What Is Joe Rogan Kratom? Things You Must Know

Did you stumble upon the Joe Rogan Kratom controversy as well? We hit the brakes, too, when we first heard about it. 

But first things first, it is not a controversy as it was a healthy discussion between two people. Secondly, the podcast was about the impacts of Kratom and how it stands in society much more than Joe Rogan Kratom. So, this blog will be more about the discussion between the two people.

But before we dive into the debate of Joe Rogan Kratom, there are a few things to get you started on the bandwagon. That is why we will take you from the start so that you do not miss out on any detail.

Who Is Joe Rogan?

Joe Rogan is many things, but one thing that he is most famous for is being a podcaster. He is one of the most popular podcasters in the US and mainly appeals to the male audience. He hosts the show, The Joe Rogan Experience, where he brings guests from different fields in life and discusses the current trends.

Although there is no general topic for his podcasts, his rawness is one element found in each of his shows. He is seen expressing his views without any fear of judgment or doubt in his voice. You will often find his podcasts to be even 3 hours long because he wishes to honor the voice of his guests and himself.

Did Joe Rogan Use Kratom?

Yes, Joe Rogan said that he used Kratom various times. He took two pills at first, which felt like he was having a cup of coffee. But with a peaked curiosity and upon listening about his friend’s intake of pills, he decided to go for eight pills of Kratom.

That was not a good decision on his end, as he believes that that is where it turned into a drug. He says he was not sober when he took that many pills. The world did not feel as much dizzy as with the use of other drugs. All in all, he did not lose complete consciousness. But taking Kratom in an unusual amount, the drug stimulated his mind far more from his normal state of consciousness. Another thing to note here is that Joe Rogan read from the original packaging that it suggests two pills for use too.


What Does Joe Rogan Think About Kratom?

In different podcasts, you will find Joe Rogan talking about Kratom. He believes that Kratom is a drug that can either help you with discomfort relief or not leave you sober. Rogan says that some of his friends have taken Kratom in higher quantities, but it did not leave them in their normal state.

He says that if used in an adequate quantity, it can help you exercise, relax, and even power through various medical conditions. It boils down to how you use it and how much you use it. Nonetheless, he supports its use and considers its legality a safe bet.

Why Does Joe Ragan Support Kratom?

Joe Rogan is quite opinionated that Kratom is legal and beneficial in certain conditions. But he does not believe in banning the product because it does have its uses. He also agrees that there might be an overdose related to Kratom, eventually leading to death. But overdose can occur with any product.

People have died because of caffeine overdose and as well as due to a high intake of water. But banning them cannot be considered as they are essential elements in life. Similarly, with Kratom, the overdose might occur in 1% of the users due to user intention. And banning it based on the small number compared to the higher number that benefits people would be foolish.

Hence, considering it a drug is safe because it will produce unwanted effects if taken in a higher quantity. However, Joe Rogan does not stand for banning it because it is harmful.

Can Kratom Kill You?

What is Joe Kratom?

Whether Kratom can kill you or not is a controversial debate. Many people support its use, while others think it should be banned. However, one thing that all people agree with is that Kratom’s overdose may kill you.

Other than the prescribed quantity, it is never safe to take any drug. But another thing that puts the whole debate into further confusion is that there is no quantity considered as an overdose. While some people are affected by a certain amount, others can continue their everyday routines using the same dose of Kratom.

Should Kratom Be Used As A Drug?

Yes, it can be used as a medicinal drug. But the one thing that people must put under observation is its use and quantity. Because if taken without any prescription in higher amounts puts one at risk.

Although there are side effects you can expect from Kratom, they are different based on what dosage you intake. Here are some risk factors you will find with the use of Kratom;

In a smaller dosage;

  • Increased energy.
  • Heightened alertness.
  • Talkativeness.
  • Social behavior.

In a consistent dosage for a more extended amount of time;

  • Problems with appetite.
  • Weight loss.
  •  Insomnia.
  • Dry mouth.
  • Frequent urination.
  • Constipation.

Or in large dosages;

  • Overdose.
  • Potential psychotic symptoms.

It is also possible to be allergic to kratom, so keep that in mind if trying it for the first time. Start slow, and work up from there.



All in all, Joe Rogan is a well-known podcaster who expresses his opinion quite well on the platform. He has a voice that is listened to all around the US. In addition, Joe Rogan speaks from personal experience when he talks about Kratom, which is not something many people can say. Nonetheless, the podcaster is not a medical professional; hence his opinion about Kratom can be considered valid based only on his experience.


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