What Is Kratom Stem And Vein?

Mitragyna Speciosa trees are in the limelight these days for their alkaloid-rich leaves. But, are leaves the only part of this tree that is used? Not at all! Kratom Stem and vein are made part of many products and are sometimes consumed when mixed with Kratom powder. Are you wondering what Kratom stem and vein are and their uses? Let’s explore in the article!

What Is Kratom? 

Kratom Powder, which originates from Southeast Asia, is a natural substance. Over the years, it has become trendy due to its therapeutic properties.

Initially, its primary purpose was to provide day-long energy to the laborers as they used to consume it early in the morning. Lately, people use this substance in multiple forms to either get an energy boost, increase focus, get help with discomfort, or combat stress. Moreover, it also assists people with opiate withdrawal. Besides, these benefits are not scientifically proven.

You can find it in many forms, including capsules, extracts, tinctures, and powders. Some cosmetic companies have recently started to make it a part of their beauty range. Although the tree belongs to the coffee family, its composition is different. 

Kratom Stem And Vein 

Understanding the Kratom stem and vein requires you to know the entire process. Kratom leaves comprise three parts: stem, vein, and fat tissue.

First of all, Kratom trees are cultivated to produce healthy leaves. When these leaves reach maturity, they are then harvested. However, Kratom veins help determine the maturity of leaves. Later, the same leaves are de-stemmed, de-veined, and then dried. Usually, they are dried through sun-drying. Finally, the dried leaves are crushed to prepare Kratom capsules.

The veins and stems separated are then used to prepare other products, usually soaps. The products that utilize these parts of this plant are often known to have loose tea leaf consistency.

Veins are a vital part of this plant because only they tell the type of strain the leaves will produce.


Are Stem And Vein Kratom Different From Leaves?

Although all three have many similar features, they cannot be the same. The leaves contain helpful alkaloids that bless Kratom with their therapeutic properties. These alkaloids are Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

On the flip side, the Kratom stem and vein also have alkaloids, but they are instead antagonists because they are mostly corynanthidine, mitraphylline, and rhynchophylline. The alkaloids present in the leaves are not in high concentration for stem and veins. 

It is also seen that veins and stems are helpful for the immune system, and since they are rich in fiber, they help with constipation issues. However, there is insufficient scientific proof available to say anything with certainty.

Can You Mix Kratom Stem And Vein With Powder? 

One of the ways of consuming this part is by mixing it with powder. This way, the effects of powder last longer. However, it is unsafe and should be done only after consulting a doctor. Usually, a doctor guides about the suitable strain for this combo. Besides, stem and vein are consumed in the same way as other Kratom supplements. Therefore, you can brew them in tea, turn them into a powder or gulp them down through toss and wash.

Main Reason Why Kratom Stem And Vein Are Not So Demanded

Inevitably, Mitragyna Speciosa is famous for the presence of alkaloids in it. In the absence of these alkaloids, Ketum cannot provide health benefits. The leaves of this plant hold a high concentration of alkaloids, whereas the veins and stems don’t have them in excess. This is one of the main reasons this part is not high in demand.

Kratom Stem and vein Kratom are unique, and not all vendors offer them. However, they cost less than even Ketum powder. This attracts buyers. 

In some products, Mitragyna Speciosa powder is combined with stem and vein, and these products are said to be containing an immense alkaloid content. Moreover, veins and stems are also used to make Kratom-infused soaps, which are sometimes chunky. On the other hand, when these soaps are prepared solely with powder, the powder blends well with almost any soap. 

Are Kratom Stems And Vein Used Or Disposed Of?

Indeed, stem and vein are not that high in alkaloids, yet they cannot be disposed of. They are sold separately or made a part of other products, like soaps. One of their uses is to have them work as a supplement to increase Kratom’s efficacy. They are mixed with regular Mitragyna Speciosa products to cater to the need. 

Unlike other parts of the kratom plant, the stem and vein don’t have to be identified by the name of some particular strain. From all the strains, this part is grouped as one and then consumed. This factor is specifically helpful for newbies who don’t know which strain to opt for.

How Is Stem and Vein Kratom Used?

Interestingly, stem and vein have longer-lasting effects than leaves. It is also said that their results can last up to about fifty percent. They can be used to prepare soaps and be added to other Kratom products. People who want to stop relying on Ketum adopt this strategy where they take about twenty percent Mitragyna Speciosa stem and vein with about eighty percent Kratom leaf. The quantity of leaves is then gradually reduced. 

Adding stem and vein to the mixture doubles up the effects, and also, many people are fond of this mixture. Not only this, but they also have a lot of fiber to offer, which helps with constipation and helps with a healthy metabolism.

Top 4 Reasons Why People Use It Kratom Stem And Vein

Surprisingly, they can add up to the benefits of Ketum leaves because they make the effects last longer. There are four main reasons people love to get their hands on this part of the plant.


Due to low demand and insufficient alkaloid content, this part of Ketum is super affordable. Besides, many vendors don’t even sell it. Anyways, this does not mean that you must ignore the quality.

Long-Lasting Effects

They make the effects of this substance last longer. For instance, if you take Ketum to stay energetic, you may stay energized for longer than usual. 

Tolerance Reduction

It is a fact that when you use Mitragyna Speciosa for too long, you eventually develop tolerance against it. As a result, you don’t get similar effects because it doesn’t work for you. In this case, some users increase the dose, which is very harmful. But, if you consume the same leaves with stem and vein, your tolerance will be lowered, but you will encounter more potent and long-lasting effects. 

Strengthening Of Immune System

Since they are rich in fiber, your immune system will work efficiently. Consequently, your body will become strong enough to fight issues like constipation.

What Dosage To Use?

Just as is the case with other parts of this plant, you need to consult your doctor so he can prescribe you the precise dosage. Generally, there is no rule about how much quantity to consume. However, you must start with the low dose and increase it gradually as per your liking. 

As for the ways of consumption, you can either crush them till they become powdery or brew them into tea. It all depends on your taste. For instance, some people only consume ten percent, whereas some like to consume fifty percent.


Finally, you answered your query, ‘what is Kratom stem and vein?’. Although this part is not as rich in terms of alkaloids as other parts, it still has benefits and turns out to be pocket friendly. If it is your first time devouring this part, make sure to consume a moderate quantity.




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