable amounts, the effects are fairly similar. It’s a great choice for those who have never tried Kratom before. Even if Mitragyna Speciosa is legal in your area, users should begin with Mitragyna Javanica because it is more tolerable.


What You Should Know

Kratom and mitragyna javanica are cousins that are used to improve vitality and mood. In general, mitragyna javanica is a less concentrated version of kratom, but the differences are worth noting and important to consider when deciding which is best for you.

While it is known to be a common substitute for kratom, you should never begin any new substances without first notifying your physician. They are the only ones who can give you improving health advice and information.

The Key Differences Between Kratom And Mitragyna Javanica

Many individuals are unfamiliar with Mitragyna Javanica which is why it is not discussed as much as kratom. It also does not have the detrimental consequences that kratom does.

Mitragyna-kratom leaf-know more on grh kratomYou probably have specific concerns about this herb and how it compares to kratom. We will do our best to provide a valid assessment of both so that you can see how they are slightly different.

Here are the key differences between the two herbs:


Powder, extract and capsules are available for both kratom and mitragyna javanica. These are the most common forms of both herbs, but the industry is constantly developing and expanding, so you may come across some new types such as gums, vaporizers, juices, and botanicals.


Mitragyna Javanica is gentler in terms of effectiveness. When it comes to herbs like Mitragyna Javanica and kratom, it all depends on your tastes and what you’re looking for. If potency is crucial to you, you should look into some kratom strains.

Legal Status

There are a few regions where kratom is illegal but mitragyna javanica is not.  In countries where kratom is prohibited Mitragyna Javanica is the fairly close, most appropriate, and nearly perfect substitute for kratom. Furthermore, it is perfectly lawful in almost every country on the planet. You can easily get mitragyna javanica no matter where you live!

Chemical Properties

Mitragynine is the most integral and essential active ingredient in kratom. The alkaloids in mitragyna javanica have leisurely and comforting qualities, they do not have the same potency as the metabolites in kratom. 


Mitragynine javanica and Mitragyna Speciosa appear to be very comparable. The plant looks the same, and so does the way they grow. Both plants are native to Southeast Asia and flourish in a tropical environment. Moreover, after the plants are crushed, the granules will be very similar.


When it comes to influence, kratom and Mitragyna javanica are diametrically opposed. Dozens of states have endorsed the kratom corporation’s organisational efforts to establish standards of quality, however neither is absolutely ruled at the national level. Mitragyna javanica has no established guidelines.

The Mitragyna javanica industry currently works like the Wilderness, with hardly any supervision, standardisation, and confirmation. In other words, while there are many reputable kratom vendors, there’s no way to know what you’ll get with Mitragyna javanica.

Fun Fact

In terms of scientific research, kratom has gained a lot of attention around the world. Mitragyna javanica, on the other hand, has received very little prompt medical attention. Mitragyna javanica’s confidentiality, effectiveness, and legal uses are uncertain due to inadequate data. As a result, nearly all of the available data is based on consumer reviews.

Make The Best Choice

Due to its low addictive qualities and high efficiency, Javanica is poised to take the lead in healthcare, ushering in a healthier world. Its calming and emotional qualities, as well as its irrefutable healthcare coverage, demand that the world conduct proper information research and analysis on this magical herb. And the day is not far off when every layman will be well aware of Javanica and its application, particularly in substance dependency withdrawal.

Is Javanica A Threat To Kratom?

Who will win? We are unaware of the herb’s complications and therapeutic effects because research findings on Javanica are insufficient to conscript broad information about it; the herb’s scarcity records for its discontentment.

Kratom, on the other hand, has a large fan base because it has a strong ability to produce that intriguing, pleasure, and euphoric high that Javanica cannot. Aside from the negative side effects and bitter taste, kratom users are reluctant to return to Javanica fairly soon.

Keeping in view the current situation kratom is clearly the winner. But that doesn’t negate Javanica’s potency; as the saying goes, “slow and steady wins the race.”


To Sum It Up

Mitragyna javanica is the close relative of kratom that is receiving the most attention. However, despite some commonalities, kratom and mitragyna javanica are very different plants. Mitragyna Javanica, on the other hand, is getting more and more popular as a new and far less harmful alternative to Kratom. Our suggestion?

For newcomers to the universe of jubilation, Mitragyna Javanica can be a gentler and better starting point; additional research on Mitragyna Javanica will help determine whether the advantages of these herbs vastly exceed their adverse effects. Take both ingredients with prudence and management until then for a healthy, positive future.


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