Embrace the Dry Lifestyle: Craft a Mocktail Painkiller w GÜD Tonics

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There’s a growing trend of going dry and avoiding alcohol. This embracing of a healthier lifestyle has led to a surge in the popularity of mocktails. These non-alcoholic beverages offer a delightful alternative to traditional cocktails, and GÜD Tonics TropiColada is an excellent choice for crafting these trendy drinks. In this blog, we’re going to […]

The Taste of Kratom & How to Mask It!

The Taste of Kratom How to Mask it 2

Although Kratom can have a variety of positive effects on the body and mind, some people don’t like how dried Kratom powder tastes. While Kratom may not have the most overpowering flavor, it is clearly a distinct flavor thus, it stands to reason that some individuals will enjoy it while others will find it debatable.  […]

Experimenting with Chocolate? Kratom is a Great Addition

How to Make Kratom Chocolate

A store-bought box of chocolates is delicious, but let’s be honest: it can be a little underwhelming. After all, nothing says, “I remembered to grab a gift on the way over” like a standard box of mediocre chocolates.  Why not give the delicious taste of chocolate with some serious thought behind it? How about a […]

Kratom Shots: Make Your Own DIY Energy Drink!

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Imagine taking a single shot and enjoying a massive burst of energy and vitality. Well, welcome to the Kratom world, where these shots are creating a buzz and for all the right reasons.  Kratom shots are concentrated liquid extracts of the Kratom plant and  typically contain a high dose of Kratom’s active compounds, primarily mitragynine […]

Should You ‘Parachute’ Kratom & How Do You Parachute Kratom?


Should You ‘Parachute’ Kratom?  Kratom is a naturally occurring supplement originally from the Southeast Asian region. It is famed for its unique properties and wide range of benefits it offers. For some, it is a great energy booster while for others, it serves as a pain and anxiety alleviator. Today, millions of people around the […]

How To Make Kratom Capsules At Home

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Making Kratom Capsules at Home Very few things are better than the ease derived from using Kratom capsules. These Capsules allow you to enjoy the unique freedom of taking your Kratom on the go. That is, without the need to set aside a couple of minutes to make or drink tea. But readymade capsules can […]

Kratom and Applesauce – How to Make a Kratom & Applesauce Mix

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Today, hundreds of thousands of people use and enjoy Kratom. This Southeast Asia native has become a daily substance for multiple people using the natural supplement to achieve a level of overall wellness and to alleviate multiple health conditions. But irrespective of this, Kratom’s taste is not the best and often leaves a negative aftertaste […]

Is Kratom Tea Stronger Than Kratom Powder? A Complete Guide


We all know there is more than one way to ingest Kratom. But did you know that depending on your desired ingestion method, you could be weakening the potency of Kratom? Thereby diminishing its effect on your body? in this article, we are going to be looking into the question “is Kratom tea stronger than […]

How To Make Delicious Kratom Cookies


Kratom cookies are officially a thing – and we’re definitely living for it! It seems like the possibilities of using kratom are simply never-ending, and right now, one of the greatest ways to take kratom is by implementing it into your recipes. Putting kratom in food is one of many ways to mask its taste, […]

Kratom Drinks for St. Patrick’s Day!

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Some faith, hope, and love are things we all need in our lives – and St. Patrick’s Day is all about celebrating these simple pleasures of life! St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and there are so many different traditional practices to celebrate this incredible holiday – you could try “drowning the shamrock” […]