Kratom And Lemon Juice- An Effective Combination?

Kratom is one of this era’s most exotic and controversial topics that remain trending throughout the year. Its popularity is growing with every passing second all over the globe, mostly because of its effects, rarity, or its use with other drinks and food. 

Yes, you read that right! The highly regarded Kratom is being used with lemon juices and other products in terms of potentiators. Let’s dig deeper into this matter completely. 

Some users consume Kratom with certain potentiators that are meant to make the dosage of the Kratom strong enough to give them a complete and long-lasting effect. And lemon juice is one of the in-demand and widely used potentiators used by billions of Kratom users.

But, your mind might be brainstorming with many questions like what is exactly the reason for taking lemon juice with Kratom? What will happen to the alkaloid profile of the Kratom? How do we take lemon juice with our Kratom powder, and does it have any advantages?

No, we are not magicians, but we can read your thoughts! So, let’s deal with all your queries one by one. So, let’s get started.

Use Of Lemon Juice With Your Daily Kratom Dosage – A Quick Rundown

The reason for taking lemon juice with Kratom is to enhance its effects without increasing the dosage. We all know that after a certain time, the users build tolerance against the Kratom dose and have to increase its dose for optimum effects. But as buying a large amount of Kratom is not everyone’s piece of cake, lemon juice can be a good and highly-affordable alternative.

Moreover, people who are likely to develop an addiction to Kratom or start to experience its adverse effects also use lemon juice to avoid such effects.

There was a time when Kratom tea was considered a noble drink. People from its originating countries used to make it with its leaves and serve the guests on special occasions. But now, thousands of people are regularly using Kratom in different forms. And the biggest challenge they face is its leafy taste, which makes it a challenging thing to consume, especially for children.

But the concept of using lemon juice solves the problem to a greater extent. Lemon juice has a critic, and its sharp taste easily overcomes the grassy taste of Kratom, and the kids easily consume it.

But, What About The Chemical Profile Of The Kratom? Does It Affect The Alkaloids?

Kratoms have a variety of chemical compounds that are almost impossible to manufacture artificially and, if possible, quite expensive. Being highly rich in mitragynine and 7hydroxymitragynine, Kratom leaves are also a good source of other compounds like glycosides, terpenoids, saponins, flavonoids, and many more. And this alkaloid-rich composition is the secret behind the potent and ever-lasting healthy effects of Kratom. In short, the reason for Kratom being a popular herb is its chemical profile.

Kratom and lemon juice- Read complete blog on GRH Kratom

While on the other hand, lemon juice has a high content of water, citric acid, and carboxylic acid; the compound’s Kratom profile is completely missing. So, you must think that lemon juice makes some changes to Kratom’s compounds that will not only change our optimum effects but also impact the lasting period of the dosage.

So, the answer is yes, technically. Lemon juice makes many changes to the chemical profile of the Kratom, but these changes are not something you should be stressing about. The alkaloids and molecules of citric acid join and form an ideal bond that enhances the effects of Kratom and makes it more strong than ever.

Even if you cut your optimum Kratom to half along with using lemon juice, the result could be mind-blowing as well as pocket-friendly.

How Does Lemon Juice Make The Kratom’s Effects Stronger And Long-lasting?

Now the question is, how does lemon juice do that? How can it make the Kratom dose long-lasting and potent? So, we got an explanation, so keep reading.

 We all heard that lemon juice is one of the best antioxidants for the body. But ever thought how? Here you go!

Lemon juice has a specialized enzyme named CYP3A4, which assists the body in breaking down different compounds and fully providing its inner content to the body. So, when the Kratom’s alkaloids react with this enzyme, it breaks them also, giving the body complete access to the chemical and alkaloids of Kratom. And this is how the effects are much more potent than before.

Well, in the case of increased lasting time, lemon juice slows down the metabolizing process of the body, which eventually affects Kratom also, and it remains in our bloodstream for a longer period.

Therefore, stop worrying because lemon juice is completely safe and effective to use with Kratom and affordable also.


How To Use Lemon Juice With Kratom?

The rule of taking lemon juice with Kratom is single and simple; the way you like it. But still, there are two ways most users take, so let’s deal with them one by one.

  1. Mixing Of Kratom With Juice

You can simply mix the Kratom powder in your lemon juice glass and drink it. The citric flavor of the lemon will overcome the grassy taste, and you won’t even notice and get done with your Kratom dose.

And if you want to make this process a bit more effective, then make sure you are using fresh lemons and making the juice home. The process is simple and hardly requires 3 to 4 lemons per glass. Also, a homemade one will be free from all kinds of chemicals that can damage your Kratom’s chemical profile, like artificial flavors and preservatives.

You only have to prepare one glass of lemon juice, measure your Kratom dosage with a kitchen scale, mix it and drink it.

  1. The Toss And Wash Method

This method is what is going to work with all forms of Kratom products. From capsules to powder, tablets to extracts, the only limit is the availability of lemonade, orange juice, or lemonade.

All you have to do is put the powder, tablets, capsules, supplements, or extract in your mouth and drink the juice to pass it into the stomach. That’s it. You successfully had your Kratom dose for today. And in this, you don’t have to prepare a complete cup or glass of lemon juice, and a few sips will also work for you. Again, if you want to boost the effects, ensure that you use freshly-made homemade lemon juice for maximum results.

How To Prepare Lemonade For Kratom – A Simple, Quick, And Step-By-Step Guide:

Now, you might be thinking about preparing a lemonade to cut your Kratom powder cost or make it long-lasting. Yes? See, we can read your thoughts. So, instead of searching on the internet, here is a simple, quick, step-by-step lemonade recipe to boost your Kratom dose! 


Ingredients You Need:

  1. 2 cups lemon juice
  2. 1 to 2 cups of sugar
  3. 10 cups powder


  • Take a saucepan and add 2 cups of water and sugar to it. Keep stirring gently till the water boils and the mixture is completely mixed. 
  • Now, let the mixture cool at room temperature and then put it in the refrigerator to cool down. 
  • Now take the freshly-squeezed lemon juice and make sure that the seeds are removed. 
  • Then take a glass, put your sugar syrup and lemon juice in the glass, and put the remaining water in the glass. 
  • Give it a thorough stir until fully combined. 
  • Refrigerate it until it is ready to serve.
  • Now, add your Kratom powder dosage to the lemon juice and mix it and drink it or take it with a toss and wash method. 

Why Should You Use Lemon Juice With Kratom – Additional Benefits Or Need Of The Hour?

There are many reasons why taking lemon juice with your Kratom’s daily dose is beneficial.

But the truth that makes it the need of the hour is the expensive rates of the Kratom products. Firstly, finding a retailer of Kratom is difficult. Then, the rates can actually make a person go crazy. And if you are planning to use the Kratom products regularly in high doses, then you must think about inventing something like Tesla so that you can afford the high rates. Otherwise, your Kratom will make you run for your money.

But, leaving it is either not an option. Therefore, if you start using lemon juice, which is certainly cheaper than Kratom, you can easily get half your dose and save a lot of dollars along with getting the same effects or might be more potent and long-lasting.

Moreover, many users believe that lemon juice is a better way to avoid the side effects of Kratom’s high doses. Suppose you are using 4gm of Kratom daily for around 6 to 7 months, and you have built a tolerance to this dose. You plan to increase your daily dose to 8 gm but are stressed due to the possible adverse effect.

In such situations, lemon juice is a considerably good option as you are not actually increasing the Kratom dose. You are just taking the help of a potentiator who breaks its chemical compounds and prides you with complete effects.

Undoubtedly, a Kratom taste is not what anyone would like to have daily or multiple times a day, especially children. So, for such cases, adding a slice of lemon to your Kratom tea, mixing it with the kratom powder, or the lemonade with its supplements can completely turn the tables. You won’t even notice and will be done with the grassy-tasted Kratom within a few minutes.

And lastly, grapefruits, lemons, and citric fruits are rich in various compounds that are good for health. Apart from citric acid, carbo oxalic acid, and specialized enzymes, they are a good source of vitamin C, so you will be having your nutritional needs fulfilled side-by-side with the potency of Kratom products in a pocket-friendly manner.

Lemon Juice And Kratom; What’s The Ideal Dose?

Well, the answer varies from person to person. There is no optimum dose of Kratom that can work for all the people with lemon juice. It depends upon certain factors like your optimum dose, age, body weight, and other measurements, as well as the primary effect you expect from using the Kratom.

But again, when it comes to the optimum dose to be mixed or consumed with the lemon juice, there is no perfect dose. You can consult an expert medical practitioner in this regard and take doses according to his suggestions. But cutting the current Kratom dose by half is a common practice that can be beneficial or sometimes not, depending on your body’s needs.


The Bottom Line

Although plenty of ways you will potentiate your Kratom’s effects and prolong the lasting period, lemon juice will always be the most favorite and widely used one. Not only because it is easily available, but it can help cut down the expense of Kratom products to a greater extent. Lemon juice is a good choice for enjoying the extreme strong effects of Kratom without taking the high doses and risks associated with it, along with fulfilling the nutritious needs of your body with Vitamin C, citric acid, water, and other content.


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