Why GRH Kratom is the Best For Vendors

Finding high-quality kratom for your business is a huge struggle nowadays. If you’re searching for a safe, honest, reputable company that offers kratom at a reasonable price, chances are you’re struggling. Look no further than GRH Kratom! Our unmatched qualities make our brand different & unique, just like the pure kratom we offer. Are you thinking about bringing your customers some of the best kratom on the market right now? If so, keep reading to learn more about who we are & what we offer, as well as why GRH is the best kratom for vendors!
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Are you looking for pure, organic kratom?


Have you tried stocking up your store with kratom, but none of them seems to work for your business? Then contact GRH and bring some of the finest veins and strains of kratom to your store right away.

Sharing kratom with as many people as we possibly can is our top priority, but not just any type of kratom – we want to make sure that what we sell is always at its best quality and always pure & fresh. It’s for this reason that we insist on working with the same family-owned kratom farm in Indonesia since opening. That’s one thing that sets our brand apart and why GRH Kratom is the best for vendors! We also make sure to avoid over-cultivation and over-farming because that avoids exhausting the rich, natural soils. 

Once our kratom leaves are picked, they are ground and sent on their way to our facilities in Austin, Texas. We test them through a third-party to make sure they don’t contain any contaminants and/or pesticides. When you purchase our kratom, it really is organic, pure, and we touch as little as possible! That’s straight from the source.

Variety of products

GRH supplies a wide array of kratom veins, strains, and even our own blends! Purchasing from our extensive collection means that you’ll be able to offer more variants from a safe, reputable company. At GRH Kratom, we offer all four veins of kratom: red, green, white, and yellow, as well as some of the most popular strains: Green Hulu, Bentuangie, Green Horn, and Maeng Da

Apart from this, we offer our carefully created selection of kratom blends JOY, RELAX, and BOOST, which are a fantastic way to bring high-quality, original products into your inventory!

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Third-party laboratory testing

While we’re on the topic of pure & fresh kratom, there’s one more reason why GRH is the best kratom for vendors – and that is our 100% honest display of our third-party laboratory test results. Some vendors will offer suspiciously low-cost kratom and cut back on quality in order to attract more customers. With GRH, you’ll never have to worry about that; we regularly test our kratom by a third-party laboratory for quality and purity and openly displayed under every product. Why? It’s simple – we believe that kratom can be a fantastic alternative to synthetic options on the market. But we know it’s best if it’s fresh, free from fillers, pesticides, and contaminants – and tested adequately. 

Apart from cleanliness, what our lab results also show is how pure our kratom actually is. A few years back, many kratom companies were exposed for selling adulterated kratom. Those are often products with less kratom than what’s written on the label, and potentially ‘laced’ with other harmful components. You should gather as much information about the kratom you want to offer to your customers as possible, adulterated kratom is a big no-no! Learn more about the difference between our natural kratom and the adulterated kratom some vendors might offer here, and you’ll understand why GRH Kratom is the best kratom for vendors right now.

Customer service

If our honesty & quality aren’t convincing enough, then our unmatched customer service will surely change your mind! We aim to satisfy our customers, which is why we take the steps for a positive experience with GRH Kratom! Don’t like to wait? No problem – all phone calls or emails that come in Monday-Friday 9 am-5 pm (CST) will be responded to same-day, unless there is a larger volume of calls that day. 

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Our Team

We have a small but dedicated staff that is passionate about bringing premium products to you. Our Founder/CEO, Kemal Whyte, started GRH Kratom in 2017 after noticing a lack of transparent kratom companies on the market. Learn more about Kemal on our about us page here. 

Variety of payment options

Apart from the traditional methods of realizing payments that include credit or debit cards, at GRH Kratom, you can also use e-checks and cryptocurrency to purchase the best kratom for the purposes of your business! Cryptocurrency opens the door to many possibilities, so we’re more than glad to be able to offer as many payment options as we can to our fellow customers and vendors interested in doing wholesale with us! 

Get started today!

All the paragraphs above make it clear that GRH is the best kratom for vendors you’ll ever come across! Our variety of veins & strains, competitive prices, reputability, and quality of kratom are indeed a class of their own in the kratom industry right now – so choose GRH Kratom to place your orders and get started on your wholesale journey right away!

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