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Over the last couple of years, Kratom has continued to enjoy a steady rise in fame. That’s thanks to its purported benefits as a multipurpose wellness substance with roots dating back centuries around Southeast Asia. This article is going to be covering Kratom, the recommended dose and other our advices we have pertaining to Kratom ingestion. If you’ve been wondering ‘what kratom dose is right for me?’ we may have the answer for you!

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What is Kratom?

Kratom has two compounds that cause it to affect the opioid receptors in the brain. These compounds and their impact are what is responsible for kratom’s many  effects. These are possible feelings of sedation, pleasure, and a reduction in discomfort in the body. One of the compounds, mitragynine has also been known to trigger stimulant effects in the body. 

Keep in mind, Kratom has been known to provide users with an increase in energy and alertness levels when smaller doses are used. Alternately, it may trigger sedation when larger doses are used. However, it is important to note that some of these effects are dependent on the strain of the kratom used. Also, each person’s physical makeup may play a role in effects. 

What Kratom Dose is Right for Me?

Before we get into this, it is important that we mention that we are not doctors. The following information in this article are simply our best information based on the experience we have had with Kratom and the research available to us.

What dose should I use?

Truth is, there is no one size fits all answer to how much kratom powder a user can take. Kratom comes in different strains and veins. Each strain and vein has a different potency and effect on the body. Also, everyone’s body differs from one another. Metabolism rate and tolerance levels play a huge role in how Kratom interacts with your body. Also, your Kratom experience is also dependent on whether or not you ate before taking your Kratom. This myriad of factors is why our answer is to begin your Kratom journey slowly and work your way up to your ideal dose. 


How much Kratom should I ingest on the first try?

This is another thing that is completely up to you. Some users begin their journey with two grams of Kratom, others three and some four. A solid rule of thumb is if you are not feeling its effects 20 minutes after ingestion, you can consider taking another gram or two. This way, you are not overloading your body with a substance it has no prior relationship with and preventing any potential unpleasant side effects from ever popping up.


How much Kratom is too much Kratom?

Too much Kratom is dependent on your prior relationship with Kratom. If you are a new-moderate user of Kratom, stick to a regimen of two to four grams of Kratom daily. If you need to increase it, stick to increasing it by a gram. You can increase it as time goes on and you aren’t experiencing its effects as strongly as you used to.


How many capsules can I take?

Kratom is one of those amazing substances that can be ingested through a wide variety of methods. With our Kratom capsules, users should know that they are ingesting half a gram of kratom per capsule meaning four capsules would provide our recommended 2 grams dose and eight capsules would provide four grams of Kratom. Bear in mind that when taking Kratom, either the powder or the capsules, you need to keep your water intake as high as possible since Kratom may be dehydrating. 

how much kratom is too much? how much kratom should i take?

Is there such a thing as too much Kratom?

Yes, Yes and Yes! Your body can develop stagnant strain syndrome. If you take the same kind of kratom all the time, you build up tolerance to it. This could cause you to take too much kratom at once, to the point that it becomes toxic to your body. Stagnant strain syndrome refers to the scenario that happens when your body develops a tolerance for a particular Kratom level and strain. And to combat this, we advise switching up your strains from time to time and limit your Kratom usage to two to three times every week.

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